sunset poetry

“Ti manderò un bacio con il vento
e so che lo sentirai,
ti volterai senza vedermi ma io sarò lì
Siamo fatti della stessa materia
di cui sono fatti i sogni.
Vorrei essere una nuvola bianca
in un cielo infinito
per seguirti ovunque e amarti ogni istante.”

– Pablo Neruda, Bacio.

Have you ever seen brown eyes
in the sun? You don’t always notice
it at first but you’ll see that
‘brown’ not longer describe them.
They melt into golden rays, circling
an eclipse. There’s nothing boring
about brown eyes, not even when
the later hours encroach; they just
turn into a sunset of their own.
—  Word Porn

“I like sunflowers,” she said with a smile, “they’re always looking for the sun. For the bright things in life. I aim to be like that, you know?”

She sighs and her smile turns sad, “It’s just life is so tough and hard, that the sun hides and you don’t know where it is. You try to find it, but it’s hidden behind all these clouds. And you’ve got to wait for it to come again.”

- sunflowers