sunset piano


Spontaneously playing something from my mind. 

어렸을때 고집 세단 소리 많이 듣고 살아서 배려랍시고 나름 성격 죽이면서 고집 안부리다 보니 주관없고 줏대없는 애가 된 것만 같아서 내가 안쓰럽다. 

음 인생 다시 살고 싶다. 요즘 심시티 다시 하는데 예전에 하던 계정이 그대로 있더라 나도 그러고 싶다. 지금까지 살았던거 다른이름으로 저장 해놓고 어디다 쳐박아두고 어차피 친한 사람들도 없으니까 아는 사람도 아예 없이 성격도 지금보다 좀 더 덜 지랄맞은 김의규로 다시 살고 싶어라. 아니 이참에 그냥 이름도 좀 더 흔한 이름으로. 이래저래 이번 생은 실패인거 같은데. 

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SPN headcanons: Laughs

Summary: A lil descriptive headcanon set I wrote because I was having Bunker family feels. Enjoy!~

  Sam’s is childish, giggly, innocent. It’s sunlight and bubbles and warmth. It’s loud and clear and carefree despite everything. The volume peaks quickly and rushes down just a bit before settling for a while. Its giggles are high and crowded with squeaks of protest. The full-on laughs are bright, and contagious beyond words.

  Gabriel’s is full of heart, glowing, golden, bells. It’s hope and mischief and sweetness. It’s flowing and bold and strong; it’s the sound of friendship and pranks gone wrong. The loudness of it leaves the room ringing, the echoes never quite leaving. His giggles carry sparks, and his hysterics are a chorus of swooping birds. It lifts and raises; it tugs at the corners of your lips and invites you to smile with him.

  Dean. Dean’s laugh is sugar, honey, closeness. It’s fluttering, soaring, love; blush-tinted giggles and glowing freckles and hands over smiles. His laugh is tears dripping down grinning faces - hugging and bad puns and terrible karaoke. It sounds like affection - it’s apples and fresh beer and clear skies. The sort of laugh that uplifts all who hear it.

  Cas; Castiel has a storm. His chuckles are rumbles, the lightning bringing a spark to his eyes and illuminating his smile. It’s wild and new and free; snorts paired with squeaks, eyes bright and nose scrunched. The sound is thunder - but bright, brave, gliding. Titters that swirl into hysterics that fill the room and leave it…different. He doesn’t laugh often, but when he does, it’s colour; life is vivid, saturated and bleeding bright, gorgeous colour. It leaves those around him twice as happy.

  Kevin is shy. His laugh is rushed, breathy, not-enough-time-to-be-happy. But this only makes it better. It’s quiet, floating, swooping. The sort of laugh that drifts and stutters into the air. It’s delicate; butterfly wings and turning pages. Even when he’s laughing properly it flows, always changing, flying with bright wings into joy. It’s the hitched breath caught in his torso, drifting up along with the spirits of his friends.

  Charlie’s is pink; vibrant and full of optimism. It’s autumn and adventure and music. The notes ding from one to the other in a song; it takes over her body, rhythm in every breath. Her laugh is twinkling, the keys of a piano at sunset. The sniggers are light melodies, her cackles an overwhelming symphony. It’s on fire, blazing magenta and mauve; colours in berries. It’s a hearts are warmer laugh, an air is never still afterwards laugh. Charlie’s laugh is tumbling, mellow, rapture.

  Together they meld. Through late night movies and too-early breakfasts, they laugh. They’re smiling, close, happy. Kevin’s sarcasm and Dean’s puns. Charlie’s humour and Cas’ quips. Gabriel’s snark and Sam’s wit. And they are content together; their laughs are familiar to the bunker’s walls. It’s when things are carefree like this that they find it; the warmth in hugs, the singing matches in the kitchen. Family.


Silver Lining by Light and Motion: This is a very beautiful piece and there is an interesting tale being told #music #hdsoundi #beautiful #orchestra #piano #guitar #vocals #sunset #landscape #story

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blue neighbourhood makes me think of
  • WILD: golden petals
  • BITE: fresh white sheets
  • FOOLS: acrylic paint roses and running water
  • EASE: warm afternoon naps at home
  • THE QUIET: foggy pine forests
  • DKLA: rain and alleys
  • TALK ME DOWN: australian scenery
  • COOL: expensive cars and cigarette smoke; LA night life
  • HEAVEN: black and white television; angel statues
  • YOUTH: young love; summer camp fireworks
  • LOST BOY: starry skies over beaches at night
  • for him.: bubblegum and sugar; honeymoon eyes
  • SUBURBIA: neighborhood streetlamps lighting up at sunset
  • TOO GOOD: pianos in dark ballrooms
  • BLUE: paint water and clean mirrors
  • SWIMMING POOLS: orlando; neon light night swimming with weed