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Now that I’ve watched Mockingjay Part 2

papofglencoe  asked:

Write one where Katniss is grumpily eating breakfast at Panera, and she keeps shooting side eye at an especially chirpy girl at a table across the room when she realizes it's Delly. And Delly is eating breakfast with Peeta. And Katniss hasn't seen Peeta since that time they...

Here it is! Sorry it took so long but the wait is over!

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                                               Shot through the heart

“Good Morning, what can I get you started off with today?” the waitress with short blonde hair and award winning blue eyes asks me in her generic, preppy waitress voice. Dear Lord, how long has she had that piece of spinach between her teeth, it’s six o’clock in the morning. What did she have for breakfast?

“Yeah, I’ll just get a coffee.” I say, sliding the money across in exchange for a cup, which I fill at the station across from the cashier before heading to a booth in the back.

Although coffee isn’t my drink of choice, I need something to wake me up. Gale planned this weekend-long hunting trip and we’re supposed to meet at his place in an hour. I’m definitely going to need something more than coffee to last this weekend.

I lay my head on the cool table in my booth and simply focus on my breathing. Even this simple task is difficult to do because there is an annoying high-pitched laughter coming from my left. Trying to ignore the laugh that can pierce through walls is pointless so I give the death glare at couple sitting a couple tables away from me. I don’t get much of a look but I see one blonde, curly haired boy and a girl with a much brighter blonde, almost yellow colored hair. Who the fuck goes on a date at six in the morning? I don’t know what’s got me so crabby today but I want to strangle that girl with her laugh.

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