sunset girls


Want to see something cool? The sketch above is something I drew when I was about 14, in 2005 or so (that’s what you can blame for the terrible, impractical costume design!). Here’s what I can do with her in 2017, at the age of 26.

I go through a constant battle with myself about my artistic ability, but even I can see the progress here. I’ve made a lot of excuses over the years, and I have only just(!) started making a conscious effort to improve as an artist after far too long trying to work off of natural ability, and then feeling sorry for myself when it didn’t pay off the way I wanted. I’m only just coming to accept that the only way to get better is consistent effort, persistence and determination - talent will only get you so far. Yes, it does bug the hell out of me that I could have been much better already if I’d gotten over myself sooner - but that’s life! I’ve started now, and that’s what matters.

Stay determined, guys - sometimes, the things we want most for ourselves really do just come down to working your butt off for them. And I’m looking forward to lots more of that in the future!