sunset blvd live

full offense but [hands u a pamphlet] lance is a slytherin [slaps a SLYTHERIN LANCE button onto your shirt] and keith is a gryffindor [gives u a puppy wearing a sign proclaiming GRYFFINDOR KEITH around his neck] thank you so much for ur time congratulations u are now #woke


so this is my video from the Montreal concert- Sunset Blvd. 

i honestly still cannot get over it. Wesley lifting his shirt, drew lifting his shirt and Wes fucking his mic stand at the beginning is all just really hot. But at the end, Keaton comes off stage and high fived me and then Wes came off stage and was right beside me and shook his hair and sweat on me (pretty gross but idec) and then Drew came off stage and was right on the other side of me. I was literally touching Drews arms and stuff and theyre so perfect oh my god.