sunset arms


                                   You sound exactly like him.  Why is this a problem?

Someone asked me to describe home and I almost said your name but I stayed quiet instead. People expect you to say a place but I felt more at home in your arms than I ever did in my own house.
—  a book I’ll never write
If you were dating the ninja

Kai is all hands, warm and steady. He’ll have an arm around your shoulders and your waist almost any time, keeping you close to his side. His eyes are always bright and mischievous, his smile large whenever you look at him. His kisses are as fiery as he is.
He watches sunsets with you, arms wrapped around you when darkness falls. He carries you back to your room when you fall asleep against his side.

Jay’s giggles are contagious, his eyes always alight with joy and energy. He would love to hold your hand if you’ll let him. He will go on and on about his inventions, his jokes or any of his other projects, your the one he feels like actually listens to him.
His fingertips feel like they give you a slight shock everytime he touches you, lightly running them over your arms or back during a kiss. His kisses are electrifying. He’ll curl up with you in a blanket to watch a movie any day, and when you fall asleep, he tucks you in with a kiss on the forehead.

Zane’s smile can range from small and gentle, to large and joyous. His laugh is beautiful, his happiness easily rubbed off onto you. His fingers are cold when they intertwine with yours, his hands always lightly squeezing yours in reassurance. He likes to show you different things, his falcon, his cooking, his ninja skills. Anything you show interest in he’s ready to show you.
Any kisses are always simple, and chaste, his forehead resting against yours as he tells you how happy he is over and over. He says he can never describe how happy you make him. He makes you a midnight snack when you can’t sleep, along with a warm drink to help you relax. When you fall asleep, he gently takes you to your room and pulls your blanket over you. He stays a few minutes, admiring you even as you sleep.

Cole is all laughter, long hair, warm eyes. He brushes strands of hair out of his face often, smiling as you speak to him. You get a special viewing to any new dances he learns before everyone else, and occasionally even get dragged into dancing with him. His hands are strong, but gentle, and always keep you steady. You’ve never tripped and fallen when dancing with him.
His kisses are soft, eyes closed, hands gently cupping your face or pulling you close. He murmurs loving nothings to you while his fingers comb through your hair.
He lays with you in bed when you need to sleep, snuggled close to you. He sings whatever you request to help you sleep, and once you fall asleep, he smiles, whispers “I love you” and falls asleep with you.

Lloyd laughs at anything you do that’s even remotely funny. He loves jokes and laughter and comics. He’ll lay down and read comics with you, splitting up who does which characters voice. Whenever you take his hand or kiss his cheek, he turns red as a beet, makes an inhuman dying noise and flees with his blushing face in his hands. He tries to be romantic, shoving chocolates or flowers at you while blushing madly.
All kisses are on the forehead or the cheek, actual, “real” kisses far too intimidating to him. He’s the one who falls asleep against you when you two are reading comics late at night.

She’s full of confident grins and bold eyes. She covers her mouth when she laughs, snorting if she’s laughing too hard. She asks you to help her with fixing things when she needs it, always handy with her tools and skilled hands. Her hands are also strong, a confident, firm grip around yours when you hold hands. She’ll lead you by your hand when you two are out and about, always explaining where your going. If her brother ever tries to give you “the talk”, she effectively always cuts him off before he scares you.
She runs her fingers through your hair, her nails against your scalp when you kiss, and always hugs you after. She smiles when she sees you fell asleep while helping her with a late night project, and brings a blanket out to lay over your shoulders before she continues working.

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Imagine Your OTP

-Imagine your otp outside by the lake, the sun is setting and the lake is giving off a chilled breeze, as calm gentle waves fills their ears while they are blissfully watching the sunset in each anothers arms

- Imagine your otp taking a cooking class and them horribly messing everything up to the point that the instructor can’t even help them

- Imagine your otp taking their dogs to the park and them meeting another couple who are as enthusiastic about dogs as they are

- Imagine your otp as spies and each of them are sent to see if one another is a mole but they end up falling for one another

- Imagine your otp in high school and them both in the same sex ed class

- Imagine your otp arguing over who is the better ping pong player

- Imagine your otp is living together in a small apartment with dreams of having children and animals one day, and them being super excited that it will be a reality soon

- Imagine your otp is going on a road trip but instead of finding their hotel, they get horribly lost and now they have to sleep in their vehicle and it is such a shame the vehicle is so tiny, and there isnt much space for two, what ever shall they do

- Imagine your otp are both trying to get use to being vampires and since they are both new, and don’t know the rules they test every hollywood movie rule

- Imagine your otp getting stuck in a tree because both of them are scared of the spider at the bottom

- Imagine your otp having to babysit their bestfriends child and both of them having no idea what to do

The next girl you’ll love will have nectar lips that taste better 
she will sleep with you like sunset with stronger arms that don’t have secrets in her skin 
another writer type but better, she will kiss you like dawn and touch you like healing she’ll smell better and be outgoing, I hope she loves you well

You’re going to love her until I fade away I will be another ghost you’ll grow out of. i’ll just be gone; a memory of a memory. A bag full of bad poems. A forgotten smell. some word on your tongue you cant remember but sure you used to know.

You won’t remember that I used to twist words just to make you smile. You’ll remember the nights I came crashing down whispering ‘I don’t want to be here’. You won’t remember the way I danced to that song. You’ll remember the tears and the shortage of breath I always had. In the end I will remember everything about you; and you’ll remember only the dark side of my moon.

—  @lunamoonray