sunset again

Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !

this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes

anonymous asked:

Do you think jeongguk is possessive? (wiggles eyebrows)

shoves glasses on and stretches arms. 

hell yes/??/d/fdsfds??? sometimes in the most subtle ways and sometimes in the most obvious ways. 

let’s start with waist holding : it’s like he needs to show everyone who jimin belongs to, through this simple yet powerful touch

as we all know the famous jeonlous tongue thing : see jealousy is a feeling and possessiveness is a behaviour. comes hand in hand, if you’re someone to act out on it? jjk tbh strikes me as passive aggressive at times and jeonlous is a prime example. 

what is jimin to jungkook : good and he adds the heart after each question abt jimin to reaffirm i loVE JIMIN JIMIN IS MINE probably

backhugs : we all know jjk started off as someone really closed off and not open but over the years he’s really come out of his shell and he’s no longer afraid of physical affection, and now he’s the one showing it sm to jimin im. backhugs need to be taken seriously, like listen no one can touch my hyung, he is mine, i’m holding onto him

this!! one!! (s/o to nana for giffing thisss) : subtle af but we don’t miss anything do we like uhm. no one can stand behind my hyung, no one can sit behind my hyung

hello the ever famous where do you think you’re going : i shRIEKed. ngl. grabs arm and prevents him from running away?? this is truly. possessiveness at its prime!!!! >>> the  ever famous manhandling booty smacking i dont even need to link this lol

piggybacks : possessive as fuck only u and i can piggyback each other yes

discreet but not really : that hand on the shoulder like u r not running away from me nope 

feeding yes : so smug after he feeds jimin. it strikes me as something so. like. loving?? and personal?? like he wants to be the one doing it, wants to make sure jimin is healthy and is eating well. btw we really gotta thank nana for all these jikook gifs i love her so much<333

ok im sorry im dONE do i think jjk is possessive uh JJK INVENTED POSSESSIVENESS rip

sometimes we will die
and sometimes we will fly away
either way you’re by my side until my dying days
and if i’m not there and i’m far away
I said “don’t be afraid”
“we’re going home”


The original version of “What More is Out There” was so much better than the one that made it in the movie, and I’m never gonna be over it.

(I’m so sorry this became an MLP blog, but seriously, y'all, listen to this.)