#handstand1stsept challenge: I have a good motivation to work with arm balance in this yoga spot. I must to be in balance! Because i don’t want to drop down in water 😜😄
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So… You wanna get into yoga? Here is a fail proof beginners sun salutation for you guys. Read this! Practice and concentrate on breaths.
When thoughts arise simply let them and go back to breaths.
I would love to see and hear about your practices. Start slow. Tag me @rashidatboston

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Y'all, I had so much fun shooting this #sunsalutation tutorial for @buzzfeed. I’ve always found that repetition of individual poses is the best way to ground a home practice- it’s also the best way to solidify your alignment.
I’ve probably never mentioned it, but I loathe #chaturanga- my vinyasas tend to be super lazy and I always ‘plan to practice chaturanga more’ but then don’t bc (duh) they suck. This project forced me to practice more #suryanamaskaraA’s than ever- and my #chaturangadandasana’s got much stronger as a result.
This was such an excellent reminder that the poses I hate are always (literally ALWAYS) the poses I need to practice the most. Anyway, if you want to check out my @buzzfeed sun salutation tutorial, click the link in my instagram header! (BTW The real star of this sequence are the @mymanifesta capris I’m wearing- nothing stays at the waist quite like 'em. Use 'CURVYYOGA’ for a discount at check out. I also love this top by @paramitadesigns- use 'SDM20’ for 20% off at check out 👍)

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Day 12 is Eagle pose, (I put a little spin on that thang tho) To participate in our April #LetsFlowTogether Yoga challenge, make sure you 1)Take a creative pic of you holding the pose of the day 2) Post using hashtag #letsflowtogether 3) Mention our trainers in your post @chrystelize @fernandoreals @jennysinert @jirodgreene and @jennyrevfit 4) Encourage your family and friends to join in with you #revfitnyc #revfityoga #peopleofcoloryoga #peoplesyoga #IGyoga #vinyasa #eaglepose #sunsalutation #warrior Eagle Pose · From standing split, exhale, float the uplifted foot down to meet the rooted foot · Bring the hands to shins and roll up the body into Tadasana at the top of the mat · head and shoulders are the last thing to come up · From Tadasana, bend the knees and shift the weight into the left foot. · Lift the right foot off the floor and cross right thigh over left thigh · Point the right toes toward the floor, then wrap and hook the top of the right foot behind the lower left calf. · Press into the four corners of the standing foot · Bring arms into goal posts in front of you, palms facing each other · Dive the right elbow under the left and wrap the arms around each other so that palms come to touch · Inhale, lift the interlaced hands towards the sky · Exhale, sink deeper into bent knee and draw the elbows towards the knees Regression: · If the foot cannot wrap around calf, the foot can simply plug into the floor as a toe stand to help with balance · If arms cannot wrap around so that palms touch, backs of the hands can touch Variation: · After a few breaths in eagle, one can transition into a Warrior 3 while keeping Eagle arms · Inhale keep arms interlaced and lift to the sky, simultaneously unwind the legs and draw the knee in towards the chest · Exhale kick back through the heel and extend the leg straight back, hinging forward at the hips until the torso is parallel to the floor. Arms remain twisted, fingertips pointing straight forward and heel shooting energetically straight back Check out this video library if you need a visual. #yoga #yogadudes #yogaeverydamnday #inversion

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