suns snapback

What it would be like to date Min Yoongi/ Suga;

**so this beautiful little shit, yoongi is one of my bias ruiners so i really enjoyed writing this! I hope you like it anon and it is what yoou expected, any one feel free to request stuff**

• Naps
• Naps on each other

“Jagiyah, I’ve always wanted to nap in another country!”
“It’s never too late for a nap and you know it so shush and join me!”

• Voice is rough and gravelly, he uses this to his advantage when you are being stubborn.
• Coats. Big coats, fluffy Coats, leather jackets etc.
• Hats. Sun hats, beanies, snapback etc.
• Sarcastic comebacks but in a loving way

“If I throw a stick, will you leave? ;)”
“Nice perfume, must you marinate in it? ;)”

• Lazy kisses along your collarbones up to your face.
• Constantly being complimented in the weirdest ways

“I like your face today Y/N”

• When relaxing together, he outlines your figure gently with the tip of index finger with his eyes closed and sighs lightly.
• He often carries you too bed but likes to whine about how heavy you are even though you weigh less then him.
• When the members wake him up they always whisper at him;

This is it, this is how it ends.”

• Instead of cute little notes, he leaves lyrics. A single lined lyric.
• When he’s producing music quietly, you sing along to your own. Your singing sounding like screeching.

Aish Jagi, I love you but I don’t love your singing ;)”

• You sometimes drag him by his ankle to go to bed because he’s too comfy where he is but you know for a fact that if he stayed there he would come to cuddle you anyway.
• Frequent back hugs.
• He always laughs loudly when he sees you using chopsticks wrong.
• Slowly teaches you to use chopstick because he loves the attention he gets from you.
• He loves it when you run your hands up his bare back, stomach, chest, neck and arms in an affectionate way.
• He works incredibly late but he video calls you so you can fall asleep to his voice and he can see your face before you sleep.
• If you ever come home to a silent flat, you will know when that he is home by the loud disapproving sighs that leave his beautiful, talented lips.
• Slight heel kink *coughdaddyafcough*
• Buys you lingerie (like taehyung and jimin) in secret and puts them in your drawer to make you think that you bought it for him so that you would wear it that night.
• When he comes home late from the studio, he attempts to shuffle quietly around the bedroom thinking that you’re asleep. He stubs his foot and falls on you but you can’t help but laughing really loudly. Like youngjae in got7 when he laughs at something.
• Constantly saying that he has swag.

I have chain, you like this chain? 3 dollars”

• Bandanas
• Hair up and hair down, he’s breath taking
• You rarely tell him ^ because the smug look makes you flush bright red and he won’t stop teasing you.
• He takes candid shots of you and puts them up on his wall at the studio
• The boys call him whipped


• Loves touching your thighs
• Movie marathons
• Rare sensitivity

“Jagi, I miss you”
“Baby, hold me”
“I love you Y/N”
“You’re my world”

• Screen shots your encouraging snapchats and uses them as a lock screen for when hes out of the city for a week and you’re at home.
• Kissing your thighs
• He loves you butt and boobs but mainly butt
• He loves to touch it or always manages to touch it even in the most innocent of situations like at a bangtan meeting
• Practically destroys jungkook for accidentally touching your butt.
• Skin ship around the member to show that he is yours and you are his.
• Plays with your hair (E.g. practicing braiding or pigtails)

“I have got to learn for the future”
“I want to be prepared”

• Blushing bright red when you say ‘I love you’ and stumbles over his words.