Seeds of Terror

(TRIGGER WARNING: This scene contains graphic imagery involving blood and traumatic memories. IF you are easily triggered by pyschological mind fuckery, DO NOT READ. Thank you.)

The small modest apartment had stood largely vacant since the occupants had moved to Naivaria’s employer’s residence. It was being utilized for storage, the young dress-maker having aspirations of a store-front shop of her own. Bit by bit the collection had been growing. Bolts of fabric were neatly stacked in rows and marked containers were piled high, the contents in particular order. Lace, ribbons, bric-a-brac, and novelties were mounting in another place as well. Dress forms were clustered in the corner along with a mannequin that was adorned with a particularly splendid gown and two others that were undressed.

His arrival had gone largely unnoticed and as he looked about the room, Ga’lanth Ashton sneered while setting down the clunk of two heavy metal containers on the wooden floor. He was irritated, angry that he had not stumbled upon the girl alone. Visions of carving her up as he took her sweet body shook him to the core and the unconscious licking of lips ensued even as he grew hard at the thought. “Pathetic wretch. The least she could have done was be here for me to play with a little,” he muttered even as he began to rip apart the bolts and unroll the fabrics carelessly.

The accessories were scattered, the dressforms torn asunder, and the mannequins posed in a macabre fashion. Taking the smaller container, Ga’lanth poured a red substance onto a wad of fabric and painted the white walls red with the words, “You killed me.” On the other wall, was the phrase, “It was all your fault, you made me do it.” It was blood. Whose blood? Anyone’s guess. Possibly the blood of one of his recent victims.

Grasping the second container, he began to splash the contents of the container over the skewed fabric which had grown to look almost like a sea of color in the main room. The odor was offensive, vile. Turpentine causing some of the fabric to disintegrate upon contact and other types to have their colors run and bleach as ragged acidic holes were peppered throughout.

Ga’lanth turned over the containers which buttons, lace, and novelties, scattering them through the entire room.The turpentine ate holes and ridges into these as well, some of the silver paint peeling off of buttons and pits appearing in others. It was an unkind tact to say the least. He placed the mannequin that was wearing the dress in the center of the room facing the door. The skirt of the dress was given much the same treatment as the bolt upon bolt of ruined cloth, though the top remained relatively intact. Save for one thing.

A pair of dress sheers was thrust into the left breast and the remaining blood was poured down over them to stain the garment and leave a trail of red which dripped out over the fabric and spread to the skirt.  The man reached into his pocket now and pulled out a sealed package of fine white powder after pulling up his mask across his mouth and nose and pulling down a pair of goggles after donning his hood. This was nasty stuff.. Undoing the front of the package, the man began to meticulously sprinkle the powder first over parts of the dress and then throughout the room itself. Ga’lanth took the time to pepper the room with the last droplets and stepped back to survey his work.  A finishing touch? He dusted the doorknob on the inside with it as well as touching it to the exterior as well. The poison was unusual, it felt gritty at first as though one had gotten sand on themselves. But with motion and pressure, the fine crystals would work their way into the skin where the real fun began. It was almost unnoticeable at first, like the finely prickled hairs of fiberglass if they contacted bare flesh. But within an hour or two, a person could be in agony. Searing pain and the want to scratch among the chief aspects of the particular blend. Blisters, fever, and a heavy rash would be among things that surfaced as residual effects.

That little seamstress didn’t have any idea of what she’d gotten herself into or the truth behind the message he was sending to the Sunrunner Lord who lay rotting in a cell. “ It really is tragic.” He giggled madly to himself as he wandered off whistling a merry little toon.

 No one sworn to them was safe. 

No one close to them would be spared.

He’d just barely gotten started.

The sun was setting on another long day.  Naivaria had come to the city with her guard in-tow a couple hours past, and had hit the market with a bit of coin.  She’d had her eye on a few things for a while, and provided the items she wanted were still there she would finally be able to purchase them and put them into storage with the rest of her growing collection of fabric and findings for the shop.  One of the things she’d wanted—a nice jewelry display case—had been sold, and though she found some that she might like, she was not in love with any of the others.  When she purchased the shop, she would of course have money set aside for any décor and fixtures that she would need to have done, but for now, even small things like these helped.  Something in a shimmering red-orange caught her eye as she was wandering by one of the stalls that she frequented, and she looked it over.

Since her apprenticeship to Lady Devonshire she had taken to ordering fabric, and that was something that prevented her most times from lingering too long at the stalls in the Bazaar.  This one in particular, however, dealt with Pandaren imports, and this particular fabric she had never seen before—even in the lady’s numerous catalogs.  Was this new?  She spent an almost inordinate amount of time inspecting it for durability, lay, and consistency before finally deciding to add it to the many rolls of fabric she’d already acquired.  A couple more small purchases and she was on her way to her apartment.  The man that had been guarding her that day asked her several times if she’d like for him to carry the awkwardly-shaped bundles she now toted with her, but each time she refused, just adjusting the packages beneath her arm and carrying on.

As she walked up the steps to her stoop, she was disappointed to see the long shadows almost completely obscuring the door.  Though she’d missed this place a little—or rather, the memories mad here—she had not missed just how early the shadows in this narrow alleyway made afternoon into near-night.  She fished her keys out of her satchel as her guard ran wary eyes up and down the alley, and as she made to push the key into the lock, two things happened at once:   Firstly, she dropped her keys and muttered a light curse, to which her guard’s ears flicked as his eyes strayed in her direction in reaction and he ascended the steps to join her on the stoop.  As it turned out, she did not need her keys today, for just as her keys had hit the stone her door creaked ominously open.  The smell that hit her nose was at once offensive and surprising, and at once her heart started beating frantically within her chest.

Someone had broken into her apartment, and whoever it was they’d been kind enough to leave some of the lamps along the walls merrily burning.  Only half of them were lit, the flickering flames that danced over the room dimly illuminating the scene within.  She barely recognized the place, and at first all she could do was blink and wish it was a trick of the mind.  Fabrics of every color were strewn everywhere, filled with holes and discolorations.  Buttons and lace littered the floor, twisted and pitted and half-disintegrated.  And if that wasn’t horror enough for a woman who had struggled all her life to be able to afford any of this, the scene that dominated the center of the room was something out of her worst nightmares.

A woman, dressed in one of the gowns she’d fashioned and stowed away here, her sewing shears plunged into her breast.  Blood staining the front of the bodice and pooling on the floor beneath it.  Headless.  Armless.  No, not a woman.  Her mannequin; but in her mind’s eye, it was her mother all over again.  



You killed me.  

Written on the wall in blood.  Whose blood?  She didn’t know.  There was no body.  Or was there, hidden in the piles of ruined fabric and half-decayed buttons?  Her eyes searched the floor desperately for some clue.  Names and faces flashed before her then as she tried to discern who ‘me’ was, and when her sister crossed her thoughts the world stopped for a brief moment.

Oh, gods, was it Theylia’s?  

A cold weight settled in her stomach and pain shot through every inch of her body.  She took a deep, steeling breath.  Now was not the time to have another attack, but try as she might she couldn’t concentrate on that mental wall.  That wall.  The other wall.

It was all your fault.  You made me do it.

“I’m going to quit.  For good this time.”  

Her mother’s voice echoed in her ears; words that she had misunderstood.  Words that had cost her mother her life, and given Naivaria a lifetime of guilt.  You killed me.  It was all your fault.  You made me do it.  It all came together in her mind, as if she had just placed the last piece of a grisly puzzle.  The room spun before her eyes and colors blurred together with the tears that welled against her eyelids.  She hadn’t even realized that she had dropped everything she’d been carrying or that her knees had given out, depositing her onto the floor in a crumpled heap.  She didn’t feel the hands clasping around her arms to guide her to her feet.

All she saw were the words on the wall.  All she felt was the weight of the world.

You killed me.

The guard stood waiting on the stoop as the young woman entered the small apartment, waiting politely until she’d settled her things. He listened intently for a moment and then the smell hit his nose. “Miss Sunspell!” he exclaimed as he rushed to the seamstress’ side. Armor plated hands gently lifted the woman up to guide her out of the place before it caught on fire.

Inside the room, the stench was unnerving and the fumes of the turpentine were heady. The only reason it hadn’t burnt to the ground was that the fixtures were hooded. Time was of the essence though and so he bustled the girl out just as quickly as he could. After having deposited her on the curb, he re-entered the house to tamp down the lever on the small lit lamps. The flicker of arcane which held the illusion of flame disappeared immediately.

The authorities were sent word, along with the owner,  and the door was secured so that a proper investigation could be had.  “Everything else is replaceable, lass. You are not.” His voice was gruff, his anger at the whole of it showing through just a little. “I’m taking you to the Sunrunner Estate at once. We need to inform the others.” Calling out over the stone, the guard whose name was Braydon, relayed the pertinent information regarding the state of things.

This was beginning of a much different kind of war.

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Hotel Utah & Beyond!

There are only so many ways you can say thank you, so I will do my best. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show last night, and to Sunrunners, Briertone, and Please Do Not Fight for playing with us! It’s great to see good bands getting all your support. Also a big thank you to the sound guy Vince, and the rest of the staff at Hotel Utah who were very kind to us. If anyone has pictures or video of the night, please be sure to send it our way. We love to share.

More to come from Briertone, Picture Atlantic, and Please Do Not Fight later tonight at our super top secret acoustic house show with Rin Tin Tiger. See some of you there!



Sunrunners | Jerusalem | Music Video | (by sunrunnersband)

Artists UnderaWare: Turn Me On Dead, Sunrunners & Wander

Estevan Herrera | At The End Of Radio

         Everyday new bands and artists are popping up everywhere and we know it’s hard to keep up with which one deserve your time.   We’ve decided to make it easier for you.  Every week we’ll introduce you to great up & coming artists from the Bay Area. We do all the hours of listening and searching so you can just sit back and enjoy the talent that is brewing all over the Bay Area. 


        San Jose’s Turn Me On Dead bring an exciting mix of electro/dance and rock that is heavily influenced by 80’s music. Their debut EP, Birth is filled with melodies, hooks and pure fun.  This band not only brings it on their album, but also with their live shows. Singer Rick Alexander brings tons of energy in his live performances and you’re always in for a treat when you see them. If you don’t feel the urge to move to their music you might want to check that you have a pulse. The entire band gives you everything they got and you can’t help but reciprocate that energy with their infectious music. Check out their songs, “Happi Face” & “All Things Fade”. Also check out an interview we did we them last year and get to know them better. You can catch their next show for free at The Blank Club in San Jose on February 12th. For more info click here.


        San Francisco indie rock band, Sunrunners use pop driven pianos, melodic guitar lines and calming vocals to create a musical haze that makes you feel as if you’re dreaming. You know that dream that’s so great that you don’t want to wake up from it. This band has lots of promise and it will be fun to watch them grow. We expect this band to make some noise not only here in the Bay Area but everywhere. Take a listen to their self titled album, and make sure to check out the songs, “The Writer”, “Save Everybody” and “Stars and Colors”. The latter is free for download on their site. Get on the train early and enjoy the ride with these guys because it just may never stop.


        San Leandro’s, Wander are what most post-rock bands strive to be. This band is somehow able to translate the full range of emotions without a single word, just with their instruments. Excitement, fear, pain, anger and love just permeate out of their amps and drums. If our lives were a soundtrack, Wander would be the conductors to it. Feel alive and listen to these guys now. They have a show coming up Feb. 27th in Berkeley and the info is here. You can download their latest album, “Mourning” for free here. Make sure to take in the tracks, “Oblivion”, “Valor” and “Alpha Space”, which is available on their previous EP, “Short Story Collection”. Enjoy the emotional musical roller coaster that is Wander!


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Rules: Tag a few followers/mutuals that you want to get to know better
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