I honest to freaking God do not know how Stasi could ever truly be happy. Uh, my elf, not my cat.

Stasi Sunrunner hasn’t been truly happy since before the Fall of the Sunwell, since before Caerith was killed, raised almost instantly as Undead, and hacked apart by her own hand. Relatively soon after, her mother killed her animal companion and almost succeeded in burning Stasi alive. When Stasi had recovered enough to be able to understand messages, she’d been told her father–her only decent parental figure–had been killed (she has no idea he’s an Illidari Demon Hunter now).

The only family she has left is her cousin, Llewythi, and they’re close by simple necessity, because they’re all each other has anymore.

Stasi was part of the Icecrown campaign, then fought against the crap Deathwing caused, then against an offshoot of the Twilight Cult, the Sha, the Hellscream adherents, was part of the thought-to-be-suicide mission into Draenor, and is now fighting the Legion.

I’m absolutely convinced the only thing keeping Stasi going is pure, sheer spite, anger, and a refusal to lie down and quit. She doesn’t allow many people to get close, is convinced anyone she cares for in a romantic capacity will either leave or, most likely, die, and probably wouldn’t recognize happiness if it punched her in the face.

I don’t know how she could be happy anymore, and this makes me so sad, it really does. In a way, she’s even more messed up than Anjastaze, and that’s terrifying.