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The Ultimate TRON Playlist

On my iTunes/iPod, I have a playlist that I have entitled The Ultimate Tron Playlist. It’s where I’ve put ALLLLL of my Official or Semi-Official Tron music so I can listen to it all on shuffle. It’s pretty epic, but I’m worried I’m missing some stuff, because of how they released the TRON: Legacy soundtrack, and maybe I missed some unreleased TRON: REC0NF1GUR3D tracks that the artists themselves gave out.

So, here’s what I have in my Ultimate Tron Playlist. Look through and enjoy, see if there’s anything you’re missing, and let me know if I’m missing anything (except for “Separate Ways” by Journey. I already know I’m missing that).

First, the Big Three:

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Note that my TRON: Legacy soundtrack includes “Sea of Simulation”, the Amazon exclusive, “Father and Son,” the iTunes exclusive, and “Sunrise Prelude,” the Nokia Ovi exclusive (which I got from a friend, and you can probably find a download around YouTube or something). I also have “Encom Part I” and “Encom Part II”, “Round One,” “Castor,” and “Reflections.” I got those from another music site that had them listed.

Next, everyone’s favorite TV show, TRON: Uprising

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Also note that if you go to Joseph Trapanese’s Facebook page, you can download what is titled “TRON: Uprising Hero EP” featuring a bunch of tracks from the show that aren’t in the main album. They are also in my playlist.

Now for some oddities.

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The Official TRON: Evolution Soundtrack

It was released ONLY on Vinyl and FREE digital Download through Soundcloud. seven tracks mixed from the in-game music.

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This came out literally DAYS ago. A Disney lover’s remix album. It has two songs from Legacy featured, a Remix of “Derezzed” (which is actually the same as the one by Avicii on the REC0NF1GUR3D album, but with LYRICS) and a remix of “Fall”. I just bought the two TRON tracks.

Okay, from the official, to the Semi-Official

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TRON 2.0 Soundtrack

There are a lot of these floating around out there. I found the tracklist that a person on Flickr made to go with this album cover and took some chunks and edited them together to make them fit. I would be more than happy to give this sort of fanmade album to whoever owns the game.

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Priority One: The Music of TRON

This is a cover album done by a guy called Stemage. He takes the original TRON soundtrack and puts some killer electric guitar to it, so it earned a spot on my playlist.

So am I missing anything?

Klaroline AU week : day 7 (Tropes)

First, sorry for the length of this list, but so many beautiful tropes are used in Klaroline fictions, it was hard to choose & sorry for not having been able to include more of them . Secondly, I wanted to thank you all for enjoying so much those fics recs, it really means a lot to me ❤️

  •  Mates : 

-Hello, my name is by @accidental-rambler (OS)

-All you need to grow inside my spine by @highgaarden (OS)

- Written On Your Skin by @lalainajanes (OS)

-The blue words by @lclrgsl (OS)

-Mate by @hellocutepanda (OS)

-Birds of a Feather by @honestgrins (OS)

- The alpha and his mate by @erica-dreams-in-colour (Three-shot)

- Salvation by @lynyrdwrites (in-progress) 

- Alpha’s mate by 0oDylano0 (in-progress)

- Fair Slivers of Us by  Miss.Full.of.Light (in-progress)

- Season of the wolves by @addriannadestiny (completed)

  • Spell going wrong / Being transformed into something else :

-A spell gone cute by Miss.Full.of.Light (OS)

-Cat by @itsnotacrimetoloveyou (OS)

- Cat Got Your Tongue? by Dramatic Melody (OS)

-Caroline Human AU by @xxafterthestormxx (OS) 

-Oh how strange by @lalainajanes (Three-shot)

- Puppy meets Werewolf by JaggerMania (in-progress)

  • Adversaries :

-Mafia AU by @cupcakemolotov (OS)

-Corporate Wolf by @austennerdita2533 (OS)

- Behind the Shield by @shakespeariannerd (in-progress)

- Deceit by @klaraholic (in-progress)

- Unexpected Exposure by @she-walked-away (completed)

-Hellbound by @moonandstarscollide (completed)

  • Klaroline as Children / Teenagers/ In college :

-A Tea for Two by @doratonks (OS)

-His notes by @gooddame (OS)

- 25 Days of Klaroline Drabble by @klarolinedrabbles (OS)

-New experiences by @itsnotacrimetoloveyou (OS)

- Don’t Stand So Close To Me by @andthisweknowtobetrue (Two-shot)

- The Student by @music-is-my-meditation  (in-progress)

- A Series of Firsts by @andthisweknowtobetrue  (in-progress)

- Growing Up Beside You by @lalainajanes (in-progress)

- Within These Hallowed Halls by @queencarolinemikaelson (completed)

  • Friends failing in love

-Not very subtle by @thetourguidebarbie (OS)

- From Friends to Lovers by @kjsama (in-progress)

- Cowboys and Indians by @jomosfamilyjewels (in-progress)

- To be Loved by You by @klausmikelsons (in-progress)

- The Wide and Open Road by @hummingbirds-and-champagne (completed)

- Fingerpainting by @thetourguidebarbie (completed)

  • Blind Date : 

- Thunderstruck by @klarolinessecondbreakfast (OS)

-Your voice sounds familiar by @livingdeadblondequeen (OS)

-EHarmony by @she-walked-away (OS)

-Blind Date by @klausmikelsons (OS)

  • Fake Dating : 

-A Huge Favor by @thetourguidebarbie (Two-shot)

- The Arrangement by @missingstars89 (in-progress)

-Illogical by @missmariawrites (in-progress)

- Everybody Talks by @marvelouskatie (completed)

Keeping Up Appearances by @misssophiachase (completed)

- In the Land of a Billion Lights by @xxafterthestormxx (completed)

  • Royalty : 

-The Prince and the Showgirl by @misssophiachase (OS) 

-Take my hand by @thetourguidebarbie (OS)

-Royal connection by @she-walked-away (OS)

-It reminded me of you by @onlyklarolinefeels​ (OS)

- Prelude to Sunrise by @moonandstarscollide (in-progress)

- The King and His Queen by @themikaelsoncupcake (in-progress)

- Waging Wars by  Shortie-M (completed)

- The Prince and Me by @willowaus (completed)

- Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown by @xxafterthestormxx (completed)

- Wild Ones by Klausyskins (completed) 

  • Pregnancy : 

- Earned It by @klarolineeuphoria (OS)

-I Don’t Date Men With Accents by @peacefulvillagefairone (in-progress)

- Just Give Me A Reason by @radientwings (in-progress)

- Oh What A Night by Gottabeelove (completed)

- Life’s Unexpected Surprise by @masterroo (completed)