sunrise in the himalayas

Day 11/12. Manang to Khangsar to Yak Kharka.
We made it to 4000m. The alititude is here. So breathless. Low on energy which makes me low on mood.
Nothing a good plate of fried rice can’t help with though.

I awoke at 5am to a snow covered wonderland in Yak Kharka. Still amazed by natures abilities to create such magnificent vista’s I braved the cold again and went outside with the camera.
Greeted by a pink kissed mountain peak surrounded by soft billowy clouds.

Yet another soul refreshing moment.

Nothing like a good sunrise in the himalayas to improve the mood and get me ready for another day of trekking.


Northern India at 11,500 Feet.

A winter visit to Leh, Ladakh.

Day 4. Tal to Latamarang? The day I forgot to write the town name in. 21kms.
Today was a mission. My legs had lost there energy reserves and I was covered in bruises from the previous day’s adventure. My shoulders were starting to feel a bit swollen from carrying so much weight. Whinge, whinge, whinge. Of course it was another day of AMAZING sights, so different to the previous days views. It felt like a european mountain range today, and then switched into a canadian feel. Then you’d walk into another town and be reminded that you’re actually still in Nepal. Tiny, tiny nepal.
The superglue on my shoes were also struggling to keep it together and we had to resort to duct tape around my entire shoe, hoping they’d make it another day. Just when we finished taping up the shoes, I wandered outside and dropped my water bottle and IT BROKE AS WELL! My water bottle from australia. (THANKS MATT!)
Luckily Marijn was there to rub it in. He’d also dropped his water bottle and he held it up in amazement at the fact it hadn’t broken.
God what a whingy day I was having.
We wanted to make it to Chame that day. My shoes were in dire need of some TLC and Erica had a bad stomach, could hardly eat and no energy, so we wanted to get her to a doctor. (To erica’s mumma bear, don’t worry, she survived) The rain had set in, we’d been hiking for so long already and it was freezing. My breath was frosting up. We arrived in Latamarang, it was still 3 hours to Chame and it was already 5pm. We decided to call it quits. It was our first day above 2000m and it was definitely getting colder.
Each day we get closer and closer to the peaks, and the little town of Latamarang definitely impressed. The accomodation is simple, there are no hot showers up here and it’s so cold so we just don’t have one. Baby wipe wash it is. But the view. Oh god the view. I could stay an extra few days in each town we visited, just to take in the sights properly.
In bed by 8pm physically and mentally exhausted. It was an effort to get the days adventure written down and it came out in half finished sentences.
I’m so tired but I struggle to fall asleep, my head too full of the day.
I open my eyes and a soft light is filling our room. I managed to fall asleep. Yay!
I peer outside the window and the dawn light is just starting to blot out the stars and light up the snow capped peaks. I grab my camera and step outside, photo, photo, photo.
My first sunrise of the trip. Sure i’d love to still be sleeping, my face is freezing, my hands feel like someone is stabbing them (and i’m only at 2000m) but I can’t NOT be outside taking photos of this.
I know that by the end of this trip i’ll be glad to be back in Pokhara. In the warmth, with my computer, a wider variety of food, the ability to stay hydrated. But right now this is all I need. Cold, crisp air. 360 degree views of mountains. My body is tired and sore, but so alive. My mind is dehydrated and lacking a proper sleep, but so open and happy.

The Himawari 8 satellite is a Japanese weather satellite placed in stationary orbit around the Earth, looking down on the western Pacific Ocean. It regularly provides absolutely amazing images of this planet. This video captures a sunrise over the Himalayan Mountains and Southeast Asia as seen by the spectral filters on that satellite (visible both before and after sunrise)


The Himalaya Nepal by Elena Leong
Via Flickr:
8000m snow peaks of Dhaulagiri mountain 120km range Nepal