sunrise effect

Right now a lot of people have unreasonable sunrises (the dark spots) for much of the year:

Here’s how things would change if daylight saving was abolished. Better, particularly on the sunrise end, and better for residents of Michigan and especially west Texas:

And here’s what would happen if daylight saving were always in effect. The sunrise situation would actually be worse for most people, but many more people would enjoy after-work light:

Read more about these maps from cartographer Andy Woodruff.


Alrighty! Here’s the bunch of effects that didn’t make the cut for End of the Line! There’s a soapy variant of the burning duck effect, two based on the aurora borealis and the aurora australis, the sun, and several taunt effects.

Most of the potential unusuals were based on the scenery of the short and the environmental effects in it. I’m kind of sad the auroras didn’t make the cut, but the sunrise and sunset effects did and that’s great!

Later on I will put together a proper showcase video for all of the new effects and the unused ones so you can see them outside of crappy gifs. I’ve got a few new unrelated items I need to make showcases for as well!