sunrise brisk

signs + types of sunsets / sunrises

aries: a brilliant sunrise, the sun bounding off the endless waters off the ocean, bright yellow and golds reflecting off the blue water. the sun’s rays are playful, sparkling off the ocean water and shimmering gold in the bright morning sky

taurus: a dim, secluded sun will hide behind the large, billowing blue-white clouds, turning the sun a dim, dark blue. but if you stick around and wait for the clouds to move away, a confident, but still a tad shy, pale yellow sunset. the sun will shine in millions of shades of orange and red, before dying out slowly into the edge of the horizon

gemini: a brisk, cold sunrise, the sun wasting no time to begin its ascension through the bright, cloudless blue sky. though this sun will travel fast, and burning brilliantly, it will tell countless stories of adventure and exhilaration before dipping below the waters.

cancer: a soft, but penetrating, dazzling pink sunrise, at some moments hidden behind gruesome, gray clouds, becoming an almost red, furious sun. but at others, a kind, rosy orb in the sky, shining with kindness and radiating empathy

leo: the richest sunset of all the signs, an immense, unfathomable sunset, smoldering a deep orange-red. the heat of this fierce, hot star will prickle your skin, even after it sets, burning with pride and power until it’s no longer visible

virgo: the most delicate of all the signs, this sunrise will be a pale, yellow sun, always covered by the clouds. hardly noticeable, it will provide life to the Earth and light to all, but will allow other beauties of nature to shine, never stealing the attention for themselves, but only there to provide it’s pale, soft light.

libra: a smaller, peacful sunrise, but still beautiful, but giving off the appearance as if something is missing. never alone in the sky. white, swirling clouds, towering green trees and birds of every species will accompany this sun from morning to night. never alone, this alluring sunrise will shine in every crevice and space, giving light to all and leaving darkness to none.

scorpio: a radiant, bright red sunset, the kind that hurts to look directly at it, for it is too harsh a burning. passionate and never-ceasing, its relentless, scalding heat hurting the eyes of those who dare to venture up to the horizon and never allowing anything to dull its shine- no cloud or bird could ever compare.

sagittarius: a mellow, illuminating golden sunrise, so charming that just to take a moment and gaze upon its glistening rays, giving light to absolutely everything,making each and every plant, animal, or human more beautiful and aesthetic than they were before and inspiring others to do what they want in life and giving hope to those who have none.

capricorn: a dim, low sunrise, taking what seems like an eternity to fully ascend from above the horizon and begin the day. appearing to be flawless in color, shape, size, and intensity, it will give off a bright light, but more of a revealing light then a burning heat. this sun will drive clouds and birds away with it’s shining rays that are too brilliant that others wouldn’t want to touch it in fear of it breaking.

aquarius: the most diverse and eclectic of the signs, this sunset will change pace and temperament constantly. sometimes, it’ll be the kindest of pinks, glimmering silently and compassionately; but other times, it’ll be a brutal, neon yellow-orange ball of heat, leaving no mercy to others.

pisces: the most graceful and exquisite of all the sunrises and sunsets, this sunrise will appear slowly and patiently. it will radiate innocence and happiness, peace and tranquility, shyness and compassion. it will sparkle off the ocean water and paint the Earth in such spectacular greens, blues, reds and yellows that it will be as if it popped right out of a fantasy book.


Working slowly but surely on the RD Family update. It’s been such a long time that I decided to also advance the time for them too. Basically around 2 years have passed and the kids where indeed growing up. So I made a first sketch to get the basic idea of how they looks now (no big changes, just some mane growing a bit). I’m at 50% of the update and hopefully I will be done soon…