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compilation of Rhonda’s “AAMI car insurance safe-driver rewards” ads

to my non-australian followers who haven’t experienced the phenomenon that is Rhonda and Ketut, these ads aired periodically and became a national hype (even resulting in a website where you could vote for who was Rhonda’s match) so I seriously recommend watching it, it truly is one of the greatest australian love stories

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hey yayra, do you have any jaia recs?

hello anon, i do! there’s not that many on ao3, so i’ve read the vast majority of them sadly :(

childhood colors #2

red: hello kitty, jump ropes, barnums animal cracker boxes, kool aid popsicles, clifford the big red dog, ring pops

yellow: smiley stickers, charlie brown, play doh cups, a box of gushers, spot the dog, penmanship practice paper

blue: capri sun, blockbuster, denim overalls, noggin, the rainbow fish book, sunny outdoor recess

green: sesame street, apple juice boxes, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, sour candy, veggie tales, summer

brown: cocoa puffs, little bear, wonderballs, hiding behind a tree, a front door welcome mat, corduroy fabric

orange: candy corn, tigger, pumpkin picking, garfield, backyard leaves, friend care bear

white: 101 dalmatians, coloring book pages, mystery airheads, thermometers, nylon angel wings, lawn chairs

black: mickey mouse, tire swings, trampolines, night swimming, camping tents, shadow puppets on the wall

purple: mood rings, barney the dinosaur, grape cough syrup, lisa frank, barbie’s dragon penelope, the color popsicle no kid wanted

pink: polly pockets, trix yogurt, baby born dolls, my little pony, sunrises, rosy cheeks

BNHA: Riddles in the Heart, 3/3

Pairing: Tododeku

Summary:  The law is clear: whoever correctly answers three riddles will marry the prince, while all who fail are to be executed. The people live in fear as more challengers try and fail, and the throne grows bloodier with every passing year. But a young prince, nameless and in exile from his home, believes there may be more to this brutal challenge than meets the eye.

Of course, there’s only one way to find out: ring the gong, and take the trial.

(Royalty/Fantasy AU)


Act III: None Shall Sleep

The tunnel led out of an old shed at the edge of the square. Deku nudged the door carefully ajar, checked for guards, and finally slipped back out into the open. Tossing the torch into the fountain, he scanned the square until at last he spotted the familiar figures of his companions, clustered together and watching the palace gates.

He tried not to run too quickly, not wanting to look suspicious or draw attention to himself, and finally managed to sidle close enough to sprint the rest of the way under the cover of darkness.

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Could I get a Flower shop next to Tattoo shop kleinsen? I don't know why but that sounds really cute.

(Hey there! I’m highkey sorry this took so long and also went in a really weird, long direction. Hope you like it anyway lol. I’m also linking the post on archive. Thanks for the prompt it’s adorable!)

Alone (read on ao3.)

Sometimes in the morning when the light was just right, the bouquets in front of the flower shop across the street seemed to glow: deep golds and oranges mixed with the reds and purples and whites of the flower petals. It was better than a normal sunrise with all the added colors. Jared got to work too early often: he always left his apartment with time to get coffee and the occasional pastry at the shop on the way and he liked being able to walk slowly and let rushed looking people with briefcases or sleep clouded eyes cut ahead of him in line.

He liked unlocking the shop in the morning and going through all of the appointments before Connor or Zoe or any of the other artists got there to bother him. He also liked seeing the flower guy open up across the street at the same time. He had messy hair and freckles and looked stupidly excited arranging flowers in big bins and dusting pollen off of his apron. He was kind of cute (of course Jared would never admit this to Connor or Zoe, both of whom pestered him relentlessly whenever they thought he had a crush) but Jared was too cowardly to make a move besides the no doubt awkward smiles he directed his way when they happened to leave work at the same time.

He needed a reason to buy flowers.

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Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Episode 30

#intro #Ep1 #Ep2 #Ep3 #Ep4 #Ep5 #Ep6 #Ep7 #Ep8 #Ep9 #Ep10 #Ep11 #Ep12 #Ep13 #Ep14 #Ep15 #Ep16 #Ep17 #Ep18 #Ep19 #Ep20 #Ep21 #Ep22 #Ep23 #Ep24 #Ep26 #Ep27 #Ep28 #Ep29

The episode was written by Yasuko Kobayashi (Ep1, Ep2, Ep4, Ep9, Ep14, Ep16, Ep20, Ep24, Ep26, Ep27) and the director was Tetsuya Wakano.

The episode covered ch40 from page 18-33 and from page 37 till the end, and ch41.

We finally got our first long-ish filler. With this episode, s2 covered about 7.5 chapters in 5ep, which is 1.5ch per episode. That’s still too much if s2 is gonna end at ch50-51, and we should expect more fillers to come in the future.

The episode did however removed some dialogue, which means that there wasn’t really a need for such a long filler in this episode, but nevertheless the filler was pretty good to me.

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Submission: Sunrise vs. Sunset


Hey, I have UT related question this time. Um, my english isn’t perfect, but I hope you will undertand me. In your later post you mentioned that sun at the end of game is setting. I’m not really sure about that. I know that there is “Twiligh is shining through the barrier” at the Asgore fight. However after that there is whole Flowey meeting and Asriel fight. And then you can spent another several minutes chatting with characters in room. Even if we would assume Asriel fight is happening outside normal time (I mean… uh, I mean, that time stop when you fight him or something). So, it take around hour to go through those scenes: Toriel saving you from Asgore, all characters meeting, Flowey explaining his evil plan and then chat with characters after Asriel fight. 

If twiligh was already shining through barrier when you just arrived to Asgore, then sun had enough time to… um… set completely? (you get what I’m saying? My english is clumsy english -_-) Plus, you get the chance to go for a walk through whole Underground, that also take some time, especially if you are going to talk with every character and go to Asriel back to the Ruins. I believe events of game take whole 24 hours. You start at morning, go throguh whole day and night and you come out from Underground to see rising sun. I also went through some images of rising and setting sun in Google. I’m not expert in photography or graphic, but for me, Undertale sun match photos of rising sun better. Should not it be more redish and darker if it is setting? Aaaand… I guess thats it. But this is just my opinion! I would love to know what to you have to say. Also, sorry if my english is teribble.


(undertale spoilers)

No worries about your English, your argument is very clear! In fact, not only is your theory plausible, but further investigation convinced us that the sun at the end of the game is a sunrise and not a sunset! We’ve taken the time to clarify your theory with further evidence and screenshots.

First, just when is twilight? Twilight is the period of time between day and night, and occurs before sunrise and after sunset. This would mean that by the time Frisk faces Asgore, the sun has already set (probably during San’s judgement).

This means the Asriel fight and breaking the barrier takes place early at night. As you mentioned, this interpretation does not contradict the fact that Undertale takes place in one day. It is merely the end of the first day.

Once Frisk chooses to leave the Underground, the view of the sun must be the sunrise, since the sun had already set before Asgore’s battle. Therefore, the monsters are not facing West, but East, with Mt. Ebott behind them. (See the Map of the Underground.) In this scenic landscape, the mountain on the left bears no significance, and the city on the right is located to the Southeast.

Afterwards, the credits shows a montage of the monsters living out their new lives on the surface. Seeing as how they had the time to build a monster school, this montage probably covers a significant amount of time. Finally, Toby and the team wish the Player a “Good night,” which segues into the next scene with Toriel (if Frisk chose to stay with her).

So yes, it’s not just plausible for the sun scene in Undertale to be a sunrise, but it is more likely than our original hypothesis! Here at nochocolate we do not shy away from new evidence we may have missed. We are always open to new ideas if the evidence is compelling enough. This information on the sunrise will be added to the Maps post. Thanks again for your contribution!

Fences ( Woozi fluff )

Type: fluff, i should stop putting the types in the title lmao

Summary: In which Woozi has to help you off a fence

Length: 1687 words

A/N: jus imagine woozi stretching like this before he helps u down…its so cute

Originally posted by wcozi

“Woozi.” You jutted your lower lip out, staring down at the man below you, his feet planted on soft, dewy grass. “I’m stuck.”

“You’re not stuck, you just don’t trust me.”

You wanted to shake your head at Woozi’s ludicrous comment, but you were afraid you’d throw yourself off the fence, or worse, throw the fence on top of your short and rather irritable boyfriend.

3:28 in the morning, on an unusually cold June Sunday, you were stuck clinging to the gate of your old high school, while an irritated pink haired man in a maroon hoodie waited with his arms outstretched, expectantly.

2 hours ago, you were warmly snuggled against your boyfriend, and 2 hours ago, sneaking in to your old high school you had only just graduated from seemed like such a romantic idea to you, having gone dough eyed at the thought of cuddling on the bleachers with Woozi and deemed getting to the school before dawn to be of upmost importance. Woozi complied, much to your surprise, and led you to the school, hand in hand.

 ’This is gonna be so romantic’ you had thought.

However, with the cold, slightly wet gate pressed between your thighs, and your already clammy hands grasping for dear life onto the bars, you wanted to slap the shit out of your old self for thinking this was a good idea at all. 

Looking down at the stout figure looking up at you, you saw a face of annoyance. Woozi, the flexible fucker, had simply grasped one end of the fence and flung himself over with such ease he looked akin to a bat flying out of its cave, stretching his arms gingerly as he beckoned for you to climb the fence over also. Feeling confident from Woozi’s success, you started off strong. However, as the final flip had come, you froze up, and began to panic, looking towards Woozi with wide, frightened eyes. And so here you were, glued to a dirty gate, breathing a bit wildly.

Wooozi” you whined again, tightening your grip on the cold fence as your anxiety began to kick in again.

Woozi sighed very audibly, and looked at your small figure basically cradling the metal wires, and approached you slowly, as to not startle the fucking baby that was his girlfriend.

“Y/n, just jump. Please. I will catch you, I swear.“ Woozi said every word very slowly, with no malice or annoyance, which bugged you a bit.

"You’re lying.” You accused, slitting your eyes at him.

Woozi sighed, again. Already over your tantrum and began to walk away from your trembling silhouette.  

“W-Woozi! Where are you going!? Don’t leave me here. Please. Come back. I love you, I’ll jump and break my whole body if you don’t come back, don’t leave me, oh my-”

“Oi brat, shut your mouth. Do you want to get arrested for trespassing?"Suddenly, Woozi was close to you again, and you softened as you felt his hand touch your thigh that was wound tightly around the freezing fence.

"N-no.” You’re teeth began to chatter again, as a particularly piercing breeze hits your exposed body, you were so fucked.

Woozi eyed you again, noticing your shivering, from your lack of clothing, and closed his eyes to remember that he loved you, you were his girlfriend, and it was his duty to make you feel safe and secure, and to not throw your over dramatic ass over the fence.

Begrudgingly, Woozi began to walk away again, leaving you pleading for your savior in a hoodie to please return, shutting up when he put up a hand signal he usually used on you to signal to you to well…to shut the hell up.

You saw him slowly reach down, and easily pick up a particularly large rock, and make his way back to you, a still annoyed look plastered on his face.

“Woozi what the fuck is the rock for? I’m stuck, this isn’t time for you to rest, you know.” You shot at him, a little irked once you saw him sit on the rock he placed in front of you, you looking down and him looking up at you, expectantly.

“Y/n, do you trust me?” He asked seriously, steel eyes bearing into your (e/c) ones.

“Define trust?” You began, before feeling his glare fixate on you and deciding to answer truthfully.

“Fine, yes. You know I do.” You mumbled, your patience wearing thin as the fence began to stick itself uncomfortably into your nether regions.

“Do you love me?”

“No, I just stayed with you for a year of my life for the hell of it.” You retorted back sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Woozi sent a glare at you. Ignoring it, you sighed softly.

“Look Woozi, I know you like talking sometimes which is cool and all but, now is not the time. I am stuck and in need of help, something you seem to be unable to provide for me, so I wo-”

You were cut off at the feeling of a familiar stiff arm snake its way under your waist, and another gluing itself to the inside of your thighs, you inhaled sharply and yelped, angry once again at Woozi for your impending death that he was serving to you on a silver platter.

You closed your eyes tightly and held your breath as you felt the cold fence disappear from under your exposed skin, but suddenly the cold absence that you had come to appreciate as your savior from keeping you from head butting the pavement was replaced by the feel of a thick, soft fabric, as your arms wrapped around a familiar body, and you sighed gratefully as you felt your feet sink into the damp grass that coated the entire school field.

You pushed your face into Woozi’s sweater and inhaled, drinking in his familiar sweet scent, and giggled quietly into it, causing Woozi to roll his eyes at you, as he placed his chin on top of your head.
It was quiet for a little bit, but, you knew your boyfriend, and you knew that it was only a matter of time before he-

“You know, that fence was only about five feet from the ground.” Woozi deadpanned at you, pulling you from him a bit, earning a groan as he did so.

You scowled at his defined jaw, not bothering to look into his eyes when you made your comeback.

“You know, you’re not even five feet from the ground.”

“I guess you don’t want to cuddle on the bleachers, it’s okay, I can go back and scale that fence-” he pushed you from him softly and pretended to turn and walk off. “See you, y/n.”

You let out a small airy laugh as you watched the boy you loved look back and give you a look of longing, as he waltzed dramatically over to the fence. You drank in his backside, before deciding to put an end to his little dramatization and sprinted towards him, tackling your lover from behind, and tumbling into the soft, yellow grass, landing on top of Woozi, and feeling him softly hum underneath you.

“Thanks for saving me Woozi,” you clicked your tongue as you leaned in even closer to his face, examining his slightly chapped lips before finishing your sentence. “My little savior.” You giggled softly and ruffled his locks, earning an annoyed look but compliance from him none the less.

“You’re lucky I love you enough to not leave you there strung like meat for the wolves to get.” He mumbled back at you, earning a small smack on his toned chest (which you would never admit hurt, only a tiny bit).

“Mmm, you’re lucky I love you enough to do this.“ You got closer to the man you had pinned underneath your hips and wiggled a little, feeling him stiffen and you muffled a small laugh.

Getting closer, you kissed his bottom lip, and sucked it into your mouth softly, wetting the chapped skin with your tongue, teasing Woozi softly, before you finally leaned in and kissed him with as much passion as you could muster with the wind whipping at your bodies intertwined on the wet floor, humming lightly as Woozi deepened the kiss even more, running a hand up your thigh, raising even more goosebumps as he went along. Suddenly, you felt yourself being gently tossed over, your back making contact with the spongey soil, Woozi wrapping his legs around you, going down with a smirk as he attacked your neck roughly, bubbling a moan out from your throat, much to his amusement.

He pulled away, much to your dismay, as you held out your arms when Woozi’s touch disappeared from your body. With a surprised gasp, the ground left you once again, as Woozi hoisted you over his shoulder and began stalking towards the bleachers, earning a happy hum from your throat.

When you finally reached your destination he threw you down as gently as he could on the top bleacher, and you looked up with hands outstretched, Woozi’s small smirk making its way to your vision again as he sat himself next to you, pulling you practically on his lap as he kissed down your throat lightly, your eyes hazing at the sunrise that began to paint itself right in front of you.

"We only have an hour, you know.” Woozi whispered to you, your eyes not leaving the sky as you leaned into his chest and held his hands wrapped around your body.

“Mmm, it’s all I need.” You told him, peeking at him as he nodded, placing his chin on your shoulder as he looked out at the sunrise too, fingers caressing your skin in small circles as you sighed a content sound.

“This sunrise, and you.” You added for yourself, smiling when Woozi squeezed you and breathed happily into your ear, his hands still never leaving as he opened his mouth once more.

“But for the love of God y/n, please let me help you over the fence this time.”

Christmas With Your Butler
  • Featuring: Aoi Shirafuji from Butler Until Midnight
  • Rating: Mature, smut content.
  • Author’s Note: Parts of the storyline draws from After Sunrise, with the added Christmas touch. Comments, likes and asks are always welcome. I hope you enjoy! :) Merry Christmas! 

It’s the Christmas weekend. You thought about spending it with Aoi, but your father had other plans. That’s what Yuma mentioned last week. He wanted to spend your very first Christmas together. Who were you to disagree with that? Of course, it’d be your first Christmas with Aoi too… But you just had to show up and be a proper lady, as always. A party on a cruise ship, with important people. You’ve been to so many of those now, you knew how to act and behave. You didn’t even spill wine on anything, which you considered quite an achievement.

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Preference #8: Morning In Your Apartment

Yesterday you and Harry had moved the final box in to your new apartment. It was exhausting work and you’d both collapsed into your new bed, sprawled in fresh sheets just out the packet.

This morning you were still stretched out like you’d slept so deeply you hadn’t even moved. Your new sheets felt warm now, and without opening your eyes you rolled over to find Harry. Stretching out an arm you felt around but couldn’t feel him. Opening one eye lazily, he was nowhere to be seen. Opening the other eye and propping yourself up on your elbow you listened carefully. Clattering noises were coming from the kitchen. Curiosity got the better of your tiredness and you swung yourself out of bed and pulled on the shirt Harry had left crumpled on the floor.

You peered around the corner into your new kitchen, the floor still covered in unpacked but opened boxes. In the middle of the chaos was Harry. He was wearing his plaid pyjama trousers that you teased him about, that they were what a grandad would wear. Now, however, shirtless and low on his hips they were changing your mind! His back was to you and you watched him run a hand through his lose curls to move them out of his eyes. Around the room were pans, bowls, plates, cutlery all unpacked and lying about. He was singing gently under his breath, a song you didn’t know yet, only stopping to sip at his coffee.

You could watch him all day, but were slightly concerned for your kitchen. Coughing gently, you caught his attention. He spin around with a guilty look on his face, as well as some flour and a splash of syrup.
“Morning Chef,” you teased.
“Good morning Mrs Styles, and what are you doing up so early? You’ve ruined my surprise!” His voice was still a little sleepy. As he spoke, he’d abandoned his cooking and moved closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “However beautiful you look with your bed hair and in my shirt, I’m going to have to insist that you leave the kitchen and go back to bed. Chef’s orders!” He kissed your forehead, turned you away from the kitchen and playfully patted your bum. “Go on! Have some patience please!”

You looked over your shoulder at him and conceded, “Fine, but this better be worth it mister.” You blew him a kiss and walked back towards your bedroom, wondering how he managed to make you love him more every day.

“Y/n, wake up.” Liam’s voice broke in to your dreams. You snuggled further in to your pillow and felt his arms wrap around you. “Y/n, please beautiful, wake up.” You slowly opened your eyes blearily and met Liam’s. Your bedroom was dark, but the blush of dawn was starting to creep around the curtains.
“What time is it?” You asked, your voice just a whisper.
“That doesn’t matter. I have something to show you.” As he spoke, he managed to slide his strong arms under your body and lifted you so your sleepy body fell against his. Picking you up off the bed you instinctively put your arms around his neck.
“Where we going?”
“Not far, somewhere special, I promise.” He dropped a kiss to your cheek as you opened your sleepy eyes. You looked up at him and as always he took your breath away a little.

Carrying you gently, Liam pushed open the doors of your bedroom that led to your balcony. You loved that your house had a balcony; it was was so secluded and peaceful. Placing your feet on the ground, Liam put his hands over your eyes as he turned you around.
“Ok, are you ready for your surprise?”
“Yes!” You whispered eagerly.
With that, he removed his hand and you took a sharp intake of breath. What you saw was magical.
“Did you do this?” You turned to Liam, knowing he had. Only he would do something so romantic.
“Of course, a special breakfast for my special princess. I love you.”

Before you, was a delicious looking breakfast set up with candles and steaming tea.
“I thought we could watch the sunrise,” he added, making you melt in to his arms.
“When did I get so lucky?” You questioned as you pressed your lips to his, sharing a kiss full of so much love.

You always knew Zayn wasn’t a morning person. Everyone warned you how grumpy he could be. The boys had told you stories of his lateness, even for afternoon meetings! His mum and sisters had delighted in recounting embarrassing stories from his childhood, when he would hide under his duvet and never let go. You happened to think it was adorable, especially on a Sunday.

This particular Sunday was like any other that you both had off work. Rarer than they used to be, days like these were your favourite. You ignored the clock and stayed snuggled up in bed well in to the afternoon. You would both doze in and out of sleep. His arms would stay wrapped around your body, legs intertwined. Occasionally he’d shift so his hand could work through your hair, running it through his fingers gently. When he began to dream again you would kiss his chest, shoulders, neck, stirring him from his gentle sleep.

Even when you were both awake you would lie, cozy and warm, away from the world, face to face. You stared into his eyes. The pair of you talked for hours, laughed and kissed. Sometimes you would put on a film, which you’d both forget about after a few minutes and give in to more morning kisses. You knew he’d happily stay like this forever. This is why you never complained about his lazy streak.
“Shall we get a shower? Then lunch?” His voice was drawn out and still laced with sleep.
“Sounds perfect,” you replied, knowing you had to leave this room at some point. Both of you broke into laugher when you simultaneously snuggled further into the bed, making no attempt to actually get up. Perhaps you would be here all day!

“Okay princess, I hope you are awake and hungry!” came Niall’s voice from outside the bedroom door. You watched as he pushed the door open with his back, carrying a heavy tray. You put your book to one side and looked at your boyfriend with a smile playing on your lips.
“What have I done to deserve this?” you asked as he manoeuvred into the room, wobbling slightly as he walked over to your side of the bed. He placed the tray by your side and smiled at himself.
“You are my wonderful girlfriend and I wanted to do something nice for you. And it’s Saturday. And we’re both off work all weekend. Good enough reason?” He’d sat on the bed next to your legs and when he finished speaking he kissed you tenderly.
“Definitely good enough.” You smiled and returned his kiss with one of your own. “So what have you got for me?”
“Well, you have tea, some toast, jam, fruit and some croissants. Did you want anything else?” He looked concerned.
“No it’s perfect! And now I feel hungry. Thank you. I love you.”

You spent the next half an hour eating and laughing. He’d even brought you up your favourite mug that he hated. It had a picture of his face on it. You insisted it stopped you missing him when he was away. He said it creeped him out.
“That was the best breakfast in bed I’ve ever had,” you said contentedly. You cuddled into Niall’s side and rested your head on his chest. His arm wrapped around you and he began making small circles on your skin with his thumb.
“I aim to please! I love you y/n,” he said sleepily.
“I love you too Ni… Do I get this every Saturday?” you teased, looking up at him.
“Don’t push your luck misses,” he said playfully, covering your face in tiny kisses. You both gave in to giggles and knew you wouldn’t be getting out of bed any time soon…

Your alarm was shrill and woke you with a start. Your arm shot out of bed to stop the noise. Taking a minute to open your bleary eyes, you turned over to check you hadn’t woken Louis. He had a rare day off and he’d been exhausted. He wasn’t there. His side of the bed was cold and his sheets were thrown back. You sat up, confused. Suddenly you remembered what today was. Your big promotion interview at work was at 10:00 am today. Nerves made your stomach turn. Where was Louis? You didn’t need this this morning. “Lou?” You called into the dark, but there was no reply.

You had to get up and get going. You’d worry about this later. As you swung your legs out of bed you rubbed your eyes sleepily and forced yourself to take a calming deep breath. Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of your front door closing. “Lou?” You tried again. Where has he been at 7am? You stood up to face the bedroom door that opened slowly. Ready to be angry, you saw his familiar hands reach around the door and push it open. Your heart instantly melted at the sight in front of you.

Louis stood in the doorway, coat on and dripping wet. In his hand he had a coffee cup. He wore a smile on his sleepy face.
“Where have you been?” you whispered more with concern than anger now. “And why are you soaking wet?” You crossed the room to stand closer to him. He pushed the coffee cup towards you and you took it in your hands.
“I went to get you your favourite coffee from the place you love down the road. I wanted to be back before your alarm, but there was a queue. And then it started raining. But look at the cup.” He pointed at the writing scribbled on the paper cup you gripped. It was his unmistakable handwriting, a little smudged from the rain. It said ‘you’ll be amazing today, I love you.’ You broke into a huge smile and flung your arms around him, not caring that the rain drops were soaking through your thin pyjamas.
“You’re so cute! When did you get so romantic Tommo?”
He planted a quick kiss and replied. “Since I got engaged to a beautiful lady who is very fussy about her coffee! Now drink it quickly or I’ll have got frost bite for no reason.” You smiled to yourself and knew today would be a good one, whatever happened next.


The Great 2013 Movie Marathon

➩Before Sunrise (1995)

“I have an admittedly insane idea, but if I don’t ask you this, it’s just… It’s gonna haunt me the rest of my life.”
“I want to keep talking to you. I have no idea what your situation is… but I feel like we have some kind of connection. Right?”
“Yeah, me, too.”
“Great. Listen, here’s the deal. This is what we should do. Get off with me here in Vienna and come check out the town.”


I turned on my belly this time. It was a little bit past five in the morning and I could not go back to sleep after I had went to the toilet to do my business. I sighed deeply, feeling mad at myself.

“Luke,” I mumbled, he didn’t even move. He was still very asleep, looking like the cutest puppy. I stood up from our bed and went in my wardrobe to find a tee-shirt to put on. A pair of denim shorts were on the floor so I took them and pulled them on.

I walked to the bed and shook Luke, trying to wake him up. “Babe, wake up.”

“I’m tired,” I barely heard him say. Suddenly, I felt bad to wake him up at this hour. He wasn’t struggling with jetlag since only a few days, but he still had long and tiring days here at home.

“Come,” I uttered as I took his hand in mine. “I want to watch the sunrise,” I added as he slowly got up. His eyes weren’t fully opened, but I guided him to our balcony. He quickly sat on the big and comfy chair we had.

He pulled on my hand, causing me to sit on his lap. My back was against his naked chest, his arms wound firmly around my middle. His head buried in the crook of my neck, as if he was trying to get as much warmth as he could from me. He was clearly more asleep than awake.

“Looks so pretty,” I whispered as I watched the sky. Watching sunrises wasn’t a usual thing for me because I was never awake at that time. But it was a really nice view.

“Can we go back to bed?” Luke groaned, I bet he still had his eyes closed.

“No, I like it here,” I replied, feeling slightly selfish. His arms tightened around my waist as he hugged me. I watched the beautiful sight in front of me and felt Luke’s breathing slow down as he finally went back to sleep. A grin spread across my face, feeling happy to be in my boy’s arms while watching the sunrise.

“Y/N?” I heard him whispered. Luke would sometimes talk in his sleep and I could tell it was one of those times.

“Yeah?” I whispered back, not wanting him to wake up. As I watched the sky, I waited patiently for Luke to say something else. Maybe a minute or two passed by without him talking.

“I love you,” he mumbled in his sleep.


canibecandid  asked:

MY THIRST FOR CHILDHOOD FRIENDS WITH ADJOINING ROOFTOPS/ROOMS IS DEEP! (bonus points if they reenact it as adults over a holiday [my fluff factor is also high])

canibecandid I know it’s been waaaayyyyyyyy past forever, but I’ve finally done it! I’ve filled your prompt (it’s more teenlock) :D Hope you enjoy! 

Molly awoke to the sound of a light yet steady tapping at her window, much like a bird pecking at an acorn. She glanced at her clock. 

Damn. It was only five o’clock. 

She groaned and flipped onto her side, away from the window. 

But the knocking persisted. And got slightly louder with each passing second before it suddenly stopped. 

Before Molly could let out a sigh of relief though, she heard the sound of metal scraping against metal, then a click. She growled in frustration, then pulled her blanket over her head and tried to ignore the sound of the window sliding open and a certain someone padding toward her bed. 


Molly.” This time, there was a light jab at her shoulder. 

“Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly…”

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Sleepwalking, Ch. 3

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Chapter 3.

After that night, and an angry talk with Plagg in the morning, Adrien and his kwami decided it would be best to just lock the windows in the evening, and – whatever Adrien was to say to Plagg – the kwami was not allowed to transform him after sunset without a good reason.

“But you begged me to transform you again,” the kwami said, pouting, “You promised me you were awake!”

“Well, I obviously wasn’t,” Adrien responded with a sigh. “Didn’t anything about the way I talked or looked at you seem weird? It must have!” Adrien had done his research. Sleepwalkers’ eyes were supposed to be wide open, their gaze cloudy and lifeless. It was surprising enough that he had been able to talk clearly while he was sleepwalking, but that Plagg hadn’t realised how weird he must have acted was something Adrien could not believe. Yet on the other hand, the kwami was probably just tired and not in for a discussion, when all he wanted was to sleep.

“Just don’t listen to me next time, and take care that the windows stay closed. I don’t want to scare Marinette again,” the blond boy muttered, while he packed his bag for school.

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