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Everything added up. Which cat could depend on Squirrelflight’s loyalty, knowing she would carry out the deception for moons and moons, even if it meant lying to her own mate? Which cat had always poured out love and concern around him and his littermates? Which cat could never admit that she had borne kits? Leafpool! Leafpool is our mother!


Christmas With Your Butler
  • Featuring: Aoi Shirafuji from Butler Until Midnight
  • Rating: Mature, smut content.
  • Author’s Note: Parts of the storyline draws from After Sunrise, with the added Christmas touch. Comments, likes and asks are always welcome. I hope you enjoy! :) Merry Christmas! 

It’s the Christmas weekend. You thought about spending it with Aoi, but your father had other plans. That’s what Yuma mentioned last week. He wanted to spend your very first Christmas together. Who were you to disagree with that? Of course, it’d be your first Christmas with Aoi too… But you just had to show up and be a proper lady, as always. A party on a cruise ship, with important people. You’ve been to so many of those now, you knew how to act and behave. You didn’t even spill wine on anything, which you considered quite an achievement.

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