sunrise 2012


…Raphael wasn’t sure how long he stood here; shoulder pressing into the doorway and staring at her, but his reverie was broken upon April sensing him.

Head turning and face peering at him over her shoulder; she smiled. Bright white teeth showcasing proudly between her lips as she took in his visage.

“Good Morning, Sleepyhead…” she greeted.

“Hmph.” he relied with a throaty chuckle and lazy smile adorning his face before pushing away from the door and closing the distance that separated them.

Deciding to stand behind her rather than at her side, his arms eagerly wrapped around her. Sure to rest his head upon her thin shoulder; one hand pressing gingerly atop her flat stomach while the other grasped her hand. She immediately tightened her fingers around his digits and melted into him; pressing her back against his plastron.

“Hmm…” he breathed into her neck and caressed his cheek against hers; the action causing her own to flush, “…it is now…”

April smiled at his affection, certain to lean further back and rest the majority of her weight upon his sturdy stance. It was moments like these she cherished most. The opportunity to just be with him without distractions or obstacles; the ability to be in his presence and absorb the blessing it was. As crazy as her life was at times, he was one thing she wouldn’t change for the world.

And by how he held her right now, she knew he felt exactly the same…

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Taken from the latest chapter of my 2012 Raphril fict, “Afterglow”. You can read it following the tumblr link above or or A03.

Have a great week, y’all! xoxo