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Brigadoon: Marin to Melan Review

Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to find another good anime I found this gem from Sunrise with many continuing actors and directors from The King of Braves Gaogaigar. Brigadoon is an anime about character development, two worlds colliding (literally), candy land, deus ex machina, monsters, brainwashing, time travel, and bio-mechanical soldiers. 

At first I didn’t know what to make of this anime…

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ASTRO’s reaction to finding their crush dancing to one of their songs

As requested by anon ⭐

San Ha

Arriving near the coffee machine, San Ha would bump into his crush. She wouldn’t notice him, because she’d have her headphones in, casually dancing to the beat of the music. Dumbfounded, he would be prepared to walk away when he’d realize she was executing the movements from Breathless.  He’d be fascinated, and he’d kind of forget his surroundings, only seeing her. A grin growing on his face, he’d mumble the lyrics, synchronized with her moves. He would snap out of it when the coffee machine would make a huge noise. His crush would stop dancing, grabbing her expresso. He’d freeze, try to act cool, and wave at her when she’d pass by him.

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Just back from practicing the dance of the title track of their new album, Minhyuk would still be trying to bring his heartbeat down. He’d notice movements in the mirror in the practice room, through the slightly opened door. Intrigued, he’d peek through the gap, and find his crush dancing to one of his group’s new song. His head lightly tilted, he’d begin to analyze her dancing. When she’d make an error, he’d unconsciously push the door open, his first reflex being to help her out. “You actually have to move your arm higher, and your legs shouldn’t be that bent.” He’d say. When his crush would turn to him, breathless, he’d fully realize who he was speaking to, and he’d become a blushing mess.

Moon Bin

Moon Bin would get to the studio before sunrise, in the hopes to prepare his short solo choreography for a variety show. He’d walk quickly towards the practice room, but he’d stop in his tracks as soon as he’d see his crush, there alone, dancing to one of her group’s new song. He’d be very impressed by her engagement and motivation. The song would end, and he’d be astonished to hear Fireworks begin to play. His crush would immediately begin to dance to the beat, but after a few lines, she’d give up and begin to freestyle. Moon Bin would let out a chuckle, and he’d nod along, appreciating her moves. After a minute or so, he’d move his arm and accidentally hit the doorknob. His crush would jump, and she’d turn to face him. Staggering, he’d tell her he just got there to practice, and he’d enter the room, blushing and cursing himself.

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