Babysitter Yuta-Fluff

Request- “ Hello!! If you’re not busy, could you write a scenario with Ten or Yuta where you had planned a date but ended up having to babysit do they decide to help you?? Please and thank you from the jellyfish anon”

You’re my first identified anon omg i’m so happy!

Song- Happy Things by J-Rabbit (For the babysitting part)

 Rebirth-10cm (for the end)

“Haha, Yuta, stop tickling me!”

“I can’t if I want to keep seeing your lovely smile.”I’ll show it to you whenever you want- just stop tickling me!”

“Hahaha fine. I’ll smile for you, too.”

You turned your head around to peer at Yuta, who currently was back hugging you. He had a calm expression on as he looked down at you, a simple smile planted on his face. He began to smile wider,his teeth beginning to show. You were admiring it but it seemed as though the bigger his smile, the more light entered your vision. You tried to block out the light from his dazzling smile.

It wasn’t until you were opened your eyes that you realized you were dreaming about your boyfriend Yuta once again. The light you saw was the early morning sunlight entering your window, shining down onto your sleeping face.

You rolled over in bed and picked up your phone from the bedside table.

Oh, I woke up a little late. I should hurry and get up for my date with Yuta.

You hopped out of bed and went to the restroom to begin washing up and getting ready. You had just gotten out of the shower and began picking out your outfit for the day when your phone began ringing. It was your mom so you answered.

“Hey Mom. What’s up? Aren’t you at work right now?”

“I am but I just got a text from our neighbors asking if I could babysit. Since I obviously can’t I told them you could since I remember you saying you didn’t have any plans today.”

You paused trying to figure out how to respond since technically up until late last night, you didn’t have plans. Yuta had called you right before you went to sleep and asked if you wanted to go on a date since his schedule had gotten canceled. You agreed of course since you hadn’t seemed him in a few weeks. You didn’t know that you would end up asking to babysit though.

“Mom, I don’t think I can. I already promised Yuta that-”

“Y/A you have to. I already said you would and plus you would be helping them out a lot since they have a lot of errands to run in this cold weather. Their baby is so young they’re worried about him getting sick. Please just do this for me. You can hang out with your friends later. I told them to drop the baby off at our house at noon so be ready. Bye bye~!”

“Ugh…that woman. Always agreeing for me to do things.”

I guess me and Yuta can go on a date another time. I’m sure he’s tired anyway. He should sleep in today!

You picked up your phone and began texting Yuta the change of plans.

To: My sassy sun

Hey baby! I know we planned on going out today but…I’m stuck babysitting today. 😥

From: My sassy sun

But who knows when we can see each again!💔😿😿 I really want to see you.

To: My sassy sun

We’ll work something out. Besides, you’ve been traveling a lot lately. Just stay home and sleep or watch cartoons with Winwin. I love you~ I’ll be at my house if you need anything 

From: My sassy sun

Ok. I love you too 💕. Call me when you’re free.

You put down your phone and safety proofing everything just in case. You were almost done tidying up in the living room when you heard the doorbell ring. You looked at the time and saw that it was 45 minutes before the parents were supposed to be there.

They’re here early. Must be in a rush.

You went to answer the door and instead of being greeted with your usual neighbors, you were greeted with a bare faced Yuta. He was dressed in all black and had a large scarf covering the bottom part of his face. He had a two grocery bags in his hands. You were a bit intimidated at his appearance until you saw the usual crinkle of his eyes indicating that he was smiling widely under the scarf. He hurriedly pushed you both into the house and locked the door behind him. After locking it, he turned to you as you peered at him in surprise. He unwrapped his scarf slowly so you could shoulder his smile clearly now. He threw the scarf to the ground and pulled you into his chest, rocking you back and forth in his arms.

“Y/A! I’m here!”

“What are you doing here? I told you I couldn’t go out today!”

He pulled back from the hug and pulled you to sit on the couch with him. You pulled off his coat from his body and waited for him to respond to your question. You took the two grocery bags from you and placed them in the kitchen, beginning to take out the contents. You noticed he had brought your favorite cookies and some hot chocolate. You smiled at his nice gesture and returned to the living room to sit next to Yuta. Once he finally seemed settled, he wrapped his arm around you, still smiling widely, and leaned back into the couch.

“What do you mean “What are you doing here?”. I’m here to see my girlfriend!”

“Ok but I still have to babysit.”

“I know but since you couldn’t come to the date, I brought it to you. Aren’t I the best boyfriend?”

You smiled in admiration at his thoughtfulness and hugged him tightly, settling your head into his chest as you cuddled on the couch.

“Yeah you are. So, what did you bring for our babysitting date?”

“…Aren’t I enough?”


You chuckled at his comment and slapped his arms from around you to push yourself off the couch. Just as you stood up you heard the doorbell ring.

“Oh, that must be them! I’ll be right back.”

You went to answer the door and greeted your neighbors kindly. You took the baby’s things from them and led them inside to put the young child down. Yuta was nowhere in the living room so you assumed he had went to the restroom. You listened to your neighbors explain their baby’s needs briefly before seeing them out the door. You came back into the living room and began getting the baby settled. You picked the baby up and began playing with him a bit.

“Oh, you’re so cute! We’re gonna have so much fun, aren’t we?”

“Yes we are!”

You turned to the doorway and saw Yuta standing there with his usual smile, somehow wider if possible. You could tell he was just as excited as you to play with the cute baby all day. He began walking towards you to with his hands outstretched, ready to take over. You backed away slightly, surprising him at your small retreat.

“What’s the matter? Can’t I hold him?”

“Did you wash your hands?”

“Yes, I just came from doing that in the restroom.”

He reached out towards you again, yet you backed away again. He dropped his hands down to his sides, his confused expression returning. The baby curiously stared between you and Yuta.

“What is it?”

“I should warn you. This baby is a good kid but he can be a bit…picky with who gets to hold him. I don’t want him to fuss loudly if he doesn’t like you so, are you sure you want to hold him?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I want to hold this cutie! Besides, I’m sure he’ll like me. Everyone likes me!”

Yuta began reaching towards the baby once again and of course, you hesitated to let him hold him. Yuta rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically, pulling his gaze away from Henry and onto you.

“What now!?”

“….Have you ever held a baby?”


“Ok fine, here! But be careful please!”

You sighed under your breath and handed Mark over to Yuta, who took him with ease, much to your surprise.

“What’s his name Y/A?”


“Hi Mark~ I’m your babysitters handsome, talented, equally as cute as you, boyfriend!”

Somehow Mark began chuckling, showing a bit of his gums as he laughed at Yuta talking to him. You walked up behind the two in disbelief.

“Ok, first of all; you just probably told him the first lie of his life. Second; how did you get him to laugh? You just met him!”

“I told you baby, everyone loves me. I can’t help it! Right Mark?”

He twirled Mark around a bit, causing the baby to laugh at his silliness once again.

“Oh we’re gonna have so much fun today!”

“Yeah…I hope.”

After 3 hours of Mark being there, you had only held him three times so far. The first time being when he was dropped off there, the second being when Yuta went to the restroom, which resulted in a crying Mark for 5 minutes, and the third time being when Mark went to the restroom and an inexperienced Yuta suddenly didn’t want to hold him anymore.

You thought you would appreciate having someone take over your job for a day but since it was Yuta, the person you wanted to pay attention to you the most, you felt a bit neglected by both Mark and Yuta.

Am I jealous of the baby or my boyfriend right now?

You were sitting on the couch just looking out the window and admiring the foggy cold air outside when you noticed it had gotten super quiet in the house. You looked around and saw something unexpected but incredibly cute.

Awww, he fell asleep!

You got up off the couch and picked Mark up, who was still somehow wide awake. You stepped over the sleeping figure of your boyfriend and went to get Mark’s bottle.

I guess it’s nap time for the baby boy. And Mark hahaha.

You fed Mark his bottle until he grew drowsy in your arms. You rocked him for a while until he was fast asleep. You picked him up and placed him the bed to rest while you cleaned up his and Yuta’s mess from the day. As you entered the living room, you cleaned your way around Yuta’s sleeping figure. By the time you were done cleaning up the entire house, you heard the doorbell ringing for the third time since your day began. You looked out the peephole and saw Mark’s mom standing outside.

I guess it’s time for Yuta’s buddy to go. I better wake him.

You opened the door for your neighbor and invited her in. While she thanked you for the day and gathered Mark’s stuff that you had placed near the door, you quickly went to wake Yuta.

“Babe, wake up. Mark’s about to leave and I thought you might want to say goodbye.”

You watched as Yuta shook himself awake and finally followed you out into the room Henry was still napping in. He picked the sleep baby up and kissed him on the cheek. Mark stirred a bit but kept sleeping, resting his chubby cheek against Yuta’s shoulder. Yuta held the baby to his chest with one hand and took Mark’s other hand into his own until the baby naturally gripped one of Yuta’s larger fingers with his entire hand. Your heart ached at the adorable sight. Yuta smiled at the cuteness and started walking out of the room to take Mark back to his mother.

“Mark’s mom, this is my boyfriend, Yuta. He helped me babysit Mark today. I hope that’s fine.”

“Of course it is! I trust your judgment so I’m sure your boyfriend is a good person. And handsome! I hope my little Mark grows up to be this handsome!”

You awkwardly chuckled at her bold statement while Yuta bowed and thanked her.

“Here, let me help you and Mark get settled in your car. I’ll be right back, babe.”

“Oh, what a nice young man! Y/A you sure know how to pick them!”

Yuta grinned wide at her and threw on his coat to follow her to the car with Mark’s stuff. You decided to began making some of the hot chocolate Yuta had brought while you waited for him to return. You put on some music while you waited for it to heat up. You also decided to light a few of your favorite scented candles.

I know he fell asleep earlier because he was tired from his schedule. I’ll help him relax now.

You were singing along to the song currently playing while putting the hot chocolate into cups. You just finished putting a few marshmallows in when you felt strong arms wrap around your waist. Yuta give you a quick peck on your jaw and reached all the way around you to grab the two mugs from the counter. He carried them into the living room while you followed close behind with the cookies. You two sat on the couch and you sipped from your warm mugs, cuddling up to each other while watching a movie that was on the tv. You noticed that as soon as Yuta finished his drink he seemed to grow tired again. His head was resting on your shoulder and his arms were wrapped loosely around your waist. You noticed he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open so you grabbed the blanket hanging on the back of the couch and draped it over you both. Yuta kissed your shoulder and snuggled further into you. You reached over and began playing with his hair, hoping it would help him be even more comfortable. You kissed the top of his head and waited for him to fall all the way asleep.

“Hey, Y/A? Can I ask you something?”

“Sure baby. Ask me anything.”

“Was I a good babysitter today?”

“Good? You were great!”


“Yeah, now go to sleep.”

“Ok but first one more question.”


“…..Do you think I’ll be a good dad one day?”

“Of course! The best.”

“Thanks, Y/A. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Yuta.”

   He’d been clinging to Sunok all night, and the invasion of the snakes hadn’t really done much to make that any better. But, he couldn’t hold onto her hand like a lost child all night, she needed to use the bathroom at some point. He’d thought about standing outsie the door and waiting for her at first, but he realized how absolutely creepy that would’ve been and opted for standing by the drinks table. 

   He could easily pick out the snakes from everyone else, given they weren’t well dressed like the actual guests, and he made a note to steer clear of them. Not that his absolutely awkward posture wouldn’t keep them away from him to begin with.

There had many people who passed through the alley since she arrived, but even from a distance she could tell this one was her best friend.  An alley way was probably not the most practical place to meet up, especially at night, but the pair could use anytime it took to walk to their final destination to catch up. Sunok pushed herself off the wall she’d leaned against as she waited for his arrival, ready to finally be able to meet up with him after it had been so long.  It really had been too long, and she was sure he had been just as eager to see her as she was for him. Nothing much had changed about the boy, well except for his hair which was now a light brown color instead of the blonde he was sporting before she left, but over all he was the same. “ I won’t lie, I was kind of expecting you to trap me in a hug by now.” Sunok smiled before closing the distance between the two and wrapping her arms around him. “ I missed you pumpkin.”