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Durarara Hamilton Cast

Inspired by @shnarkboi because they referenced one of my favourite songs and I couldn’t resist working upon it

Alexander Hamilton: Mikado Ryugamine

Elizabeth Schuyler: Anri Sunohara

Angelica Schuyler: Celty Sturluson

Peggy Schuyler: Mika Harima

John Barker Church: Shinra Kishitani

Thomas Jefferson: Aoba Kuronuma

Aaron Burr: Kida Masaomi

Theodosia Bartow Prevost: Saki Mikajima

John Laurens: Kyohei Kadota

John’s Army: Erika Karisawa, Walker Yumasaki, Saburo Togusa

Marquis de Lafayette: Izaya Orihara

Hercules Mulligan: Shizuo Heiwajima

John Adams: Namie Yagiri

James Reynolds: Seiji Yagiri

Maria Reynolds: Mika Harima

George Washington:  Shinichi Tsukumoya

As requested by fearless-female-of-ikebukuro, here is my description of Izaya Orihara’s game. Please note: I may be completely wrong here, but my mind works similarly to Izaya’s, so this is only my personal opinion.

In the far right, you will see a purple circle. Celty’s nickname is “The Black Rider”, and there are several occasions where Izaya references her with said nickname as he moves the Black Knight piece, thus leading me to believe that she is played by the Black Knight in Izaya’s game. Behind her is who I believe to be Shinra, but he is not meant to be hiding. Because of the way a Knight can move, I believe Shinra is there to protect her if things get out of hand. In front of them, also circled in the same colour, are two more pieces, who seem to be blocking their path. I believe that one is Shingen Kishitani, and the other is Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, as both of them pose threats to the couple.

Directly below them, circled in dark red, are two chess pieces. Admittedly, I did not know who they were at first, but I am left to assume that they are Mairu and Kururi Orihara. These two are separated from any other characters in this screenshot, as they have not yet been introduced. However, due to Izaya being their brother, it is natural to assume that he would know who they are.

Almost directly in front of the twins are two un-circled pieces. These two pieces confused me as well, but I am beginning to believe that they are either Kasuka Heiwajima and a bodyguard, which would explain why Izaya’s sisters are close by - Or Simon and Vorona. Although Vorona is never introduced in the anime series, she has close links to Simon, and due to Izaya’s status as an Information Broker, it is not odd for him to know where she is, or who she is connected to. If it was Simon and Vorona, it would explain why they are in the centre of the game, as almost every character in the series has met Simon.

Circled in a bright orange is another person who is in the centre of everything, and I believe that this is meant to be Izaya himself. Izaya had admitted to building the conflict around himself, and this would also explain why he doesn’t appear to be directly involved with any of the other pieces.

In the green circle, you will find the person who is physically, but not emotionally closest to Izaya; Namie Yagiri. Around her are some of the other higher-ups from Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, who are aiding her to find her brother, who is in a completely different circle.

The pink circle at the bottom left corner of the board is where you will find Seiji Yagiri, who stands next to Mika Harima. In front of Seiji, as if they were in a conflict, is a piece that appears to be the King. In another episode, Izaya states that Shizuo Heiwajima would be the “King”, which is why I believe it is him. This theory is highlighted by the short fight Shizuo and Seijiaround the same time.

Off the actual board, at the bottom of the screen, are some pieces circled in yellow, who I believe to be some Yellow Scarves members. It is unclear as to why they are not on the board, but it may be because Izaya thought they were unimportant, or he intends to use them when the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves begin fighting.

Also off the board, to the left, are some pieces circled in light blue, who I believe to be some Dollars members. Again, it is unclear as to why they are not on the board, but it may be because of the same reasons stated above for the Yellow Scarves.

Here is where things get a bit confusing.

Some of the action at the top left of the game is covered by Izaya’s hand, so I can only determine some of the situation. However, it is clear to see two white pieces, which have been circled in yellow, as I believe they are also from the Yellow Scarves. These two pieces look as if they are about to fight, much like Kida and Horada. In between the two Yellow Scarves members is a beige piece and a black piece. The black piece is most likely Anri Sunohara, and the beige is most likely Mikado Ryugamine, as they are in the perfect position to start a war with each other.

The circle at the bottom right confuses me the most, but I may only assume that it is the gang in the van; Saburo, Kyohei, Erika and Walker. I believe that they are the ones in the light blue circle, but the reason why they are different pieces confuses me. The presence of two extra pieces, circled in white, also confuses me. It is possible that they are the Kuronuma brothers, or possibly Saki and somebody else. However, I am not certain. Another option is that they are human smugglers, which might explain why they are somewhat close to Namie.

Anyway, that’s my theory. I hope it was understandable~~!

ask-anri-slasher-deactivated201  asked:

Anri was running toward Shizuo with her red eyes glaring at him and her Saika coming out of her sleeve. Fury filled her eyes as she was bolting toward the blonde.

Shizuo heard light, fast footsteps behind him, and he turned. Running toward him with crimson eyes was Anri Sunohara… He’d met her a few times, but had no grudge against her. “What the-?!” He began, looking around him to find something to throw.