By @sun_ocean_moon “Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, Ba = Body. The Merkaba is another word for the human light body. It is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body in the form of a star tetrahedron. The Merkaba is the field of light capable of carrying your consciousness from one dimension to the next, and for that reason is also called the vehicle of ascension. When activated and functioning this field can be programmed to directly manipulate the reality around you. When activated from the heart through unconditional or divine love, the Merkaba becomes a living field. This field is an extension of you, controlled by your consciousness. #sunoceanmoon” via @PhotoRepost_app

Wherever you go, leave a light trail #FlowerOfLife By @sun_ocean_moon “Cultivate the light touch. Learn to light up a room with joy when you enter. Accept the challenge of our chaotic and dangerous world with a sense of adventure, of gratitude that our time is now. #sunoceanmoon quoted image made by me.” via @PhotoRepost_app

#ButterflyPower By @sun.ocean.moon “If you are not afraid of challenging your intellectual perception of who you are: Keep meditating until you experience that moment between thoughts where there is nothing. From this nothingness all that “IS” arises, even this unique expression of the Oneness which you are. Just one taste of life, without the baggage of the story you have been carrying around since birth, and you will realize that freedom can be had simply by letting go of the identity your human mind insists is you.
#sunoceanmoon” via @PhotoRepost_app