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" #i base being able to tell a season of friends from rachel's hair style" lol me too *g*

I do it with certain other shows too. Like, The X-Files, and Scully’s hair. Or Smallville, and Lois’ hair. Basically, using a female character’s hair style is the easiest way to determine a season of a show.

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I've asked this to detectivedunham as well earlier, just C/P to you if you don't mind :) Here's one thing I don't get though about Henry being born to the wrong mother. If September hadn't interfere with Walternate, Peter would have been dead in the blueverse and stayed alive and well in the redverse, and he would have never met our blueverse Olivia...right ?

I think he would! I was talking about this earlier too… Remember that Belly and Walter were already exploring the parallel universe, the cortexiphan tests started when Olivia was 3, before Peter’s disease. For another reason, maybe the war could have happened because of DRJ in a way or another and the tests could go on. And Olivia, with her powers, eventually could cross over and meet Peter at some point in the Red!Verse, and the two of them falling in love. To me, looks like the Observer is clear about one thing: the future of mankind (or the observers) will need a child from both worlds for some reason (red Peter and blue Olivia). And with the cortexiphan in his mother, the special element hits another level… And when he talks about Henry, is not that the boy is something wrong, but the chain of events that his life did lead was something wrong (I think he’s talking about the machine, it was activated by Henry’s DNA).

What do you think? My brain hurts lol. Thanks Fringe