I haven’t drawn lilac in a while so here’s a quick sketch and a few things about her.

1. Despite her “delicate” name she is incredibly immature and wild. She dresses in bright flashy colors and is extremely vain, however with belial stuck in her head she mellows out slightly.
2. Insists she can do everything herself even if she screws it up which is why her hair is so badly cut up…she attempted to play hairdresser.
3. She’s a huge Die Antwoord fan and will go on and on about it, claiming that it’s better than modern music.
4. Has a very low pain tolerance and is pretty fragile. She will cry over a scraped knee and unless adrenaline is pumping or if she is in a situation where even moaning about a wound might get her killed, she won’t hesitate to complain about the smallest cut or bruise.

IDK, I just felt I wanted to draw Txai -Greninja OC- in a humanized versión C:

Did the sketch at university, waiting for the teacher -he didn’t appear in the end, lolz- and… I liked it, so I coloured it digitally ////´ w //// Ilove the result~

Txai’s part of a story I have to write, based on the Mystery Dungeon games, where Pokemon have a humanized form. Now he has his own~ <3