Here's How To Donate To Gord Downie's Brain Cancer Research Fund
The money will go towards fighting "unbeatable" brain cancers.

In light of lead singer Gord Downie’s terminal cancer diagnosis, The Tragically Hip has teamed up with Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital to fight brain cancer.

Downie was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour, which is the common and aggressive type of tumour that starts in the brain.

Glioblastoma affects two to three people per 100,000 in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Its exact cause is unknown, but current research is pointing to genetic mutation.

Sunnybrook says it treats about 250 people with glioblastoma per year.

Because of how rapidly the cancerous cells can reproduce, the average survival for most glioblastoma cases is less than one year, even with aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

The Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research will support research into new drugs, techniques, and therapies to fight “unbeatable” brain cancers.

You can make a donation to the fund online here.


Anthony Reynaldo|19|Blunt| Generalized Anxiety Disorder|FC: 

Anthony is an over thinker, and a person that worries too much. Anthony was that kid that always had questions that no one could answer such as: What would we do if the world ended today? How can we survive a zombie apocalypse if we had no weapons? Anthony worried about anything, and everything whether it was big or small this effected how he lived his life on a daily bases. He is very edgy, and easily startled. Like everyone else Anthony hates to be lied to, but the only difference is that he will stop at nothing until he has satisfaction of getting back in the worse way possible. This can go from burning your things to using your illness or fear against you.

Connections: None

Secret: "I’ve already killed about 5 people.“

Why you’re here: "I’m just worried about what will happen to me if i don’t get help.”

I was contacted by one of the project leaders of In Gord We Trust yesterday for permission to base a painting off one of my photos I took at The Tragically Hip’s final Hamilton show. In Gord We Trust is a fundraiser for the Gord Downie Fund for brain cancer research. All proceeds from sales are directed to the Sunnybrook Foundation.

It was an honour to be able to contribute to such a campaign. This was a limited edition print and I am so pleased to see that it is already sold out! There are many other products available with proceeds going toward brain cancer research.
Gord Downie's Cancer Research Fund Raises More Than $260K
And the number is expected to rise.

Canadians’ boundless love for Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip has resulted in a flood of new funding for brain cancer research.

The research fund in Downie’s name has raised more than $265,000, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre said in a statement Monday. And the number is still growing.

“At Sunnybrook, we have heard from Canadians across the country, in the United States and around the world who organized events to watch the show and collect donations for Sunnybrook’s brain cancer research,” the statement said.

The centre added several corporations have reached out and expressed interest in supporting Downie’s fund.

Click here to donate to Downie’s fund

After the revelation of Downie’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis earlier this year, the Hip embarked on a national farewell tour. It culminated in a massive finale in Kingston, Ont., which was broadcast live by the CBC.

Some 11.7 million Canadians tuned in on television, radio and online at some point during the band’s nearly three-hour set, according to the broadcaster.
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Battle of the Heparins: Unfractionated vs Low Molecular Weight

Most trauma programs tend toward using low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) products for VTE prophylaxis over plain, old-fashioned unfractionated heparin (UH). How did this happen? LMWH is more expensive than UH, and there is precious little high quality research supporting it.

But, LMWH is very convenient, as it only needs to be given only once or twice daily via subq injection, whereas UH is given as a continuous infusion or subq three times a day. And a fair amount of lower quality data suggests that it is effective in decreasing deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE).

This abstract comes from Sunnybrook in Toronto. The authors used sophisticated statistical models to compare centers that predominantly use LMWH to prevent VTE vs those that use UH.

Here are the factoids:

  • This was a huge data analysis from the ACS Trauma Quality Improvement Program database (~ 110,000 records from 214 trauma centers)
  • LMWH was most commonly used, 74% of the time
  • Patients who were more likely to need rapid reversal were more often given UH (older patients, severe TBI, early intracranial interventions)
  • Pulmonary embolism was significantly lower with LMWH (1.8% vs 2.4%)
  • This significant effect was present across all subgroups, including patients with shock, blunt multisystem injury, penetrating trunk injury, isolated orthopedic injury, and severe TBI
  • Trauma centers that predominantly used LMWH had significantly lower PE rates compared to UH (1.2% vs 1.8%)

Bottom line: Even given the vagaries of using huge, retrospective database reviews, this is pretty good data. The use of LMWH appears to be superior to UH in reducing the incidence of pulmonary embolism. It does not prevent it completely. But it’s a good start.

What the authors do not say, and I am curious about, is the impact on DVT. That is a much more common problem than PE. Was there any difference? Did they run out of room to comment on it in the abstract? I kind of doubt it. The devil will be in the details. Listen in on the presentation at the meeting!

Reference: Efficacy of low molecular weight heparin vs unfractionated heparin to prevent pulmonary embolism following major trauma: results from the American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Program. AAST 2016 Paper #5.

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Man treated for serious burns after explosion at midtown marijuana dispensary

A man is in non-life-threatening condition Friday night after an explosion rocked a midtown Toronto marijuana dispensary.

Fire crews were called just after 7:30 p.m. about reports of an explosion at Tweeder Medicinal in the Eglinton Avenue West and Avenue Road area.

The man was treated for serious burns and transported to a trauma centre, paramedics told CBC News. 

Sgt. Rick Proctor with Toronto police says a cause for the explosion has yet to be determined.

“One person was in the basement, not clear what he was doing at this point in time,” says Proctor.

“It appears right now that the explosion took place in the basement,” he says, adding the man was taken to Sunnybrook Hospital.

Proctor also says there may have been another man at the dispensary at the time of the explosion who fled the scene.

“From my understanding, there may have been one more individual that wasn’t injured, but he fled,” he says.

Toronto Fire Capt. Michael Westwood told CBC News that investigators from the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office are en route. 

‘They were doing a lot more in there’

Neighbourhood resident Olga Fowell told CBC News residents have been warning about the dispensary for some time.

“We as a neighbourhood have been complaining about Tweeder,” she says.

“It was operating as a 'supposed’ medical marijuana shop, then it was shut down” by Municipal Licensing and Standards, she adds.

CBC was unable to verify Fowell’s claim. 

​"I have a neighbour, he copied me on an email to Coun. [Josh] Matlow, and said, 'I want you to be aware they’ve re-opened their doors.’ “

"They had a sign in their front door saying they were only selling vapours and glassware, but clearly, they weren’t. They were doing a lot more in there,” she says.

“This needs to be an example of why we can’t have these types of establishments running illegally,” Fowell adds.

“Not now or in the future.”

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