The photo on the left is Kevin Kline, Maria Pitillo & Robert Downey from the Richard Attenborough film “Chaplin” (1992), they are recreating a much seen photo of Douglas Fairbanks balancing Charlie Chaplin & Mary Pickford on his shoulders. That photograph taken in 1917, Mary in costume for “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”
Canadian Doctor At Sunnybrook In Toronto First In World To Break Blood-Brain Barrier, Successfully Treat Brain Tumor [Updated: Video]
The blood-brain barrier has been broken for the first time in history. Doctor Todd Mainprize, of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, and in

Medical researchers have long sought an answer to bypassing the blood-brain barrier, a layer of tightly packed cells that surrounds each of the blood vessels of the brain.

While this barrier helps protect the vessels from toxins and infections, it also prevents doctors from effectively treating brain diseases and tumors in patients.

A team of scientists at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Canada, however, have developed a non-invasive way to circumvent the blood-brain barrier in order to deliver much-needed drugs into the brain that could better treat diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The breakthrough procedure makes use of focused ultrasound and microbubbles to bypass the protective layer around the brain’s blood vessels, and according to the researchers, it has already produced positive results in their clinical trials on animals.

The Sunnybrook scientists are now conducting tests in applying the new method on human patients.

The Bechdel Test is a popular and very simple test to judge movies on their level of representation. For a movie to pass: (1) it has to have at least two women in it, who (2) who talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man. 

If you ever want to check if a film passes the test, check here. For now, under the cut are the links to movies made before 1970 that do pass. (more masterposts)

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Shirley Temple Inspired Asks
  • Stand Up and Cheer: Do you ever wear polka dots?
  • Baby Take A Bow: Have you ever learnt to dance?
  • Bright Eyes: When did you last fly on a plane?
  • The Little Colonel: Do you make a lot of noise when you climb the stairs?
  • Curly Top: Describe your current hairstyle.
  • The Littlest Rebel: What is the most rebellious thing you have ever done?
  • Captain January: Did you grow up near the sea?
  • Poor Little Rich Girl: If you became rich overnight, what would be the first thing you'd do?
  • Dimples: Do you have any distinguishing features?
  • Stowaway: Where in the World would you like to visit?
  • Wee Willie Winkie: What is your favourite historic period?
  • Heidi: Favourite book?
  • Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm: Would you like to own a farm?
  • Little Miss Broadway: Favourite musical or play?
  • The Little Princess: Have you ever been to London?
  • The Blue Bird: What would your own fantasy world consist of?
#283 Heathens

(Hiiii! So this is loosely based off of the song Heathens by twenty one pilots and I LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE GO LISTEN TO IT!!! I’m sorry if this doesn’t make any sense, honestly it’s just a brain dump. But I hope you like it nonetheless!)

I folded my arms uncomfortably as I approached the front desk of SunnyBrook Mental Hospital. A small lady looked up and practically scowled at me.

“Patient name and your relation.” She opened up a binder then looked expectantly at me.

I shifted my weight. “Daniel Howell. I’m his wife.” I said quietly.

“Down that hall and to the right. Patrick will take you.” She pointed to her left, and then to a short man who looked bored next to her desk.

We made our way down what seemed to be an abandoned hallway. There were old biblical paintings on the walls of scenes that depicted things so scary I was happy that they were covered in dust.

When I arrived that the destination, I found myself breathing unsteadily. I hadn’t seen Dan in a long time. But my love for him was too strong; I had to see him.

There were people scattered all over- some seemed to be doing various normal things such as playing chess or reading while others were in less stable states. I noted a lady rocking back and forth while tearing up a napkin. It unnerved me that they all had on the same pale blue dress.

Dan was sitting in the corner with some cards in his hand, surrounded by a few people. Patrick walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Mr. Howell, you have a visitor.” Patrick turned to you and leaned in. “Good luck, kid.”

I observed the dark red marks on his temples and the almost black bags under his eyes. “H-hello, Dan.”

“Dang, sweet cheeks, you got a nice set of knockers,” he hooted and reached for my chest.

I backed up a little. “Daniel, it’s me. Your wife?”

“Who?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

My heart dropped. I realized what the marks on his temples were from- shock therapy. They’d made him forget me.

“Hey toots, leave our buddy alone. He don’t want you ‘round here.” A man who looked less tired than Daniel stood in front of me. “But he’s right, you got great tits!”

“Yeah, he don’t want none a’ you!” Another man spat.

I could feel tears coming on. The man I loved, the man I vowed my life to, the man I did everything with had forgotten me. My love still remained- that’s why I had come. But his, evidently, did not.

I sat at home a few days later. The television and radio were off for no reason- it was absolute silence. As I sat in my chair, I looked over at what used to be Dan’s chair. I thought back to his trial.

“Mr. Howell, tell us exactly what happened on the night of September 15th, 1963.” The Prosecutor looked sternly at Dan, who sat in front of the Judge.

“W-well, myself and my wife had Phil and his wife over for dinner. It was her birthday-” the lawyer held his hand up.

“Who’s birthday?”

“Phil’s wife, sir. Anyways, after dinner we all had some drinks to celebrate. I think I had the most to drink out of all of us, because everything is one big haze. I remember being in my chair and hearing screaming, but I promise that’s it.” Dan stared nervously at the lawyer.

“Do you remember if it was words being screamed? Or just screaming?” The lawyer leaned on the table next to him.

“Just screaming, sir.”

“And what happened when you woke up?”

“W-well I woke up on the floor of the dining room. There was a knife next to me that.. That had blood all over it.” He trailed off at the end.

“Where was your wife? She had to be taken away from the trial today, did she have to leave the crime scene too?” the lawyer joked.

Dan stood out of the chair a little. “Don’t you talk about her that way!” He shouted.

The gallery erupted in a low buzz of chatter before the judged tapped the table with the gavel.

“My wife ran in screaming, ‘They’ve been murdered!’ But I didn’t know who. I asked her, and she said that Phil and his wife were dead. She said she’d found their bodies outside when she went to her garden.” Dan’s voice was low.

I shook my head back into reality. The stupid lawyer- I hadn’t been carried out, I just had to leave for a moment. I went and sat in the back of the upper balcony that was empty. I got to hear the trial, I got to hear the guilty verdict.

I walked back into the “abandoned” hallway, yet again accompanied by Patrick. We walked through the doors to the familiar room, but this time, he pushed me in slightly.

“Patient 626, this is where you’re gonna be ‘til we come get you for therapy.”

As I walked to the same corner from before, I could hear people whisper.

“Did you hear about her?”

“Ain’t she the one that helped Howell murder those folks?”

Aria's Address

We find out last episode that Aria’s address is 301 Sunnybrook Lane via the college denial letter.

So 3x01 is the episode that mirrors the pilot and the return of A according to Marlene.

We see Aria looking in the mirror with the same dress on she had in the pilot.

Just another hint towards Aria and/or her family being A.

Deserves a Rewatch for clues.


Anthony Reynaldo|19|Blunt| Generalized Anxiety Disorder|FC: 

Anthony is an over thinker, and a person that worries too much. Anthony was that kid that always had questions that no one could answer such as: What would we do if the world ended today? How can we survive a zombie apocalypse if we had no weapons? Anthony worried about anything, and everything whether it was big or small this effected how he lived his life on a daily bases. He is very edgy, and easily startled. Like everyone else Anthony hates to be lied to, but the only difference is that he will stop at nothing until he has satisfaction of getting back in the worse way possible. This can go from burning your things to using your illness or fear against you.

Connections: None

Secret: "I’ve already killed about 5 people.“

Why you’re here: "I’m just worried about what will happen to me if i don’t get help.”

Drive-by shooting robbed baby of more than just its mother

The person who fatally shot a pregnant Toronto woman on the weekend robbed her prematurely delivered baby of more than just a mother — also gone are the child’s best chances for a healthy life.

Candice Rochelle Bobb, 35, was killed Sunday in a drive-by shooting while riding in the back seat of a car. Her baby boy was delivered by emergency caesarian section, then transported to the trauma centre at Sunnybrook Hospital, where he remained in stable condition Tuesday.

Doctors have the immediate challenge of keeping the baby alive.

The infant’s exact gestation period was unconfirmed but estimated at five months. Babies born between 22 and 26 weeks are classified as “extremely pre-term” or micro-preemie. Babies born at under 22 weeks are the most fragile of all, and have an extremely low rate of survival, according to the Canadian Neonatal Network.

If they do survive, micro-preemies face a much higher risk of chronic lung disease, intracranial (inside the skull) bleeding and an eye condition called retinopathy of prematurity, which can cause blindness, says Dr. Michael Narvey, section head of neonatology at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

The infant will usually spend the first five or six months of its life in hospital, likely needing help to breathe and eat.

In any event, it takes more than just feeding tubes and ventilation machines to sustain a baby’s development: what micro-preemies need most is a parent, according to experts.

They need contact, and especially skin-to-skin contact with their mother — so-called kangaroo care (KC), which has been shown to improve the baby’s breathing and sleep, helps stabilize the baby’s heart rate and seems to reduce pain. The Canadian Paediatric Society strongly encourages such skin-to-skin care.

“The effects of KC are dramatic and effective,” Narvey says on his blog, All Things Neonatal.

It “improves infant growth, breastfeeding and mother-and-infant attachment, which won’t happen here,” Narvey says.

It’s unclear whether the father of Bobb’s baby, or another family member, is available to step in.

But nothing can replace all the benefits — like increased immunity and resistance to infection — that come from a mother’s own milk, something that’s even more crucial for babies born prematurely than those born full-term.

Higher risk, but also hope

Down the road, extreme pre-term babies are at higher risk of cognitive, behavioural or physical impairment. One study published earlier this year in the journal Pediatrics found that more than half of infants born at under 28 weeks gestation went on to have “moderate or severe” cognitive deficits.

However, research conducted at Ottawa Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario suggests Bobb’s baby could still have a good outcome.

Of babies born at under 26 weeks gestation, the majority survive “free of disabilities or with what we would view as minor disabilities,” says Dr. Brigitte Lemyre, a neonatal ICU doctor at both hospitals who was involved in the study.

“Contrary to popular view, it’s not the majority of children born extremely premature that are severely disabled; it’s the minority,” she told CBC News. “The majority actually do well and thrive and have a very good quality of life, according to their parents and themselves when they grow up.”

It’s impossible to predict the long-term outcome of such an inauspicious birth.

“There are examples of babies who have done phenomenally well, who have no problem whatsoever, who were born at the extremes of gestation,” Narvey says. 

Officials at Sunnybrook Hospital declined on Tuesday to provide any updates on Bobb’s baby.