Supa Plumbah Man and His Trusty DinoSteeeed!!

I try not to post Mario doodles becuase there is so much of him on Tumblah and I draw him so much I cant decide what he should look like! But I had fun doin this and realised that I probably dnt have any Mario drawings on my tumbla at all! Hope u like the stoopid lil fella and dat dappy dino!

and can i just state publicly that Super Mario World is one of the greatest bits of art the world has ever seen! I looove being there…

Spongebib Squireponts and Patrif Starfish

Sure their aint no shortage of Spongerob art on the net,but wat the hek,I love this lil idiot and his bud.

I love their friendship and their idiocy- i remember first watchin this back in 2002 properly-comin home frm doing my art foundation in the hot hot Nicosia summer,sippin on an ice cold drink and getting a bellyful of laughs from these guys. I think he made me fall in love with cartoons again when I had just about grown up and forgotten.

Deeper an’ deeper,into danky dump dungeon does he go, what a brave little wizard..what is it you think you will find under buggy eyes and slimy ghost trails…?

Little platform dungeon crawling wizard emulator pixel doodle game mock up done for funs with miss Mais2. (at 300%,original 168x130pixels)


Last weekend i went and done some pottery painting, and it was super fun. I made these two big cocoa mugs as a gift for some married friends cos i always promised i wld make something for them but could never figure out wat!

They’re obviously a set, one is decorated with the theme of adventure cos they like to travel and the other on cosy homelife- see if u can figure out what fits where!


Stinky wobble blossom hyuckhyuck leggycrawl run tear raspberries!!

So every now n again i forget wat this blog be about and i just dont post cos i want to wait to post somethin beautifully finished- but that just wont happen anytime soons and i gotta just post dis stuff!! I got like 4months of drawin and doodles just backed up waitin for the eyeballs tah lay on'em.


A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to do a test for a character designer position on the awesome show The Amazing World of Gumball. I had to design three characters in 3 difrnt styles,do 3 mythical creatures in silhouette and some other stuffs too.

Alas I didn’t get the job,but it was a good exercise and a good reason to do alot of drawing and colouring and thinking in a couple of days. I got some really nice designs out of it for myself so I guess nothing is wasted U  u  U.

I will definitely go back to some o'these pretty soon! Check ‘em outs!

(the awesome backgrounds are not mine,they are straight from the show)