Me: wow what a busy day time for sleep now good rest up nite nite

My Brain: do you ever think about how Charlie Kelly’s mom’s OCD affected him? Like, him as a little boy, watching her suffering and obsessing over his health and safety? It must have been so frightening and frustrating to him as a child, trying to understand why she was doing the rituals and why she was so upset, and it adds context to his self-destructive behaviors. Not only are they coping mechanisms – for a variety of traumas – but they’re also acts of rebellion. By destroying himself, the very thing his mother fears the most, he is subconsciously – or consciously – taking control of a situation he could never control as a child. Him avoiding her calls is not just Charlie being insensitive or a dick, it’s him avoiding the repetitive trauma of being the focus of his mother’s illness, and his rebellion against it by destroying himself is far deeper and more heartbreaking than it initially appears, certainly more complex than just, “lol he’s white trash and he huffs chemicals.”


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