sunny's whisper

Can anyone else imagine Bog as a pediatrician?  Wouldn’t that just be adorable?!  He’s just this tall, scary looking guy, but all the kids love him cuz he’s actually really fun and sweet!  What if Dawn met him cuz she and Sunny took their infant son or daughter to see him and Dawn went into ultra-mega-matchmaker-mode?

Dawn: “Soooooooo, Dr. King………you single?”

Bog: *trying to take the baby’s temperature*  “What?”

Dawn:  “Wife?  Girlfriend?  …Booooooyfriend?”

Sunny: *whispers*  “Dawn.”

Dawn: “What?  I’m just curious!”

Bog:  “I uh…um, no.  I mean yes, I am single.  …And s-straight.”

Dawn:  “Wonderful!  I mean it’d be tooooootally fine if you weren’t, but just thought I’d ask.  You know, trying to make friends.”

Bog:  “Er, okay.  Thanks…?”

Dawn: “…”

Sunny: “…”

Bog: *checks baby’s heartbeat* “…”

Dawn: “I have a straight and single sister.”

Bog: *blush*

Sunny: *facepalm*

anonymous asked:

My headcanon is...*whispers* sunny is secretly a part of the illuminati

((jk tho I’m not really sure what that would be aside from.. triangle jokes lmao)