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  • The8, watching DK listen to two separate walkmen: What are you doing man?
  • DK: Well I’m trying to learn mandarin and listen to beethoven at the same time.
  • DK: You see, I’ve just realized that I have two ears so it’s a waste to only listen to one thing.
  • The8: Let me get this straight, You just realized that you have two ears?
  • Woozi: I'm having feelings again. Like some kind of fourteen year old kid. You remember feelings, right?
  • Jun: Yeah, I have feelings every single day of my life.
  • Woozi: Do you?
  • Jun: Are you saying you don't have feelings?
  • Woozi: What I'm saying is that i built up a shell. A shell around myself. A cold, calculated shell that couldn't be broken by anything, but marriage.
What caused VFD’s schism?

How staggering to believe people such as Count Olaf or Jacques Snicket once belonged to the very same organization! Surely it would take an immensely traumatic event, a dramatically expanded argument to lead likewise individuals on such different paths. On one side, a cohort of thieves, murderers and arsonists, determined on stealing fortunes. On the other side, a secretive alliance of researchers and experts evading persecution. Did they ever have anything in common?

“It’s complicated and confusing,” Olivia explained. “They say that long ago it was simple and quiet, but that might be a legend. There was a schism in V.F.D., a great big fight between many of the members, and since then it’s been hard for me to know what to do.
[The Carnivorous Carnival, Chapter Seven]

There is something quite absurd about this conflict. Actually, Kit and Dewey believe the Schism happened when they were about four years old, which means that most of the adults of "A Series of Unfortunate Events” are probably too young to remember it anyway. The origins of the Schism are so obscure they border on mythology: children follow their elders’ instructions without questions, and with each generation, more and more knowledge is lost. Does anyone actually understand what the Schism involves at this point?

Let’s try to move beyond the fog of war and carefully analyze the strategic dynamics of VFD before and after the Schism. Only then will we propose a frightening theory on the reasons which led to this great divide… after the cut.

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