sunny strike

The Quietest Are Always The Craziest

Character: Taeyeon (SNSD)
Word count: 1428
Summary: Taeyeon asks the girls for a favour: “Will you try and find out if (Y/N) likes me?” | #fluff

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“Hey, girls?”

“Yes, unnie?”

“Can I ask you for a favour?”

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Just an hour late but whatever idgaf Happy Halloween with centaurs! Once I got started this fit them all alot better than I expect..

Sunny strikes me as a guy that gets an idea in his head and he goes 100% all the way and Halloween would be a good excuse to stuff everyone in the vicinity in his handmade costumes.

Scarecrow “No guy, this is perfect- Hold still!”

“Noone else has face paint why me?!”

“Hush and hold still and I’ll give you candy..”

And he held perfectly still. At least still enough to stop throwing off the outfit’s ‘shoes’. Except his back end, which wont stop dancing. It’s probably the sugar.

Cowardly Lion Sunny has no problem admitting he’s a lover not a fighter. Also he looks very dashing with a mane thank you.

Dorothy, Todo, and The Tin Han No one knows how Irah got one of Clyde’s windyols to not eat him, much less how or with what he dyed him black with. Any which way Han doesn’t trust it not to be playing the long game. Also someone appears to have scribbled a sparkly, bright red heart on her side with hoof-paint…