sunny sixteen

FLYING SKY HIGH is a oc small group set in the sky high universe. high in the heavens above lies a school like no other – an airborne institute for teenagers with super powers. while sky high prides itself on raising the next generation of superheroes and sidekicks, every so often there are the black sheeps – supervillains who defy the very principles that were ingrained in them. but before their fate is sealed on them, there is the beginning. there is high school.

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She went and curled herself up on the window-seat in the small, deeply-recessed window. That morning when she had looked out her heart had danced at seeing the bright clear lights on the church tower, which foretold a fine and sunny day. This evening - sixteen hours at most had passed by - she sat down, too full of sorrow to cry, but with a dull cold pain, which seemed to have pressed the youth and buoyancy out of her heart, never to return.
—  Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South