sunny on philly

If the gang killed people
  • Dennis: he'd probably hyperveltalate, throw up then cry
  • Mac: acts tough but would probably straight up shit himself and then also cry
  • Dee: Dee would kill someone without even thinking about it, she lit someone on fire and she scares me
  • Charlie: lets be real theres probably bodies hidden in his Bad Room already if charlie killed someone it would be an absolute bloodbath (see: charlie GBHing santa)
  • Frank: pretty sure he's killed like tons of people already man

Dennis was hurt by not getting Valentines so he put FAKE anthrax in the box so that no one got valentines. Dee, when put in the similar situation of not getting valentines cards, threatened to genuinely harm people to FORCE them to say nice things. That is honestly so telling of who they really are as people. I think Dee is a lot scarier than people give her credit for.