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パラッパラッパー By ポップキュン@poppuqn on Pixiv

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PaRappa the Rapper series
  • PaRappa: I'm a rapper dog
  • PaRappa: That means that I rap while learning anything important
  • PaRappa: Anything.
  • PaRappa: Anythins means karate
  • Chop Chop Master Onion : Kick Punch It's all in the mind
  • PaRappa: Driving
  • Mooselini: Turn and check the fucking signals
  • PaRapa: Selling
  • Prince Fleaswallow: Money money money is all you need
  • PaRappa: Cooking
  • Cheap Cheap: I'm a chicken,got it,ya beef jerky?
  • PaRappa: And I also rap when I need to learn how to not shit my pants.
  • PaRappa: I gotta believe
  • PaRappa: I have a crush on a flower
  • ...
  • Lammy: Is this a spin-off or something?
  • Lammy: Leave it to Lammy
  • Lammy: I'm a female sheep-thing with horns.
  • Katy: We are MILKCAN!!!
  • ...
  • PaRappa: This is a real sequel
  • PJ Berri: I appear more often
  • PaRappa: Shut up
  • PaRappa: I don't want noodles
  • PaRappa: Why is this program rated as "Adults Only" it doesn't have porn
  • PaRappa: My dad shrunk
  • PaRappa: I joined the army
  • PaRappa: I still rap for everything

pichupal replied to your post “I feel like Stahn would make an excellent magical girl.”

A Magical Girl crossover for Destiny - Swordians have elements and all too so it’s almost already set up. Sentient swords that transform people into magical girls sounds like something Harold would do.


And they used to be normal swords, but now that it’s not usual for high schoolers to be toting around swords they’re disguised as like…sword-shaped phone charms. So they’re just whipping out their cellphones when they want to transform.

I mean, we’ve already got some perfect magical girl tropes in the Swordian Masters:
- The sunny, power-of-friendship leader
- The world wise one who teases all the others
- The brooding, stand-offish tsundere loner
- The sweet, gentle megane
- The calm, collected, older sibling type

It’s set-up so well for us!

And then they can make the sequel: Destiny 2: Sentai Rangers!