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Day 402 - Powalen | ポワルン | Castform

Currently, Powalen has three Formes that change depending on the weather. However, this also is determined by its emotions. Different chemicals when it expresses different feelings trigger a Forme change. You’ll find that some Powalen will try to cheer their Trainer up by rapidly changing Formes, however this is quite tiring for it. Its move, “Weather Ball” changes depending on its Forme or surroundings.

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Video of “speedpainting” all four Castform alone…together!

what would happen if you were facing a boggart and your biggest fear was the dark? or drowning? what if your biggest fear was to run into a boggart?

I like to think that Sunstreaker sometimes gets visitors for the sole reason that they want to pet Bob. They always bring treats with them so that while they talk to Sunstreaker, they can feed Bob from time to time. The Insecticon is like the family pet that everybody fucking adores. 
Ultra Magnus always reminds everybody to please be gentle, respectful and polite and to not overwhelm Bob.
Ten makes toys for him.
Tailgate was initially intimidated by him because he’s so big but then got to pet his helm once and almost cried because he’s so adorable.

Sunstreaker and his cool pet Bob.

Bob is fantastic.


They Say He Shattered

There’s someone that time and space forgot. But he’s resolved that won’t be the case any longer. He will return, dragging his scattered pieces back together. He will be remembered again.

Even if it means collapsing all of the timelines to do it.

Meanwhile, the citizens of said timelines–happy and sad, hopeful and cynical–are having disturbing revelations about the nature of their worlds.

An Undertale fan comic about how WD Gaster’s return from erasure affects any and all endings–Murder, Neutral, and Pacifist–as well as how the surviving characters in the Neutral endings are making do.


An Undertale comic I’ve been thinking about for a while. WD Gaster is hardly new territory, but I’ve become rather intrigued by the Neutral endings. There’s ~14 of them, but hardly anyone talks about them.

Special thanks to @sunny-pirate for helping form the idea.

So I feel really motivated to draw Nile punting squid form sunny because of that squid circling attracting thing
(And I cry cause it’s been forever since I’ve drawn more than just torso and up, I can’t believe it looks decent omf)
But yeah…so expect that coming up :P