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do you want to come up to my kingdom in your attic?  i live in your attic, it’s where i keep all me things. oh here’s a fair warning mate, you got a dirty ceiling up here. you might wanna scrub the tops of it. i just wanna let you know, right, you got ceiling mice. you got ceiling mice up here - you got a  WHOLE  clan of borrowers.

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Prince Sidon and his dad on Father's Day!

(This idea was way too relevant and way too amazing for me not to do it~ I simply couldn’t wait so here it is~ Thank you so much for sending it in~ And I swear someday I’ll settle on one format. Enjoy!~)

A Royal Father’s Day:

Word Count: 1281
Warnings: Little bit of angst

“Happy Father’s Day!”

King Dorephan turned to look at Sidon his eyes wide in surprise by his sudden exclamation; at least he managed to capture the attention of his father, as well as Muzu who was nearly always firmly planted at his father’s side. The Prince approached his small audience and smiled gripping the card in his hand giddily, eager to show off his work and set in motion the plans that he had made for this special day.

The holiday had come up in a discussion with you about a month ago when you informed him that you would be leaving the kingdom for a little while to pay a visit to your family and celebrate together. An entire day devoted to thanking one’s father for everything that they’ve done? It was an understatement saying that he was absolutely thrilled by the idea. Almost immediately, he began making preparations to surprise his father; he started by learning all that he could about what people usually did in order to give thanks, he wanted to do everything for his father.

His father gazed down at him with a puzzled expression as he stepped up to the center pedestal of the throne room where he stood directly in front of his father. Sidon is beaming brightly as the Zora King leans forward in his throne, the cool waters around his feet shifting to give way to the Zora’s large figure as he moved and then returned to its original form gently brushing against the architecture in small soothing waves. “What did you say?”

Sidon’s fin swayed back and forth with excitement as he took a step closer and smiled wider eager to explain the holiday he had only just learned about a month ago. He holds up his card, already treated with the enchantment that protected the fragile parchment from the wet terrain of the Zora Kingdom.

“It’s a Hylian custom, a holiday where they celebrate their father’s and thank them for all of their accomplishments, work, and position as their paternal figure. (Y/n) informed me about the tradition just under a month ago and I knew that you deserved it more than anyone. So that’s why I planned the entire day for us to spend together and I prepared this card for you! They said that children always give gifts to their fathers and always include these clever cards to go along with them-!” Sidon stopped when he looked up to meet eyes with his father and saw something that made him swallow his words in shock.

It was difficult to tell from where he was standing but if he looked hard enough he could just make out the tears budding in the corners of his father’s eyes.
Sidon turned slightly to look at Muzu when he heard the Zora male suddenly call out to the King, “My King, are you alright?” He looks just as alarmed as the Prince feels seeing his father’s teary-eyes. Sidon had not seen his father like this since they lost Mipha.

King Dorephan had taken the news well; he had not shed a tear in front of his people though it was clear that he was deeply grieving over the loss of his precious daughter. However, that night, when the young Prince could not sleep because of his overwhelming sorrow and had tried to retreat to his Father’s sleeping pool seeking comfort he quickly learned just how deeply the loss affected the King.

Just as he was going to enter the massive he heard a sound further down the hall, sniffling? Little Sidon stepped away from his Father’s room and instead rushed to investigate the noise knowing exactly where it was coming from: Mipha’s room.

The door was hanging open just enough for Sidon to poke his head through and look in to figure out what Zora was invading his late sister’s bedroom. The sight of his father’s enormous figure kneeling beside his sister’s sleeping pool with his head hanging in hands as soft sobs traveled throughout the room weighing down the atmosphere in a heavy feeling of sorrow. He would never forget that painful sadness that wrenched his gut when he saw that look on his father’s face.

Staring up at King Dorephan now he does not see despair on his face, mostly because his father is now covering it with one of his large and mighty hands still saying nothing in response to his advisor’s question. It is a few minutes more of tense silence before the King manages to say something again.

“Muzu, could you give my son and I some privacy?” He asks taking both Sidon and the Zora being addressed by surprise.

“Of course, my king.”

With that Muzu bows and then exits the large throne room leaving Sidon alone with his father which made him partially happy since that is what he had planned to do originally, but this was not quite the atmosphere he had been hoping for.

“Father, I apologize if I upset you in some way, it was not my intention to do so.” His hands lower and the card comes to hang at his side positioned so that it is mostly hidden behind him. Once again, the Zora Prince is stunned into silence as his father lets out a soft chuckle and then moves his hand so that he can properly meet yes with his son and Sidon can see that he is smiling.

“Might I see that card?” Sidon quickly brings the card out from behind him and steps closer, holding it out for his father to take hold of. It is almost comical how the small construction paper card sits in the palm of his father’s hands and he almost wants to laugh at how he had not taken that into account when he was making the card.

Despite its small size Dorephan holds it carefully and is smiling widely as he read the heartfelt message that Sidon had wrote on the inside. “You said that you made plans for us,” Sidon gave a quick nod, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, Father, I was planning to take you out for lunch together after I gave you the card. I made sure that your schedule for the day was clear before I set about telling the kitchen to prepare a meal that I would have set up outside so that we could eat, enjoy the beautiful sunny day, and maybe even enjoy a swim together because I know you have been stuck in the palace and you do not often have the time to…”

Sidon stopped and just smiled up at his father who is staring at the small card with such a happy look in his eyes that he doesn’t even notice he had stopped talking until the younger Zora began to laugh. His father would gladly accept any gift or attend any special outing planned for him, but he didn’t need any of it.

“Now why are you laughing?” King Dorephan asked looking down at his son with a light chuckle of his own.

The younger Zora continued to laugh and then just smiled as he turned his attention back to his father and glanced over to the card still resting in the palm of his father’s hand. “Oh it is nothing, I just realized that maybe it would be better to stay here and just talk. If that sounds alright to you.”

Dorephan’s face visibly softened and his lips curled up in a genuinely sweet smile looking down at his son as he leans back in his throne allowing his entire body to relax. “That sounds perfect.”

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1, 11 and 13!

1. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing

StregataDalloStregatto was walking humming some pop song, her dark hair twisted in a complicated bundle of braids. Catching her reflection in a shop window she gave herself a mental high five. The new blouse was worth every cent - blue was really her color and the soft cloth embraced gently the softness of her body  - and feeling pretty was still something new for her. She was determined to enjoy the sensation, as much as the sun. She had a thing for sunny days. For colors. Maybe for this, springtime was truly her time of the year. She smiled, looking around. Yeah, often people told her life wasn’t all about unicorns and cupcakes, but you know what? It was her life and she was going to live it as best as she could.

11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?

A-ehm… (cough)… well… I am actually a potato, so I don’t have written anything exactly weird (at least, not that I realized. If my followers think differently, you’re welcome to point it out, guys!). But I may or may not have thought about writing about a session of angry sex between Demetra and Cullen. I’m not really super sure about it. We’ll see. (I don’t even know if this can be considered weird).

13. Favorite fic from another author?
Oooh boy, this one is difficult and I sincerly, honestly couldn’t pick JUST ONE. Just, I couldn’t. Five is the minimum!!! In no particular order:

Sing With Me, written by @valammar. It’s a perfect Dragon Age Modern AU, where Cullen and Neb grow together, support each other and yes, have passionate, steamy sex when the time is right. But, even if I’m a naughty girl, I appreciated very much the wonderful plot. I think nobody describes Cullen as well as this author. And Neb is so amazing and real that sometimes I forget she’s a fictional character.

The Lowlander, by @razzmatash. For me, this is THE Avvar AU. Her Elora Trevelyan is not only lovely, witty and brave, but she’s portraied with insecurities and flaws that make her one of the best multifaceted OCs in this fandom. And don’t even make me start with Cullen, Thane of a hold full of troubles. He’s pretty, he’s brave, he’s gonna have sex with her! Plus, the plot is so full of surprises, cliffhangers, events that everytime I read  chapter I hold my breath!

How to Win Wars and Influence Nobles, by @kaoruyogi. A recent discover, a girl from our time arrives in Thedas. Of course, she meets the Inquisition’s people. Of course, she meets lots of troubles too. I deeply love when this type of adventure is well built, with strong characters. I simply can’t wait for the next chapters!

First Comes Marriage Then Comes Love, by @frank-a-lank. Other Dragon Age AU, where Tessa and Cullen are stuck together, and it’s all feelings, cuteness, deep dialogues, how it is living together and falling in love. Sincerly, I love how supportive they are with each other, how tender their relationship is!

Intimacy, by @kauriart. It’s a one shot, but oh, if it’s a good one! Plus Size Inquisitor, Cullen and sex. And doubts, reassurances, the elegant prose that is so typical of this amazing author (that also happens to be a marvellous artist!).

I also recommend you to check @princessvicky01 writing, you’ll find a couple of tasty assertive Cullen with his lovely Quizzie, and @slothquisitor A Class Act, an interesting Modern AU in which Cullen and the Quizzie are teachers trying to save a school!

And thank you too for these! I had a great time! Hugs!

My Love

[reposted] i wrote this in an hour, may or may not have been influenced by lee hi’s my love. it’s vxmc, mild angst at the best, i promise. this was me jumping into the VxMC but V is still in love with Rika bandwagon.

You still love her, don’t you?” was a question that you always found at the tip of your tongue nowadays. The words were just begging to be let out from the constraints of your lips, wanting to be spoken out loud, craving to be answered and denied. It wasn’t that you doubted the love that V had for you. No, you were sure the man loved you as he claimed he did. You just weren’t sure if it was the kind of love that you had wanted from him, or if it would ever amount to or surpass the love that you had for him.

V and you had just sort of fallen together after everything settled, and normalcy returned. The two of you met halfway, perfectly fitting into the gaps that each other had quite snugly. You helped him around, and he helped you around. It all happened gradually, slowly. Finding out that you were in love with this man that for so long you thought was unattainable was scary, voicing it out and taking a risk and a jump was even more so. You had never thought in your wildest dreams that this would be possible. Everything was perfect for the most part.

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I have slathered on sunscreen and put on my new shorts (with POCKETS! GIANT POCKETS THAT WILL HOLD ENTIRE BOTTLES OF WATER! GIANT POCKETS THAT MEAN FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE I DONT HAVE TO CARRY A FUCKING BAG!) so I’m going to go outside and hatch those damn 10km Pokemon eggs

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When Bill returns inthe UF sequel are we going to see him in a "sunny day"

Mmm maybe? I dunno? I haven’t even worked out all the details with him “returning” in UF, if he does at all… :P 


“A lot of the vendors’ stuff is fake, but every piece you see here is real silver or silver plate. Or what’s left of it, anyway. I’m practically sold out!“
“How many pieces do you usually sell?“
“On a good day? On a good sunny day? A dozen maybe. Eighteen, tops. The smaller items always sell the fastest, but today I’m out my entire inventory! I’ve never seen anything like it.“
“Why are they selling so fast?“
“I have no idea. I’m keeping this one, just in case.“

The Stranger

A little oneshot based off the fantastic headcanons by blackjacktheboss It’s the “kissed you to steal your wallet” AU. Thanks for letting me use them for the story, and sorry if there’s any mistakes. I wrote this in an hour and it’s late. Enjoy :) 

Annabeth remembers the first time she pick-pocketed someone. She was only seven years old, brought into the world of stealing by two older kids named Thalia and Luke. Annabeth during her childhood moved around constantly because of her father. A professor of history, he always seemed to be in demand and whenever he got offered up a job at a new college, he’d accept it and the entire Chase family would move. She originally lived in Richmond, then moved all the way across the country to San Francisco, again to Boston and finally to Manhattan. 

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like some others I've been trying super hard not to fall into silverflint because i know the way they end up will kill me ughhhh. how do you live with knowing how this is all gonna end like OUCH is it really worth it :( HELP

oh sweet friend :’( *puts a hand on your shoulder* I think the problem here is that you may be assuming I care more about my own mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being than I do about the bright ephemeral fire that blazes in my heart every time these pirates express an Emotion™ about one another, which would be an INACCURATE assumption :^)

I know I’m gonna die. I know my grave is rising up to meet me. I know I should be running in the other direction as if silverflint is the zombie apocalypse and I’m the last person on earth. I know :’’(

bUT I SHALL QUOTE MY SON JOHN SILVER: “There is an element of this journey into the dark that I’m only now beginning to appreciate…How good it feels…” ʘ‿ʘ ʘ‿ʘ ʘ‿ʘ

the highway to hell is a long one but I’ve got some good music on and there are some pretty flowers on the side of the road and love is real and maybe I’m driving right into destruction but tHE AIR SMELLS SO SWEET ANON SO SWEET

also: we don’t really know how this is all going to end exactly. they have Treasure Island in mind, yes, but they’ve said many a time that they’re going by their own lil reimagined version of it. I have faith that when they finally do lower me into the ground, they might at least say some nice words while they do it, and it’ll be a sunny day maybe, and not all will be lost :’)

alternatively: who’s to say this doesn’t end with flint and silver rowing their teeny boat into the sunset while ‘accidentally in love’ by counting crows plays?! :o) we just DO NOT KNOW!!!!1 anything is possible!!!

until then…….IT’S TOO LATE FOR ME SAVE YOURSELF (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ.+*+♥+*+.

OUAT Set 09/10/2014

As usual, there may be some inaccuracies because this comes solely from memory. I didn’t see Colin that much on set, so there’s nothing really about him in this post. It focuses largely on Robert, though I do talk about meeting some of the other cast as well. It’s pretty much just something I wrote last night so that I could remember as much of the day as possible (and I know a lot of people like to hear about experiences on set) 

Also, (no context) spoilers. Proceed with caution!


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I don’t know what happens next. Have I stand or has Kieran lift me from the floor? Either way, he is now hugging me as tight as he can, and I’m just amazed he is here.

Am I dead? Did they kill me when I was in my own bubble of thoughts and I didn’t even realized? Kieran smells like mint and freshly cut grass, like long walks through a forest on a sunny day. Maybe I’m dreaming.

‘’Are you real?’’ my voice breaks, my arms hanging death at my sides.

He nods and his nose touches my neck and tickles me. He is here. He is real. 

Danger is over.