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Things I Picture When I Think Of The MBTI Types

ESTJ: perfectly straight hair, sharp, direct looks, formal umbrellas, navy blue, smell of clean laundry,

ESFJ: big smiles, unique quilts, sweatpants, messy ponytail, big dogs, the color green, the moment you walk by a restaurant and you smell really good food

ISTJ: T-shirts, water bottles, big breakfasts at restaurants, the color yellow, themed parties, ice cream, an aloof expression to cover affection

ISFJ: funky nail designs, colorful socks, doc martins, the sunrise, the reflection of light on wet pavement at night, sweaters, a careful smile, hidden talent, a handful of wildflowers

ENTP: flawless hairstyles, self-deprecating jokes, secret love, pretending not to care while actually caring, dark clouds, loud laughs, fresh grass

INTP: the feeling of being lost in a new place, the color forest green, raincoats, stacks of paper, sunny days, making friends with someone who finally understands you

ENFP: expressive hairstyles, fandoms, when light shines through the trees, surprise parties, baking, hugs, sparkling water of a tropical ocean, tacky souvenirs

INFP: posters, lampposts, postcards, wooden swords, funky patterns on pajama pants, experimenting with food, mustard colored furniture

ESTP: honest, tender expressions, training yourself hard to be the best you can be, archery, collections, open drawers, ballpoint pens

ISTP: dark humor, hospitality, the color burgundy, wooden furniture, oddly colored carpet, the feeling of understanding others but not yourself, backlit keyboards, blank expressions, lazy Sundays

ESFP: small gatherings, genuine curiosity, expressing what others need to hear, positive attitudes, making everything an adventure, sunset orange, still raindrops on leaves after a storm, a car packed up to the ceiling with luggage for something

ISFP: gentle nods, never confessing love, living a simple life, wearing that one bracelet that means something deep and personal, light green, riding everywhere on a bicycle, the calming chill of morning, bravery and dedication, making sudden mistakes

ENTJ: doing what’s right no matter what’s happening, having a small knit group of friends, taking whatever means necessary, honesty, hiding weakness, a tree in the middle of the forest that is somehow different than others, straying from the path

INTJ: trying to stay strong while falling apart, testing yourself, Macbeth, refusing to pull over and ask for directions, black socks

ENFJ: Disneyland, flags, polka dots, warm bread, doubting your skills, finally letting go and having fun, cheering others up, clean dishes, pink lemonade

INFJ: spacing out, knowing some things super well, while being completely unaware of others, a slight headache, mechanical pencils, weird tastes in music, eating really quickly after realizing how hungry you were all along, stubbornness over the strangest things, your favorite novel you’ve read three times

keepmyserenity  asked:

Hi Mollz, can you please repost rainy days (in chateau d'if)?

sure! a throwback.

rainy days (in chateau d’if)

           Days between storms, the Ladies Association of Bright Colors holds parades. As they pass by the street outside they pop open their rainbow of parasols and shout curses at our house. They call us the Cat Thieves because of the way the neighborhood felines stage hostile takeovers of the apartment every time it rains. We’ve tried to explain that the pets aren’t invited and we’d prefer it if they stayed away, but once you get a reputation as a Cat Thief, there’s really no shedding it.

           The cats don’t like us, I’ve told the Ladies over and over, it’s the apartment they want. The apartment, with its tall, curved windows and deep-stained mahogany that you can hear moaning in the winter, soft and languid, smooth. The ratty, sea-green couch Sal inherited from his dead uncle, its insides all spilling out where the cats have ripped through the velvet; the ruined silver tea tray, cat hair embedded in all its cracks; the names of former tenants etched behind the loose paneling in the bathroom, letters harsh and curveless. I wouldn’t mind the cats so much if they didn’t use the dark wood of the walls and railings as scratching posts. Sal says the whole place looks like a prison, like all our ghosts have tried to claw their way out.

           My mother calls the apartment Chateau D'if. I’m not sure it can be a prison if all the occupants keep trying to get in, but Sal likes the name so much he made a sign for the door. APT 2D. CHATEAU D'IF FOR CATS.


           I like to watch the parades. The Ladies make their own dresses, layers of sewn silk that are dyed deep and resonant with blues and greens and reds and yellows, colors mixing in the fabric like liquid, whispering around the Ladies’ legs and making them as beautiful and precise as the careful stitching. They look best without the parasols, with the sun sticky against their pale skin, their dark skin, mixing flesh with fabric until its hard to tell what was born and what was made. That’s when I like them best, but when they pass by through the Chateau D'if they push open the shade of their umbrellas and hiss, “Thieves! Thieves!”

           "We’re not thieves,“ I remind Sal from the balcony. He is eating a tuna sandwich. There is a soft drop of mayonnaise on the corner of his mouth. He shrugs. The Ladies Association of Bright Colors doesn’t bother Sal, except that they making driving impossible on sunny days. We always have to take the bus–an ungainly, purple, bovine thing that rumbles down too-small cobbled alleys like a child’s overloaded wagon, squealing and squawking every time the driver hits the breaks. The wheels have no tract whatsoever and we always slip when we hit puddles. It’s not so bad in the dry season, but once the cats start showing up with regularity I know to get a window seat and brace myself with my knees.

           "No,” he agrees.

           "We should just start closing the windows when it rains.“

           "Sure thing,” he says, and takes another bite.

           On sunny days like this, you would never guess about the cats. Sal is meticulous about vacuuming up the hair, about shoving the couch’s insides back where they belong. If it weren’t for the deep scars in the walls, even I might forget the way the cats wind around my ankles and barricade the door. When they come, they come in hordes, in legions; they don’t lie on the couch, they lay siege to it. We cannot cook because the cats are sleeping in our pots and curled up in the microwave. There are always at least three in the dryer, no less than two in our pillowcases. We find diced mice on the cutting board as if someone expects us to serve it.

           The purring might drive you crazy, if you didn’t become used to it, if you didn’t turn it into a lullaby. Sometimes I think that they are singing in harmony. Sometimes I think that they are whispering secrets to me, trapped safe in the place where languages meet and are incompatible. They watch us with their dark eyes, prowling in circles, shedding and coughing up hairballs, telling us all the things cats know, including that they know that we don’t understand them.

           "I think you’re overthinking this,“ says Sal around a mouthful of tuna. "Just watch the parade.”

           "I am watching the parade,“ I tell him, and the Ladies’ dresses fan out around them as they spin, whirring like pinwheels.


           There is no official credo of the Ladies’ Association of Bright Colors. I thought they might be animal activists, the way they go on about the cats, but Sal says he read somewhere that really what they’re protesting is the rain.

           "How can you protest the rain?” I ask as the sky darkens and the first hum of a cat folding itself into the space between the window and the frame slips into the living room.

           "Ask the cats,“ says Sal, and laughs. I don’t know why he thinks it’s so funny. It’s Sal that can’t stand the hair everywhere, Sal that wakes up with cat bodies pressing him into the mattress, pinning his wrists. I sleep in the bathroom during the rain. The cats won’t touch the porcelain tub, for reasons they’ll only tell us in their untranslatable, rough tongues.

           There are four or five cats now, slinking their way along the walls, circling. This is how it always goes: a spiral from the wall inward, until they have reached the center of the apartment. We tried placing furniture in that spot, but it doesn’t deter them. The old wicker lampstand that we finally settled on is frayed and cracked, its paint chipping. It is held together as much by cat hair as by its woven strands.

           The rain comes faster and so do the cats, knocking over bowls and wrapping their tails around the legs of the furniture. They pay Sal and I no mind.


           When the rainy season ends, the Ladies’ Association of Bright Colors hosts a parade that far outshines all the others. The street seems to light up beneath them, gathering their reflections. They say that black is made from colors mixing, and today that’s true. Today black isn’t even black, just the reflecting of silk in sun-drunk pavement.

           I call Sal from the bus station. We spent the morning locating the cats’ owners and returning them. Now he is using Drain-O to dissolve hairballs and vacuuming under the couch. I can hear him munching on chips, probably sour cream & onion flavored because that’s all he’ll eat. The phone will have slick, grainy fingerprints on it when I get home, and I won’t be able to scrub the oil off. We’ll have to wait for the next rainstorm to come, because the cats lick off the grease residue with their tough, no-nonsense tongues and make everything sparkle.

           "Chateau D'if for Cats,” says Sal, laughing around a mouthful of crushed starch. “Nothing but open windows and unlocked doors, and still, no one can get out, not a single soul.”

           I hear him shove the vacuum under the always-bleeding couch, choking on lint and fur that has gathered on the rug. There are no cats left in the apartment but there are always the ghosts of cats, always the deep scars left in the wood where they have sharpened their claws.

           "Next rainy season,“ he says easily, "let’s try closing the windows.”

“It’s about time,” I agree. “Next rainy season.”

           But that’s the thing, you know; that’s what makes Chateau D'if Chateau D'if: neither one of us will shut the window. I can’t explain it to you, if you don’t already understand. I am not a Cat Thief and I don’t claw at the walls. I want to see the Ladies Association of Bright Colors without their parasols. But I can’t close the windows when it rains.

           It is a cat’s house. We just live here.

Request (anon): Seb is not that into wedding planning as the reader?

A/N: I had to slightly change the request. I feel like Seb’s the ‘give his girl the wedding of her dreams’ kinda guy, but that he would most definitely be helpful in the process. So, instead, he’s just too tired to be as helpful as usual? Either way, hope you guys like it

Words: 713

Attempting to keep his focus, Sebastian reaches forward for his nearly empty glass of wine. As he finishes it off, he realizes the drink might not mix well with his exhaustion.

In all honesty, he is not quite certain what the exact topic of conversation is but he knows it is surrounding a wedding. His wedding to be exact. After a sixteen hour day, including a flight home after a day of press, Sebastian was ready to crawl into his bed. A bed he hasn’t laid down in for three months. Yet, he finds himself seated at a table in a crowded restaurant trying to make sense of the different flower arrangements being thrown around.

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macdennis week

day one: favorite quote
“you guys are two co-dependent losers who are so wrapped up in each other, that’s hard for you to see how pathetic your lives are. it’s like you’re an old married couple.”

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas | Irene (Red Velvet)

Word count: 5.3k
Genre: smut + gang!au
Warnings: misogyny, sexual harassment

Never once in your life had you ever considered wanting to be a fish but there’s a first time for everything, and quite honestly, today has been filled to the brim with as many “first” as you could find applicable to your life. It’s to the point where you’re considering removing the title of “life” from whatever your current timeline of existence is because right now it’s more akin to a bus station bathroom’s meaningless graffiti than it is an orderly thing of habit, just as it had been less than 24 hours ago. You’d woken up two minutes after your alarm; an unpleasant mashup of screamo and opera that your nephew swore by to get him to his college classes on time, which was a first.

The beginning of many new occurrences that would tear apart your habitual lifestyle. Next was receiving thirty-seven new text messages from your best friend before you’d had time to spit out your toothpaste. They all were long-winded jumbles of upper and lowercase letters that could barely pass as words, yet it got the point across clearly enough. Turns out the wedding that you’d been so graciously offered the maid-of-honor position in was canceled due to irreconcilable differences. Now Min Ah is getting married to the man her fiancé was always so jealous of just to spite the man that’s apparently been cheating on her for years. In your email–amongst the untidy clutter of spam and work related things–you found a plane ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada for early tomorrow morning.

You probably should’ve let it go and resolved to your fate of never participating in a wedding, yours or otherwise. But no, instead you decided to request the next week off. Had you bothered to sift through even a few of the emails related to your job you would’ve found that you were desperately needed at the office seeing as you’re the only employee in your department. Only you were qualified to do the job that needed to get done before the deadline next week. Your boss hadn’t even bothered to call you to fire you. Just a simple text relieved you of your workload indefinitely. The more logical part of your brain decided to activate around that time and inform your landlord of the issue that your rent might pose this month. Again you were met with a wall devoid of even the smallest glimmer of sympathy. Six years of payments delivered on time and in full meant nothing if there could be another tenant to pay the money you didn’t have by next week. That had been the point where you’d picked up the closest object to you–an antique lamp that you could’ve probably pawned to get your rent money–and chucked it hard against the adjacent wall. The glass shards exploded in the air like jagged confetti.

Your stunt with the lamp inconceivably started a small fire. Maybe it was the jolt of the prongs tearing out of the wall, but it undoubtedly caused more problems for you and everyone in your building. The grimacing faces of your soon-to-be ex-neighbors as you stood barefoot on the sidewalk in a nighty with a smear of toothpaste dribbled on the collar was somehow more embarrassing than explaining to the fire marshal how you’d almost single-handed taken down an entire city block in an angry fit. Luckily, being detained for attempted arson didn’t get added to your list of problems as the kindly marshal confessed to having done something similar in college with a toaster. That was where everything began to simmer down.

You begrudgingly packed up your most important belongings into discarded fresh fruit boxes and drove them over to Min Ah’s apartment. The peppy woman was more than elated to see you and easily agreed to let you live with her until you got back on your feet while her new fiancé interjected about keeping you around forever. Min Ah had let out a raucous laugh at the suggestion, conveniently missing the fact that his eyes were trained on you as you bent to place your stack of fruit boxes on the floor. Now you had one more thing to worry about. Min Ah wouldn’t have any qualms over dropping her ex, an upstanding guy with solid income and eyes only for her, in favors of this beef cake of a man that was making eyes at the mailwoman as she walked past the window. Grant it, she did give the reasoning of his infidelity, though this was coming from the same woman that could mistake a peacock for a pigeon. Min Ah was so unobservant and empty headed at times that she could tell you she’d broke it off with her ex over differing views on how one drama had or should have ended and you still wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Honestly, that’s what it probably was in all actuality. Either that or he ate one of her favorite snacks without asking. This new man looked like he ran on pure protein so Min Ah wouldn’t have to worry about losing even a nibble of her sugary foods to him.

As you’re trying to figure out what reason Ki Young would have to cheat on Min Ah the woman in question is rooting around in your things. Apparently, what she truly needed to lose sleep over was what you were going to pack on your impromptu trip to see her married in a union that you couldn’t confidently give even half a year’s time to. It would probably be over before you’d saved up enough money to move out. You tried to gently relay this information to Min Ah but she wasn’t having any of it. The second you’d mentioned postponing the wedding by just a month she was shouting over your reasonable arguments to compliment your choice of bathing suits. Of course, Mr Fiancé thought it appropriate to agree with her, going as far as to teasingly suggest you try a few on for them to “put on a little show”. The words sent ugly shivers scampering down your spine and bile up your throat. If this was how he was going to be acting you’re not sure you could manage to live under the same roof as him and not beat him over the head with a frying pan.

As you tried to take a mental inventory of Min Ah’s kitchenware without the murderous mood you’re in showing, Min Ah takes it upon herself to start sneaking items of her own clothing in with yours. It’s wasn’t hard to differentiate between what belonged to who seeing as most of your clothes tend to be in muted or pastel colors while Min Ah walks around sporting any color at full intensity without worrying about other people’s well being. If you were to so much as peek into her closet you ran the risk of getting a migraine from all the loud, clashing colors. She could twirl in a circle on a sunny day and causing someone to go blind from the overuse of sequins. For once, though, you decided to let her have her fun and continue dropping whatever she deemed necessary into your suitcase.

By the time you actually boarded the plane you were dead on your feet and the ratio of your clothing to Min Ah’s that’s in your suitcase was regrettably low. You didn’t mull over it too much in favor of trying to sleep off the last 24 hours, so you could wake up in Vegas and pretend it was all just a lucid dream induced by a few bites of bad airline food.
Unfortunately, you’re now awake and in Las Vegas with vivid recollection of how your life broke apart at the seams yesterday, plus the douchebag–whose name you’ve discovered is Yoon Bum–is still following you and Min Ah around. He looks more predatory than loving as he glides in between the two of you, brushing your hand with his. You tug it away in favor of pretending the nonexistent strands of hair in your eyes were annoying you. He doesn’t pursue any other form of contact, opting to drag his hand down Min Ah’s back to rest almost inappropriately low on her back. If this wasn’t Vegas you’d be worried about children running around and thinking this was a normal thing between couples. Even you–though you didn’t tend to shy away from a more subtle type of PDA–were bothered. You decide to ignore them just as they seem to be ignoring several things, you included.

It’s amazing that with how ontop of things you usually are yet it took you this long to ask for his name or notice that he nor Min Ah had offered it to you before you asked. Just to spite the woman that’s skipping ahead of you now, luggage in tow, to find your hotel room, you considering calling her ex. Ki Young would surely be worried about what Min Ah was doing even after she upped and left him even if he is a cheater. You think better of it when you remember there’s a large time difference between America and Korea, but even in the middle of the day this city that’s advertised solely by its night time affairs seems to be teeming with life.

“Found it!” Min Ah suddenly calls from in front of you. She’s sliding her key card into the door and for a moment you worry she’s too loopy with excitement to read the numbers properly until the door belatedly beeps green. Inside the room is just like any normal hotel with a bed, couch, flat screen TV. Off to the side you see a door open to an adjoined room that you immediately claim as yours. You hadn’t given yourself enough time to process anything as you slept on the plane ride, but you’re here now and something has to be done about it. Any other day you’d probably curl into a ball beneath a mountain of blankets and cry, but that didn’t seem like the right kind of reaction. It’s all over and done with now, so you just have to pick up the pieces and keep living. Plus with the differing time zones it’s like you’ve traveled back in time. It’s early tomorrow morning in Korea, but you get to relive the date again as your plane had chased the sun as it was setting. Might as well make the most of the opportunity.

“How long are we gonna be here, by the way?” You hadn’t bothered to check since you had no real reason to return home by a certain time. Min Ah skips into your room with her shirt off, a dress in either hand. You can almost see the tremors of her elated mood rising off her skin.

“In a month.” You blink.

“A month!” She nods eagerly, “Why would you–you know what? Never mind. We’re here for a month.” Maybe you could get a job and exchange the money for won when you all go back home.

“That’s the spirit, [Name]!” She giggles. You allow her to grab your wrist and tug you back into the next room. Yoon Bum has stationed himself on the couch, legs open in a wide V.

“So your name is [Name]?” He drawls. You’d assumed Min Ah would have enough sense to inform him of the name of the woman that will be living with them for a while, but you guess you were being just as rude as they were by skipping introductions. Though the way he says your name gives the illusion that slime is dripping from each syllable and you’re less than pleased. Min Ah doesn’t pick up on your discomfort. In fact, she scoots you closer to him, going as far as to park you next him on the couch. His knee brushes yours as you try to scoot away. You try to ignore it and turn your focus to Min Ah. Now she’s standing in front of the TV while struggling out of her tight jeans. Yoon Bum whistles once they hit the floor.

“Okay, so, it’s either this one,” She tugs a red dress over her head. It’s pretty, falling just above her knees with straps that hang down her shoulders. You nod in acknowledgement. “Or this one.” It takes her a minute to get into the black one since it has a zipper to it. You roll your eyes and stand up to help her. This one is nice as well albeit much shorter, coming in mid thigh, but you do like the sweetheart neckline. Min Ah twirls a few times, her hair brushing your arm with each revolution until she plants her feet to look to Yoon Bum.

“Well, which one?” He leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees, seemingly deep in thought.

“I like the black one.” She spins again, giggling as she goes round. She stops halfway around in favor of going to her suitcase. A few items are discarded on the bed before she returns with three bundles of fabric.

“Okay, you try these.” She hands you the first dress. You take it with skepticism, but head towards the bathroom all the same. “Where’re you going? Just change here.” No, you want to say. You really don’t want to change in front of Yoon Bum, but he’ll probably be with you this entire trip which will undoubtedly involve a day at the pool in this dry heat. Underwear is just a fancy bikini, you try to convince yourself as you take off your clothes as slowly as possible. Yoon Bum doesn’t seem to even blink as he takes you in. You quickly tug on the dress. It’s purple and hits your knees. Nothing too flashy.

“No,” Yoon Bum and Min Ah say at the same time. The latter going as far as to make a big X with her arms. You discard the dress and catch the next one Min Ah throws you. It’s black and stops at the tops of your thighs, similar to Min Ah’s. Another decline from Yoon Bum. Min Ah asks him why not.

“You guys can’t match,” He says. That’s all she needs before tossing you the last dress. This one takes some time to get into as it has an odd bodysuit underneath it. Once it’s on you understand why. If not for the nude toned one piece beneath it the sheer fabric of the dress wouldn’t cover anything. If not for the rhinestones scattered across it you’d mistake the fabric for an elaborate piece of tissue paper.

“Holy shit!” Min Ah dives towards you, spinning you by your shoulders. The strapless thing billows around you. “You look hot! Never take this off.” She teases as her eyes look over you. Yoon Bum whistles from behind her.

“Isn’t this a bit much?” You don’t feel self conscious in the dress but you’re hyper aware of how you must look in the skimpy outfit.

“It doesn’t look like much to me.” Yoon Bum deadpans. Min Ah let’s out a peal of laughter like he just spouted off a one liner that would rival even the best comedian. You feel anger well up in your chest, but you tamp it back down. It’s not like he can act on his words with Min Ah around. She may be more than a little offbeat but she’s not blind.

“You are getting laid tonight!” Min Ah raves, her eyebrows wiggle at you excitedly. “But not before our wedding! You’re my maid-of-honor!” She can’t stop shouting and Yoon Bum looks as though he’s just remembered why you’re all here. “Okay, hair and makeup, then we can go hit the town!”

The process of beautifying both of you is something Min Ah makes out to be the end all be all of the trip. If she can’t get a curl to sit right or your highlight to properly shine she might burst a vein in her forehead. It could be either that or the way she’s straining her husky alto voice to hit all the insane notes possible in every song that bursts out of her phone speaker. You’re so engrossed in making sure she lives to see the damn alter she brought you here to witness that you risk her singeing off your eyebrow to grab for the phone resting on the counter when you hear the opening notes of Good Day. There’s no way she could hit and hold a high note like IU without losing the ability to speak. Min Ah doesn’t seem bother. She looks content to continue primping you for a night out and humming along to a song by 2NE1, a much safer choice of music in your opinion.

By the time the sun has finally retired after what seems like an eternity after seeing nearly 18 hours of sunlight you’re all ready to leave. Yoon Bum has changed into what is possibly the most douchey outfit choice you’ve ever seen from a groom. Min Ah finds it comical as you all clamber into the elevator, but the tux printed T-shirt and blue jeans isn’t doing it for you. Good thing it’s not your wedding or you’d be pitching a fit worthy of putting the worst of the bridezillas to shame. You decide to focus your attention on what’s happening tonight instead of what items in the lobby you could incapacitate Yoon Bum with because the pens on the front desk look all too tempting.

“First, we can go down the strip; see what we can see. Then we’ll head to one of those mini chapels.” You nod and follow behind them. The lights that seemed so useless when you arrived now light up the night like a neon skeleton of the city. Everything looks better than it did hours before, like the club you’d written off as tacky when the taxi drove past it. Now you eagerly await your chance to enter. Maybe it’s something in the warm air that feels like silk against your skin that has you’re loosening up, or maybe it’s years worth of pent up energy that you had stupidly tried to expel through typing behind a desk. Min Ah had seemed so eager for you to score tonight and you can’t even remember the last time you had sex.

The bouncer talks slow when he gets to the three of you, speaking mostly to you as you apparently have the most American accent out of your possy. Though your English is muddled and limited he still understands you and easily allows you to pass through. That’s the single advantage of working at a large company: job requirements on bilingual employees. The darkness that was so oppressed by blazing signs outside makes a reappearance once you get past the tiny hallway. The room is lit predominantly by the lights on stage with a few beams of neon lights pulsing over the mass of dancing bodies.

“Let’s get shots!” Min Ah suggests, already tugging you and Yoon Bum towards the bar without waiting for a reply. The bartender compliments your dress in a way that somehow doesn’t sound sleazy as she flips around bottles, making a show of preparing your drinks. Min Ah and Yoon Bum knock theirs back in a second while you’re tempted to sip yours. You haven’t drank any hard liquor since college, so this tiny cup presents a challenge. Min Ah shouts that they’re going to go dance and you wave her off.

“You speak Korean?” The bartender pipes up suddenly. You hadn’t realized she’d stayed around after Yoon Bum paid, but she’s looking at you with bright eyes.

“Yeah,” The word comes out awkwardly and you down your shot to hide your embarrassment. She doesn’t say anything for a moment as if she’s giving you a moment to get over the familiar burn in your throat.

“I have a few friends from Korea. I lived over there for a while.” The lights on stage dim causing a hush to momentarily overtake the swarm of grinding bodies. “There’s one of them now, actually.” She nods towards the stage as she makes another patron a drink. The girl on stage is impossibly gorgeous in a glamorous way. You’d been thinking the same about the bartender a moment ago. Her light brown hair that faded to blonde falls past her shoulders in soft waves and her smile is heart stopping, but the girl on stage has something more. Maybe it’s the alcohol or maybe it’s the mysterious vibe she gives off as she sings one song or the other while strutting across the stage, flirtatiously flipping her hair as she goes.

“Her name is Seul Gi. And I’m Wendy by the–oh.” She stops mid sentence to focus on something over your shoulder. And it isn’t Seul Gi by the looks of it. Your thoughts are proven true when an arm slings loosely around your shoulder. “This is Joo Hyun.”

“I know who I am, but who is this?” She coos, looking down at you. You choke on your spit as you take in the woman standing over you. Her face looks like it was painted by a Renaissance artist and her hair falls in an ink black waterfall, brushing your exposed shoulder.

“I’m [Name].” For some reason you’ve switched back to Korean and her eyes light up.

“Pretty and multilinguistic.” You preen under the strange compliment. She has plenty more to bestow upon you until a sweaty Yoon Bum and Min Ah come find you.

“It’s time!” Min Ah’s so jittery that she can’t keep balance in her heels, or it could be the alcohol. Joo Hyun looks desperately between the two of you, grabbing your arm when you stand.

“Wait, can I come, too.” Min Ah nearly melts. You’d mentioned the reason you’d left Korea for Las Vegas a bit earlier so Joo Hyun knew what she was getting herself into.

“The more the merrier!” Min Ah cuts in. Yoon Bum looks as though he could care less as he drags away his giddy bride-to-be. You say bye the Wendy and ask her to pass your compliments on to Seul Gi. She happily waves you off as you all weave your way through the thickening crowd towards the exit. You note that the entire place is a fire hazard as most people would be too drunk or too panicked to leave in an orderly fashion if some blind drunk person dropped their cigarette, even if it was a non smoking facility.

On the way to the chapel you get flagged down by an Elvis impersonator and Joo Hyun starts babbling in Korean to get him to leave after he’s trailed the four of you for half the block. The man didn’t seem to know she was just angrily shouting lyrics to a Big Bang song. Had he kept at she would’ve had to yell “wow, fantastic baby” at a man in a white bedazzled suit and too much hair grease. This was shaping up to be an interesting night. When the man has disappeared Joo Hyun happily sidles up next to you. You both must look odd next to each other. Besides the yelling there’s really nothing to draw attention to Joo Hyun from a distance. Everyone has seen shorts and a crop top before, but everyone old and young; male and female, hoot at you as you pass. It doesn’t really bother you but Joo Hyun’s hand has started to tighten around yours. She eagerly pushes you inside the tiny building that Min Ah and Yoon Bum have pointed out, muttering about no one looking at you.

True to her statement the only person inside the chapel is the priest. Though he has the proper white collar and black shirt the man is oddly sporting khaki shorts and sandals. Not the most reassuring look for a person deemed worthy of joining two people in holy matrimony. Nonetheless the wedding proceeds. When it’s her turn to say “I do” Min Ah bursts into tears and the words are barely audible through all her babbling, but the priest accepts it and declares them husband and wife. You awkwardly clap to remind the two of them that their are people witnessing their intense lip locking. Min Ah blushes and smiles at you.

“Thank you for being here!” You nod to her, “No, really I’m so happy.” She’s crying again and trying to move towards you. You step back, away from your snotting friend and into Joo Hyun. She holds your waist to stop you from moving.

“There’s some paperwork that needs to be done then you guys are free to go.” The priest points you all to a room off to the side. Joo Hyun and Min Ah enter first, leaving you alone with Yoon Bum. Now that he’s actually married maybe he’ll lay off. After all he never got a bachelor party to release the last dregs of gross “I’m single” entitlement. You look back at him only to see a dark look in his hooded eyes. He stalks towards you until you’re crowded into a wall.

“Y’know I thought about getting you both sloshed and marrying you instead. As long as they don’t get the right signatures this wedding never happened.” His voice is low like he’s trying to sound seductive, but it just sounds sinister to you. You open your mouth to give him a piece of your mind, but another voice cuts in.

“Get the hell away from her!” Joo Hyun leaves the room and charges at Yoon Bum. For as tall and strong as he looks Joo Hyun moved him a good three feet. The resulting anger that seems to flare up inside Yoon Bum has you tugging Joo Hyun away from him, towards the exit.

“They only need one witness, right? Let’s go.” You try to reason. With how mad both of them look you’re sure Joo Hyun would get in a few good hits, but you’re also sure Yoon Bum isn’t the type of man to shy away from hitting women or stopping once his opponent is down. Joo Hyun lets you hastily drag her outside with only a quick shout to Min Ah to inform her you’re leaving. The two of you walk in silence for a while before she speaks again.

“We’re going back to my place and I’m going to fuck you into the ground.” There’s a pause as she gives you time to refuse her borderline possessive comment. Her tone doesn’t put you off at all. If anything it entices you to agree even more. After such a long dry spell it’s amazing that someone so beautiful is your first suitor. So much so that you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself. Joo Hyun arches a brow at you as you start squirming in your dress. The heat starts to go from her eyes as she tries to steady you with her hands on your arms.

“What’s wrong? You don’t have to say yes, y’know.” Her previous confidence seems to wane as time stretches on.

“Yes, please,” You finally blurt out. A passing couple gives you a side glance. From the way you said it they must know you’re about to get laid. You couldn’t care less what they’re thinking as you watch Joo Hyun light up. Even as she puffs up with pride she’s still a shorter than you. Maybe it’s the heels, you can’t really remember how high they are. Honestly, you can’t remember anything with the way Joo Hyun’s eyes are making you feel more naked than you already are. Somehow she moves you through the crowds of people with precision that surprises you. You can barely navigate through the building you worked in yet here she is ducking and weaving through legions of drunk people with you in tow. Suddenly you’re jerked left and into a hotel. It’s much more grandiose than the one Min Ah booked.

“Close your mouth or you’ll catch flies.” Joo Hyun jokes. Your jaw snaps shut as she leads you into the elevators. As soon as the doors glide shut you come face to face with yourself. Joo Hyun catches your eyes in the gold-tinted metal, looping her arms around your waist. The strength that had surprised you back in the chapel makes a reappearance as she scoops you up into her arms. The two of you look comically mismatched in the flipped image before you. Joo Hyun looks like a cherub with her youthful beauty and minimalistic clothing as you are the spitting image of sin. You wonder idly if that will change once your clothes come off. The elevator dings on the second to last floor and Joo Hyun steps out, still holding you in her arms.

“How are you so strong?” You asks, completely enraptured by the way her lithe muscles flex around your body. She just smirks at you.

“Baby, do you really want to know?” You nod frantically causing her to laugh, but instead of answering she shifts her hold on you to toss you over her shoulder so she can unlock the door. Once inside Joo Hyun tosses you on the impossibly huge bed. The sheets are made of something expensive–silk, maybe–that feels amazingly cool on your heated skin. Joo Hyun walks across the room only to return after a minute with her arms full of money. With a flourish she tosses it all in the air so the money settle across the bed and over your body. Most of them are marked with 100’s some with 50’s. You could easily be laying in thousands of dollars.

“Want to get fucked on all my money?” Joo Hyun asks with a dark look in her eyes. It’s a look that command you to say yes, yes, yes. She smirks at you and starts tossing away her clothes. You follow suit, struggling out of your skimpy one piece until you’re lying naked atop of a mountain of foreign money. The you from the time before you were jobless and stuck in America would worry about how unsanitary this must be, but then again you had noticed someone getting a blowjob in the crowd at the bar, so what the hell. During all your contemplating Joo Hyun has outfitted herself with a harness and matching dildo. Your eyes widen at the impossible size of it. There’s no way you can fit that monstrosity inside you, but he’ll of you’re not gonna try. Joo Hyun flips you into your stomach and tugs your hips up so your ass is in the air.

“Look at yourself,” She commands, tugging your head up by your falling curls. You hadn’t noticed before, but the headboard of her bed is actually a mirror. The erotic scene of Joo Hyun fingering you is reflected in the glass and you moan. It’s almost like watching your own sex tape, and it has you getting wet faster than you ever have before. Joo Hyun smack a hand across your ass, soothing the pain with a soft caress, before pushing the head of the toy against your opening. You’re so wet that she glides in halfway with one roll of her hips. Your chest sags against the bed, paper teasing across your nipples, as she fucks into you hard enough to shake the bed. The dildo is so huge that you swear you can feel it just below your cervix.

Each of her trusts brush up against that spot that chokes moan after moan out of you. Each time you quiet down Joo Hyun goes harder until you’re screaming into your arm, begging for more. By the time you come your voice is all but gone. Joo Hyun pulls out and flips you onto your back.

“You’re so perfect,” She mutters, “I’m about to make you a mob wife, baby.” You couldn’t care less what she actually means by that, but if it’s what you think you’ll happily agree. Anything can happen in Vegas.
"This is a Joke, Right?"

Requested: “Okay so I have the worst toothache in the world right now. It’s a cavity and it hurts sooo bad but I’m absolutely terrified of the dentist. Could you write something about Shawn trying to get me to the dentist etc etc etc? xx”

“I’m not going, I can go another day!” You said with a smile, hiding your nervousness about going to the dentist. You hated having so much pain in your mouth from cavities, but you hated the dentist even more. Having tools in your mouth wasn’t exactly something you looked forward to.

"You have to go baby, otherwise you’ll be in pain.” Shawn, your lovely boyfriend continued to nag you about going. He knew you hated the dentist, but he also knew how badly your toothache hurt.

“I can live through the pain, I’ll be fine, I promise.” You walk across the room, away from Shawn hoping he’ll just listen to what you’re saying.

“Okay.. Fine. Then.. How about we go get some ice cream or something? Maybe it will dull the pain.” Shawn walks towards you and puts his hand out.

“Yeah maybe, or the sugar from the ice cream could make it worse.” You grabbed his hand and laughed.

“Okay then, you don’t have to have any, but I want ice cream!” Shawn pulled on your arm like a little kid and you couldn’t say no.


You didn’t get your own cup, but you had some tiny bites of Shawn’s colorful cotton candy ice cream bowl. The seats outside you’d usually sit in were soaking wet from the rain, and so instead you decided to sit in the car. Ice cream was supposed to be eaten on sunny days right? Or summer nights, when it’s a little cool out but the wind is warm. But today it was breezy and there had been several times when the raindrops fell directly into your eye, making you blink hard and ruining your makeup. You didn’t care either way at this point though, because you were with Shawn. After finishing the rest of Shawn’s ice cream and tossing the bowl in the back, you turned up the radio. You held onto Shawn’s hand as he drove and sang to whatever song came on, looking out your window and counting the rain drops.

“Why are you going this way?” You asked, because you didn’t recognize the roads Shawn was taking.

“What are you talking about? We always go this way!” Shawn said simply. You ignored it, thinking maybe he was right and you were just tired. But after ten minutes of back roads and graffitied stop signs, you knew exactly what Shawn was doing when he pulled up to the dentists office.

“What the hell? This is a joke right?“ You were furious, but laughing at the same time. You had learned a while ago to laugh at your own pain until you actually got over it. Although you weren’t in tons of physical pain right now, you weren’t sure if you should be really angry with Shawn, or if you should feel thankful for him trying to help you. You knew you needed to see the dentist, you just really didn’t want to.

“I looked it up before we left, and they take walk ins! Cool right? Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand the entire time.” He gave you a small smile, and you flicked him hard on the forehead.

“Hey, that hurt!” Shawn said with his eyebrows furrowed, but you just laughed.

Soon enough you were sitting in the tan leather chair, holding your arms because apparently cold temperature killed germs. No wonder doctors offices were always so cold. Shawn kept his word, and he held your hand the entire time, even before the procedure started. It wasn’t a huge deal, just a cleaning and examination of your cavity. You almost choked on your saliva several times, but Shawn, trying not to laugh, just squeezed your hand two times. A sign meaning that everything will be okay. You and him had done this before, during other events that made you or him nervous. You remember squeezing his fingers twice, tightly, right before a certain performance he did, and although it didn’t change the fact that his palms were sweaty, you could feel all the nerves in his muscles calm down, and that calmed yours too.

It wasn’t long before you were able to breathe properly again without having some kind of tool under your tongue. Shawn scheduled your next appointment for a cavity filling, and you looked at yourself in the camera of your phone, wondering if the cleaning really made a difference in your smile.

“Beautiful.” Shawn said softly as he caught you checking yourself out. You just laughed, and rolled your eyes. Once the two of you were finally back in the car, you felt safe. Away from the cold air in the waiting room, and away from the disgusting taste of whatever the hell it is they use to clean your teeth.

“That wasn’t so bad, right?” Shawn’s hand moved to your leg and he started drawing circles on your knee.

“Only because you were there.” You said tilting your head, giving him a smile.

“Yeah well, next time try not to break all my fingers.” Shawn said and laughed, placing a quick kiss on your cheek before starting the car.

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His S/O seeing Nekozawa's face for the first time?

FINALLY. I have reached the asks with Nekozawa. Sorry it got kinda long; i may have gotten overboard. BUT IT’S THE FIRST TIME I’M WRITING HIM IM GIDDY

You stared at the ceiling, but the room was too dark to make things out properly, so you were left wondering just how high the room actually was. Sitting comfortably on the soft armchair, your eyes then strayed to the five people huddled in the center, who were murmuring god-knows-what, and if these were complete strangers, you’d be screaming bloody murder. But you really didn’t mind, because the tall one, who was leading the others, was your boyfriend, who loved all things dark and black magic-related.

Truthfully, you were scared of the dark. Deathly terrified of it, actually, if your clenched fingers wrapped around the hem of your dress were of any indication. A childhood incident consisting of a locked closet and a blackout paved the way for your current phobia and nightly habits, which included always having the blue nightlights on in your bedroom.

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Erisian self care tips

This was loosely inspired by a post (or series of posts) by @la-petitefille, a blogger I highly respect for her gentleness and compassion.

How might a chaos witch- or specifically Erisian chaos witch- come down after a hard day or week?

Dress in opposition to the norm. Do you usually wear clashing patterns and bright colors purposely? Try dressing in one dull color.

Are you forced to dress very calmly? Dress in loud patterns, bright colors, clothes that fit oddly or don’t seem to belong together.

If you can go shopping, put on a test sample of a perfume or cologne and wear that instead of your usual. If you feel comfortable with it, wear the opposite gender’s fragrances

Got a chore you need to do? Ignore it and watch Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Seriously- that show is complete anarchy.

Been putting off your chores? Surprise everyone including yourself by doing it. You’ll have that much more space to dump a collectible all over the floor. Do a reading with a 116-card composite tarot deck, build an altar with 7 different unrelated lego sets, or arrange your rocks into a picture of genitalia. The world’s your big dumb oyster- go give it kisses and lie to it a little!

20 Question Tag

RULES : answer the twenty questions, then tag 20 people to get to know them better

TAGGED BY : @jsgrossman thanks :p 

NAME : Michael
NICKNAMES : Some people call me Mikey 
ZODIAC SIGN(S) : Cancer 
HEIGHT : 5’9”
FAVORITE FRUIT : I like a lot of different fruits but if I had to pick one, probably Pineapple!
FAVORITE SEASON : Spring/Summer for sure! It is warm and sunny and it gives me life haha
FAVORITE BOOK : Errr very hard to choose for me…I like reading a lot
FAVORITE FLOWER : Rose or Orchid 
FAVORITE SCENT : Hmm also a toughie…but probably Earl Grey Tea, especially if the Bergamot is strong <3
COFFEE, TEA, or HOT COCOA : I do like all of them, but coffee 
SLEEP HOURS : Pft, what is consistent sleep these days. I’m a night owl but will get about 4-7, depending 
CAT or DOG : Kitties! 
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER : Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. I love her
DREAM TRIP : Is cliche but to Hawaii, especially to see where I was born and where my parents used to live and such
WHEN DID I MAKE THIS BLOG : You got me haha a few years ago

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To the many who have been let down

Because your family or friends who reject you
Or if someone yells “hey, girl!” Or “hey, boy!” When you are the exact opposite, or not at all
Or when you are mocked for who you love or don’t.
You are a beautiful person.
You shine with a light no one else has,
Covered in a cloak of many colors.
Those colors glitter and refract around you like a stain glass window on a sunny day.
Your smile can make someone’s day,
Maybe even yours.
You keep pushing and pushing to your goal and you will reach it.
Change might be hard, but you can do it.
If something is that concrete block dragging you down to the bottom of the lake, we can help you, drag you up and heal your wounds
Life can be hell.
If you find your little slice of heaven
In this pit of fire and brimstone, great.
If you can’t, we can help you find it.
When that person in your life strikes you down, we will bring you up above them.
If no one has told you,
You are loved.
You deserve kindness and good in your life.
If you need that figure in your life, I can be there for you.
Just ask.
And I will be there.

Twins - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by dylanobrienisstyles

Character: Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Warnings: idk just more stilinski baby fluff

Word Count: 1227

You and Stiles were beyond ecstatic when the doctor gave you the delightful news that you would be having identical twin girls. The duration of your pregnancy was filled with excitement, apple cravings, and lots of baby shopping. Stiles had even convinced you to buy the two a few pairs of matching outfits.

“Stiles… isn’t that kinda cheesy?” You asked, raising your eyebrows at your husband as he held up two entirely matching outfits. He had picked out two blue dresses, white headbands, and shoes. He scoffed at your words.

“Come on! It’s adorable.” He argued. “Tell me you don’t think these are adorable.”

You giggled. “No, no, it is cute, but- you know what, nevermind. It’s stupid.”

“No, really, what’s on your mind? Tell me the truth, (Y/N).” Stiles insisted.

“What if we can’t tell the difference between them? They’re wearing the outfits, and we forget which one is which.”

Stiles laughed loudly. “Oh my gosh, you really think we won’t be able to tell the difference between our own children?”

“It’s just a thought…” You trailed off, looking down at your growing baby bump.

“Trust me, babe. That will never happen.” He promised, and kissed the side of your head before tossing the outfits into the shopping cart.

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Next: Kayna

Name: Kayna Voronin
Nicknames/Alter Egos: Resni, Kayna Athors
Age: 19
Birthday: December 28
Job: College student
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single
Family: Multiple siblings; Her father, Sorath; Her mother, a Kresnik vampire hunter
Likes: Working hard to achieve goals, animals, sunny days and clear nights, thunderstorms
Dislikes: Abelia, Evil Vampires
Favorite Color: Greens and Pink
Personality: Sweet and bubbly, Kayna is the most optimistic of her siblings. She is deeply loyal to Kaldera and Basilica, who protected her from Abelia, whom tried to make her life hell due to the rivalry between their races (Kresniks and Vampires are mortal enemies). She is very friendly but guillable at times as well. Kayna has an inner demonic Kresnik personality named Resni, whom is bloodthirsty and very violent.

 Another butt I need to draw

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what are your favorite wincest fics?

Uuuuh okay

Absolute favourites:

We were twenty | 30k | It’s sunny the day he buries his brother. Winter sun, where the air’s cold and everything is too bright, hard on his eyes and his lungs. These are the days made for hats and scarves and mittens in dozens of colors. The light washes the world out on its own, and the funeral is worse than in rain. It’s supposed to be April.

Bend my finger back (Snap) | 11k | Dean is only seventeen when he hits his lowest, losing his mother in a fire. After that, his family seems to fall apart – his father is suddenly distant, and between therapy sessions and trying to struggle through each day, Dean and his brother Sam grow apart as well, even though they used to be more than close before the fire. It takes Dean two years to grow tired of this and decide to do something about his life for once… but there’s no telling whether his decisions are the right ones and whether they will eventually lead to the happiness he desires.

Blue skies from rain | 177k | The morning after Sam rescues Dean from the djinn, Sam and Dean go back to the warehouse to take care of the bodies of both the victims and of the djinn. But instead of what should be a simple clean-up job, Sam and Dean are sucked into a nightmare world brought about by the djinn’s last dying act of revenge. (Takes place directly after What Is and What Should Never Be.) What do you do when you wake up in a mental institution and you think your brother is dead?

The other was a star-shaped hole | 28k | AU following the end of the fifth season. Dean finds a way to pull Sam out of Hell, and now all they want is for things to be over. For them to be safe. But both brothers have secrets they aren’t sharing, and it takes several attacks from never-before-seen creatures— including strangely Hollywood-like zombies— to make them admit things aren’t quite as perfect as they’ve been pretending. Sam reveals he still has a piece of Hell trapped inside his mind, and it’s clear Hell is set on getting it back. He and Dean resolve to make a stand, but even that isn’t as simple as it seems. The struggle not only takes an immense toll on Sam’s mind and body, it also starts changing his relationship with Dean. There’s a price to be paid for every victory, and the Winchesters find themselves paying their worst one yet.

*note: All these four fics are quite intense, so check warnings before reading!

Honorable mention:

I’ll always remember you (this way) | 10k | Sam’s wall has come down and there is no quick fix this time; Crowley helps Dean out and gives Sam a new identity, and a new life as a lawyer and erases his memories. Dean leaves, promising himself that he will never see Sam again.However – a hunt in Lawrence leads Dean back to Sam but this is a Sam who doesn’t know or remember Dean and whilst defending Dean, it is a Sam who falls in love with Dean; falls so deeply in love that he wants nothing but for Dean to feel the exact same way.Can Dean forget that they were ever brothers? And can he finally give Sam what he wants?

Monumentally stupid | 5k | Sam’s hurt both hands, so Dean has to shave him. Having Dean that close to him, focused with that little concentrating frown, breath warm on his face, Dean’s competent hands tilting his head and angling him exactly the way he wants him – well, Sam’s not doing too well right now pretending he’s not attracted to his brother. And he’s only wearing boxers, Dean’s bound to notice. Dean’s going to have him all figured out.

Dating for dummies | 3k | The morning after the first time he had sex with Dean, Sam woke up alone in bed, his whole body aching. There was a bite mark on the inside of his thigh, and probably another one on his collarbone—he couldn’t see it, but the skin felt hot and tender there.

Anti-kink series | 58k | I take perfectly good kinks and ruin them :) Just all-round cracktastic and angst-free fun with the boys

Supernatural born killers | 33k | Movie retell of Natural Born Killers with a Supernatural twist. This is the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, two of the most dangerous men in America. The media frenzy surrounding them and their recent capture has exploded. The world is dying to know more about the two most famous serial killers - sorry, mass murderers - and the Winchesters are just dying to share. Dark, twisted, violent and bursting with wincest like whoa! Nothing can stop fate and anyone who gets in their way is going to find that out.

For now we see through a glass, darkly | 15k | In which Dean is a dark glass, holding no more than shadows and the flickering reflection of Sam’s bloodied light…

12 Reasons Colorado is the Best State

For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Colorado (and proud to say it!). Lately I’ve been so incredibly homesick it’s almost maddening (someone send me a pinecone please). Yes, yes I live in Hawaii and I’ve lived in Alaska too, both beautiful places. Places some people would even call paradise, but if anyone ever asks me what I think is the best place I’ve lived I say, without hesitation, Colorado. This list is more or less a gushing of my immense love for my home state.

1.)    Our Mountains Aren’t Messing Around

Colorado has the highest average elevation of any state with 7 different mountain ranges and an average altitude of 6,800ft with our highest point at 14,433ft on Mt. Elbert.

Colorado’s mountains are diverse, majestic and dominate the landscape. In fact, it was on Pikes Peak (one of our many 14,000+ft mountains, or as we call them “14ers”) that the song America the Beautiful was inspired and written.

2. It’s an Outdoorsmen’s Paradise 

With 4 large National Parks, 42 State Parks, 15 National Forests and Grasslands and 11 National Monuments and Recreation areas, home to the headwaters of 7 major rivers, 8,000 miles of rivers, 2,000 lakes (not to mention all the beauty that just in our backyards!) it’s hard to imagine not be outdoorsy in Colorado!

Colorado has something for everyone when it comes to the outdoors; climbing, hiking, biking, skiing, rafting, fishing, kayaking or maybe just relaxing in one of our many natural hot springs or sitting on your deck and enjoying the sunshine.

3. Beauty in All Seasons

Few places have such intense and defined seasons as Colorado. Each season brings it’s new shades of beauty and new opportunities for activities.  

Our wildflowers are incredible and the autumn colors–breathtaking. 

Even in the Winter Colorado is picturesque. The snow is light and powdery (perfect for the slopes!) and its sunny 300 days out of the year. Now Coloradans have been known to complain about Winter (who doesn’t once in a while?) But I can tell you first hand after having been through winters in Alaska and the East Coast–Colorado is a paradise in the Winter.

4. Denver is One Heck of a City  

Denver is an incredible place and I was lucky enough to call it home for a while when I first began college. It’s a very spread out city that doesn’t leave you feeling congested and is just a short 20 minute drive away from all the seclusion and fun of the mountains.

Like many cities it has great museums, aquariums and zoos as well as a great foodie scene.

But unlike most cities Denver is in touch with nature (starting to see a theme with us Coloradans here? We love nature!). It’s one of the cleanest cities in the US, thanks mainly to former Mayor Speer’s citywide clean projects.

Denver has the largest city park system in the nation, with 205 parks in city limits and 20,000 acres of parkland in the nearby mountains. Two rivers, Cherry Creek and the South Platte converge right in the heart of downtown at Confluence park, so people often enjoy river activities right downtown!  

5.) The Birthplace of Chipotle 

No explanation needed really. Two words: Cilantro. Rice. 

6.) Casa Bonita Exists and it’s Just as Terrible and Wonderful as You Imagine it.

Yes it’s a Mexican restaurant. A giant and magical Mexican Restaurant! Complete with cliff divers, haunted cave and a big arcade. The waterfall, designed to resemble the cliffs of Acapulco, is 30 feet high and the pool is 14 feet deep. Live shows happen all the time. And did I mention, all the sopapillas you can eat?

7.) The Wildlife in Colorado is Abundant 

With over 960 species you are bound to see elk crossing the road, foxes running about and once in a while a bear or mountain lion might cross your path. 

8.) The State has an Incredibly Diverse Landscape

We talk about our mountains a lot, and it’s hard not to with 56 of those gorgeous 14ers in the state! But Colorado isn’t just the mountains…

It also has beautiful rolling plains in the east of the state and colorful desert to the southwest. The largest sand dunes in North America are located in the southern part of the state in Great Sand Dunes National Park (shown above).

The best part about all these various landscapes is that they offer so many different opportunities and chances to experience a whole new side of the state! Any Coloradan knows that a short drive in any direction will reveal new wonders just waiting to be explored. 

9.) Sun! Sun! Sun! 

Colorado has an average of 300 sunny days a year. (Florida has 266 days at it’s highest average, who’s the real Sunshine State?)

The sun makes the wildflowers grow in the Spring, the snow sparkle in the Winter and gives our state the opportunity to develop new solar technologies which have already been implemented at the United Stets Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and at the University of Colorado in Boulder. 

Oh and did I mention the sunsets?

10.) We Know Our Beer 

It’s not just home to Coors (as cold as the Rockies!). Colorado has more craft breweries per capita than any other state! 180 craft breweries and counting! (and 40 craft distilleries) That’s right–it’s a beer lovers paradise. 

This picture above is just a small chunk of the state.

11.) A Geologist’s and Gem Hunter’s Playground

Colorado has such incredible geology! And we love it here, just look at some of our town names: Golden, Leadville, Granite are just a few. Colorado has a rich history of mining and some of the historical sites are still accessible and are popular attractions. (We have quite a few interesting mining ghost towns!) 

There’s gemstones literally falling out of the hillside and fossils galore! (Like this piece of a mammoth found in Snowmass)

Our state gemstone is the beautiful Aquamarine. (Learn more about Colorado Geology here: ) 

12.) The People 

Finally, one of the best parts of Colorado are the people that live there. Generally an outdoorsy and kindhearted people who enjoy those famous Colorado sunsets, an evening around the campfire and a good conversation. 

Maybe it's because Coloradans live in such a beautiful and inspiring place. 

Watch this (a little bit dramatic) but short and lovely summation of why you should enjoy Colorado to it’s fullest!


(please note: I own some, but not all of the images above, I know I focused a lot on the outdoors aspect but that’s what I am all about so naturally it was a big part of this post. If you feel like I missed anything please leave a comment and I will make an updated version so that all of Colorado can be represented. Thanks for reading!)

Company Sock Hop! ☀ [ LISTEN ]

The happy, friendly togetherness of StrexCorp®, described in happy, friendly swing and big band music! Relive the golden days of the 1950s, when everyone was polite to one another, and when a little hard work would move you right up that all-important career ladder. Cut loose and do a little dance at your designated work station, because the sun is shining for you today!

the world is waiting for the sunrise - les paul & mary ford ▲ orange colored sky - betty hutton ▲ accentuate the positive - the andrews sisters & bing crosby ▲ you go to my head - larry clinton orchestra & bea wain ▲ when you’re smiling - leftover cuties ▲ it’s a great feeling - doris day ▲ sun valley jump - glenn miller ▲ powder your face with sunshine - kay starr ▲ the sunny side of the street - ella fitzgerald ▲ i want to be happy - nat king cole & lester young ▲ you always hurt the one you love - spike jones ▲ south rampart street parade - dukes of dixieland ▲ smile big - leftover cuties ▲ swinging on a star - bing crosby ▲ the world is waiting for the sunrise - the benny goodman sextet