sunny chan

The fourth and final drawing for Gaster x Groober Draw the OTP prompt redraws. This prompt was to draw them on the kiss cam.

This was a doozy, but I’m glad these are finally done! I’m happy with how well they all turned out, especially this one.

I’d like to thank @d-the-hedgehog for making the heart border! He helped make this picture possible.

HnR Live Action Tweets Part 4 + Margaret Release

“Sunny, Flower, Mei-chan 🐥 #Aphotothatslikeapainting #Itsacolddaybutilldomybest”

“Chun chun-ko”

“The sleeping scene in Suzume’s room, we were really sleepy! - Yamamoto Maika”

“Ao(Blue)! Haru(Spring)! Jump!!!!!!!!✨ #welcomebackyouth #everyonewhowantstojumpretweet”

“Yuyuka Nekota’s 4 rapid shots 🐱🐱🐱🐱‼️ It’s a #yuyukafestival”

“Today is Margaret’s release day-! It’s the main story but it sort of feels like an extra~! I drew the story like this because I wanted to draw this one panel 😳 Also, I have an interview with Nagano Mei at my shooting location report so please check that out - Yamamori Mika”

“This is another endorsement! I got to draw with Yamamori the shooting location report for Hirunaka no Ryuusei’s Live Action! I’m happy if you guys can enjoy what we drew and collected from the cast ✨ This is an image of Shirahama-kun’s glance 👍 The left is Yamamori’s and the right is Na-chan’s. I’m looking forward to the movie!”


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