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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Minimal Character Posters

I wrote macdennis secret dating AU cause it’s my new favourite.
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“Stop it,” Mac hisses when Dee, Charlie, and Frank are distracted.

“Stop what?” Dennis asks way to innocent for someone who’s hand is really close to his dick.

“You know exactly fucking what,” Mac says trying to keep his voice steady, he doesn’t want Dennis to know just how flustered he is. “I thought we agreed to keep this a secret.”

“No you agreed to keep this a secret, Mac, I don’t give a shit if people know we’re banging.”

“Keep your voice down,” Mac whispers.

“For fucks sake,” Dennis mutters before standing up. “I’m going to the bathroom.” He gives Mac a very pointed look as he walks off.

“Don’t know why he needs to tell us,” Frank says. “Your generation is always over sharing.”

The minute Mac walks in Dennis has him pressed against the sink counter. Dennis hips are pressed against his own and stopping any chance he has of moving.

Dennis kisses him. Hard. “I’ve been wanting to do this all day.” He’s captured Mac’s lips in his own before Mac even has a chance to respond.

Dennis is doing things with his tongue that should be goddamn illegal and Mac can feel himself getting hard.

“Fuck.” Mac mutters. “Anyone could come in any minute now.” At that point he feels Dennis dick pressing against his leg. “Dude are you getting off on that?”

Dennis nods and starts to undo Mac’s belt, “Fuck yes I am. Now help me get your pants off.”