sunny birthday


This guy right here, has not only made an impact on millions of lovelies, but made an impact on my life in the best ways possible. He’s inspired me to want to express myself more, to not be afraid of being who I am, and just having fun in life taking chances. Dan means more to me than any person in this world, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me to heal from my sad and dark days. I’ll continue to love him always, and his modivation and kind heart will always shine bright like fireflies 💚

Happy BDay Yoosung!

Just a little prose!

The stars above shine through the night, extending light to earth so bright. A pure and perfect soul receives that light into his pores. The golden tresses round his head, like the halo of an angel. Strands of silky gold that gleam brighter than the sun we’ve seen. Sweet, petite, fun and fine, Yoosung’s the light that glows through time. My arms extend and take him in, I’ll hold this precious soul within and love him long, and love him strong, until the end of time and thank the stars that made him mine.


“They say if you fall, someone who loves you ,will lend a hand for you. Here I have 8 pairs of hands, always ready to hold me back up when I stumble backward.” -Jessica

                                             Happy Birthday Jessica (18.4.89)

Happy Birthday Ashmolean!

Britain’s first museum is 334 years old today! Here it is in today’s glorious sunshine. On 24 May 1683 the doors of the original Ashmolean Museum were officially opened to the public.

Have you seen our new banners up yet? Our exciting summer show Raphael: The Drawings opens next Thursday 1 June and brings together 120 stunning works from international collections spanning the brief but brilliant career of the Renaissance genius. Raphael was just 37 when he died.

This exciting exhibition focuses on his extraordinary creativity, and shows how exploration and experimentation shaped his breathtakingly accomplished drawings.