A Clear Warning and Refutation of Anwar Al-Awlakī

Shaykh Ubayd al-Jābiree (حفظه الله), from the noble scholars of Madīnah who is a teacher at the Masjid of our beloved Prophet (ﷺ), Masjid An-Nabawī, provides a complete refutation of the individual by the name of Anwar Al-Awlakī.

This video series refutes “his doubts, injustice and misguidance and calls for warning against him, reviling him and making his affair known to all and sundry” [as shared from].

Please devote some time to watching / listening to all three parts below as they provide complete clarity on the deviance of this misguided individual.

Part 1 (Translated from Arabic to English)

Part 2 (Translated from Arabic to English)

Part 3 (Translated from Arabic to English)

I appreciate your taking the time to view the videos above. May Allāh ﷻ bless you and may He protect us all from the dangerous mentality of those who ascribe to extremist doctrines, Ameen.

A man feeds a cat in Turkey.

The Companions asked The Prophet 

“Shall we be rewarded for showing kindness to the animals also?” Heﷺsaid, “A reward is given in connection with every living creature”. 

(Riyadh Us Saliheen. Book 1, Hadith 126).


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I went out like a sleepwalker. Aroused by nightmares. I began searching for my homeland, in all continents, on earth and in heaven. Praying. Reciting every supplication. Carrying shrines. And a generation of orphaned martyrs. And a generation of veteran martyrs. And another awaiting the massacre… oh homeland of the innocent, were you for us a graveyard or a homeland? - Abd Al Latif Ataymish 

Pity the children. 

An Iraqi young boy holds a weapon from the window of a car as people gather to show readiness to join Iraqi security forces in the fight against Jihadist militant who have taken over several northern Iraqi cities in the capital Baghdad.


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I love children because of five things: they cry often and crying is the key to Paradise, they play with sand (removes pride), they fight with one another but quickly make up and don’t hold grudges, they do not save anything for tomorrow (no long hopes), they build houses and then destroy them (are not attached to things).
—  Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)