Today Supreme Alphabet 19th letter is (S) Self or Savior- The self is the whole of every individual original man (Allah) in mind, body and emotions who’s in tune because he possesses the knowledge of Allah, and that makes him the Savior of himself by borning himself or completing himself. He’s the one who acknowledge that one can’t be save by a mystery god but can only be save by denouncing all negative things that might impact the growing process. One can’t save someone else unless he save self. You must be a Savior to self in order to be the Savior to the rest of the human family of the planet earth who’s not capable of saving themselves and be able to live in harmony. Peace! #peacetothegods #selforsavior #knowledgeofself #openingthethirdeye #iamallah #allah #sunmoonandstar by everlast_17