Faça amizade com as pessoas pelo o que elas são e não pelo o que elas gostam de chupar.
—  Gusta Stockler.

anonymous asked:

can you help me w/ style advice please? how can i get a style similar to lily rose depp?

i was gonna say this is really vague but her style is really easy to pinpoint + kinda fun so why not. it’s very 90s model off duty type (so very cheap to do bc you can get everything @ forever 21 if you wanted + thrifting)

her staples easiest to cop are like a good pair of raw natural high waisted denim (light/true blue) black chelsea boots/doc marten platforms, leather jacket, jean jacket, white + other solid color basic tshirts, cami crop tops, high neck sundresses in pale colors, bardot tops + crops ( means off the shoulder basically-this one too) anything w stripes! everything pretty oversized/not form fitting. and then go find some stand out pieces bc she brings in a lot of quirky things to her simple wardrobe like her heart shaped sunglasses or a pink straw hat. also a lot of random band/graphic/logo tees that you can just go thrifting / use etsy for :~) 

Why, Why, Why?

Why couldn’t Theo be ugly? Do you how easy it would be to hate him if I wasn’t so damn sexually attracted to him? But no instead he’s a sexy little psychopath! FUCK YOU THEO AND YOUR PERFECT FACE AND HOT BODY!

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can you explain styling as a profession?

sure, it can come in a lot of different ways but i’ve only experienced it in regards to high fashion so i can only speak to what i know that to be! like anything you can be a stylist for a specific magazine/company and just work on what goes in their pages/content whatever or you can freelance. i’ve worked/am currently working with a freelance stylist so they just work with whoever calls them in the big leagues typically you only do this when you have a good amount of contacts to trust that you’ll get work that way. typically you have an agency as well so let’s say if you’re doing editorial styling vogue wants you to style a story, vogue calls your agent and from there you have a meeting with vogue and you get a concept from an editor and then you pull or call for looks and put shit together like a few options and then usually like the editor will narrow in on the preferred look(s). if you’re doing commercial styling (ads/promotions/tv) it’s pretty much the same deal. lots of running around getting samples/buying stuff. it’s a fun thing! i’m not trying to be a stylist but it’s the best way for me to get exposed to a lot of important ppl in the editorial world so i’m putting my time in assisting.