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Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 1,635

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Summery: Jughead and y/n get caught up in a heated moment by the lake


The heat radiated off my skin as I stepped out of the water onto the riverbank. There was a warm subtle breeze hitting my face as I join the others sat on a large rock, beer cans and food around us. The gang had decided to start off the new term at school on a high note so we all met up by the river for the day and had a couple of drinks. The group consisted of Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and myself.

We all sat round on the rock sharing laughs and making plans for our future summer together. Although some moments weren’t as perfect as others due to there still being tension between some members of the group. There was an ominous feeling about the day as we’d all pushed aside the Jason Blossom case to free our minds of the stress for one weekend.

I sigh and take in a deep breath of fresh air, feeling cold, refreshing water droplets spin down my back from my wet hair. I run my fingers through it to untangle the knots that had appeared. I look to my left to see Jughead awkwardly looking around unsure of what to do with himself. A look of slight discomfort contorted onto his features.

“You okay Juggie?” I ask him quietly not wanting to draw the attention of others. He just looks at me and shrugs, a solemn look about him.

“You gonna strip those clothes off for us Juggie” Veronica cheekily flirted towards the only one still fully dressed at the time. Jughead just scoffed and looked away biting back  “Are you gonna learn to keep your clothes on Veronica?” gaining awkward hisses and coughs from the others.

“That’s a little harsh isn’t Jug, considering it’s still basically summer, are you not planning on getting in the water with the rest of us later on then?” I ask him discreetly smirking his way.

“If it gets too hot then sure i’ll come in, but it’s not necessary for me to sit here half naked and be even more uncomfortable” he passive aggressively comments throwing his arms into the air.

We all just let out breathy laughs and go back to coordinating normal conversation. Not that any of us could really have a normal conversation as our minds had been constantly filled with the conspiracies towards Jason’s death.

“So Archie, how’s your music coming along?” Betty questions the red headed boy sat opposite us. “Yeah it’s good, I’m just really trying to throw myself into writing really, right enough of this sitting around, who wants to get in the water with me?” Archie suggests standing up, Betty, V and Kevin all stand up and follow Archie into the water, all smiles and laughs. I really did love my friends.

“You don’t have to sit here with me because you feel sorry for me you know?” Jughead suddenly snaps looking towards me. “I’m not staying with you because I feel sorry for you, I’m staying here because I enjoy your company dumb ass” I laugh and playfully shove the raven haired boy. He chuckles and grabs my hands to stop me from pushing him. Goose bumps travel up my arms as his hands come into contact with mine. I lean in towards him and let myself collapse in his lap, my head looking up at him, while our hands were still intertwined he fiddled with my fingers.

“I love the way you act around me, you’re just more free” I say looking up at his beautiful face. His green eyes catch mine and he smiles, Not something many people got to see very often, but I had always had the ability to bring it onto his face.

“Well that’s because I’m comfortable with you, I don’t have to pretend to like you it just comes naturally” there was a few minutes silence after his confession, where we just sat enjoying each others company listening to the sounds of our surroundings. You could hear the water splashing and our friends laughs were heard over the buzzing of the nature. It was a truly breathtaking moment in time.

“Do you think we should tell them?” I ask him quietly not wanting to spoil the atmosphere.

“Tell them what?” He replies dumbly knowing exactly what i was talking about, just then he let go of one of my hands and brushed it through my hair, making loops around his fingers with the locks.

“About us” I retort flatly, not taking his sarcasm to heart.

“meh, why do they need to know right now, I don’t care just as long as you’re happy, but not everyone has to know our business, let them just sit and ship us for a while longer” he breaths out.

“yeah it is kinda fun watching them freak out over the little things isn’t it” I giggle and look down at our still intertwined hands. Jug just smiles and nods down at me.

“Right” I sigh standing up and pulling him with me, “take your clothes off we’re going for a swim” He groans in distaste pulling a face but still he shrugs his shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes. I couldn’t help but stare at his body as he removed the layers of clothes. His slightly indented stomach sort of gleamed as the sun hit his skin. He was perfect to me, not completely ripped like Archie, he had a slightly toned lanky figure which suited him well. Once he was ready I lightly pushed him back yelling over my shoulder.

“Race you to the water” I giggle running ahead. It didn’t take long for him to catch up and we joined the others in the water.

“well look who decided to show up” V commented splashing water up at me. I let out a small screech as the cold water splashed up at my body, I just laughed and splashed her back. Bad move. We had started a splashing war between the group, everyone screaming and laughing kicked and thrashing in the water to get everyone wet.

Even Jughead joined in and genuinely looked happy, something that goes a long way in my eyes, I loved to see him happy and smiling, a nice difference from his usual grumpy disposition.

We all carried on messing around in the water for a matter of time, when Betty suggested taking a swim around the lake, Her and Archie swam off and Veronica and Kevin were heavily enthused in competing on ‘who can do the better handstand’

“You wanna take a walk?” Jughead nudges me, his arm comes up to my waist and he tugs me towards the river bank again. I ring out the water from my hair as we walk towards the rock where his clothes were. He just shimmies on his jeans and hands me his flannel shirt, I look up at him and smile, putting the flannel on over my body.

We walk through the forest into a more secluded area, talking about nothing in general. I stop to look at the scenery before us. You could still see the lake peaking through the trees, and sunlight streaking through the gaps of branches. Jughead pulls me towards him by my waist and presses his lips against mine briefly. he pushes his forehead onto mine and breathes out “Beautiful” raising a hand to my face he strokes my cheek, his rough thumb stroking over my bottom lip, I look up into his eyes and notice the contentment in them.

He leans down pressing his lips to mine again, harder than before, his grip around my waist subconsciously tightens. My arms sling around his neck, one hand coming into contact with his face the other falling to the back of his head grasping the wavy raven locks in between my dainty fingers.

He slowly starts to walk me backwards not breaking the kiss until my back hits a tree. Both of his hands now resided on my waist tugging at the shirt he had so graciously handed to me. Our lips moved roughly against each others, both of us pouring our passion into the other person. My hands slipped down from his neck and rested on his smooth chest. Jughead pressed himself closer against me our chests now flush together. I could feel the rough bark from the tree behind me digging into my back. Giving me a slight sensation while our lips were meshed together.

I captured his bottom lip in between my teeth and lightly sucked on it before returning my lips to his. His hands slid round my waist to my lower back where he pulls me closer into his, if that’s even possible. The closeness between us right now was why we enjoyed being with one another, the raw connection we both felt never hesitated to send shivers down my spine.

“Woah! what’s going on here then guys” We hear the smug comment from Veronica, causing us to pull away from each other in shock. she just laughs and shakes her head. “I knew something was going on between you two” and walks away yelling to the others that she had some “big news”

“Well i guess the cats out of the bag then” Jug smiled and looked down at me, still holding onto my waist.

“Do you want me to go and tell her not to say anything?” I enquire looking up to him shyly, not really caring we were caught.

“Nah, let them all see I’m a fool for you” he replies pressing his forehead to mine smiling down at me. I just smile and lean up to press my lips to his once more. This really couldn’t have been a more perfect day.



filled leather-bound journals, worn and muddy soles, catching snowflakes with your tongue and wildflowers in your hair. the sensation in your stomach right before the roller coaster goes down its first hill, broad grins at inside jokes, too large sweaters, bars of early sunlight spilling through branches. it’s paint stained fingers and bloody knees, defending themselves and others until they drop dead

collab with buckyscap

// This fic is for the HQ!! Ghibli Zine! Thank you to the organizers for this wonderful zine!

Nausicaä AU, daisuga. Art by @i-like-to-look-at-your-back

Check out more works @hq-ghibli-zine !! Words: 3114



To A Far Away Land



”The flute?”


Tanaka assessed him as he tightened the buckles of his suit and slipped his leather gloves on.

”All set?”

”Yup,” Suga nodded. Tanaka was quiet and tugged at Suga’s sleeve smoothing out the wrinkles carefully, as if lost in thought. Suga inspected his features a moment, and then flashed a bright smile at him.

”It’s all fine! I’ll be back by dawn. Don’t worry.”

Tanaka hummed.

”The eastern wind is strong today.” The he grinned: ”So bring my glider back in one piece!”

”I’ll try,” Suga laughed, and punched his shoulder, laughing harder as Tanaka stumbled, holding his arm.

Then Suga took the glider and lifted it above his hands, running upwind and then jumped, and as the glider took under the winder and rose higher, Suga hoisted himself on it and started the engine with a press of his sole on the start pedal.

Tanaka watched him go until he was but a spot in the horizon.

Then, with a grim expression, he turned back for the village.


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Hi, Emma!First of all, your writing is gorgeous. Second, can you write an imagine where the reader is really shy and kinda like the sunshine of the group; she has a big crush on Kai and everyone can see it and Kai finds it adorable. Thank you, love! 💗

gif not mine!
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Yellow ribbons strung down from the ceiling like rainfall, soft party music thumping quietly through the room, guests clad in pastel colors. It was Caroline’s get together, so obviously she’d planned the entire thing, so the usually darkish red feel of the Salvatore home looked like a unicorn had thrown up all over the place. The smell of homemade cookies wafted throughout the house, pink balloons in every corner, guests pouring in through the front door by the minute. The gang sat huddled around the living room, chatter echoing around their little group, broken by the sound of the ringing doorbell.

“I got it!” the girl jumped up at once, a hopeful look on her face.

“Expecting someone?” Elena cocked her head with raised brows.

“Pshh, no,” the girl waved her hand, unable to hide the warmth growing in her cheeks.

She skipped across the wooden floors, tripping on her high heels as she stumbled for the doorknob. Her fingers locked around it, pulling the wooden frame open to reveal exactly who she’d hoped to see.

“Hi,” she giggled giddily, pulling Kai Parker into the house.

“Hi,” he smiled back, that grin sending her heart into overdrive. He spun around so that the girl’s back was forced into the door, his blue eyes devouring her up. 

“Kai?” she asked, chewing at her lip when he didn’t say anything.

“Mmm,” he said, eyes flickering back up to hers, “couldn’t help myself,” he shrugged.

“Oh,” she blushed furiously, looking over her pastel blue dress, which hugged at her hips, her feet snug in the flowery white heels she wore, hair falling in a perfect halo around her pretty face.

“Where’s your color?” she asked, nudging Kai’s front playfully. He wore a black blazer over white shirt, paired with the usual ripped skinnies, brown hair pushed up into that cute little do.

“I don’t do colorful,” he snickered, stepping aside, “plus, I wouldn’t want to take any of the attention away from you,” he winked.

She laughed as they entered the living room, every head around the table raised to look at the two as they walked over in sync towards the group. The girl went to sit by Kai, but Caroline grabbed her wrist and forced her away before she had the chance, false smile plastered to her lips. They were playing some kind of board game, and usually she would have been all for it, but today she only had eyes for the heretic, who kept beaming at her from the other side of the oak table.

“Ugh, stop that,” Caroline hissed under her breath.

“Stop what?” she said, snapping from her trance.

“Stop with the heart eyes, I’m gonna puke.”

“You can tell?!”

“Everyone can,” Elena whispered from beside her.

Kai looked up at the girl, who shielded her face with embarrassment, Kai raising a brow at Caroline and Elena, who guarded either side of his girl.

“Come on, you can do better than him,” Elena said, brown eyes giving a roll. “You’re an innocent little sweetheart, and he’s…” Elena drifted off as Kai absentmindedly hexed one of the board game pieces into having a seizure.

“You’re gonna lecture me on good guys? Look at who you’re dating,” she scoffed.

Damon coughed and brought his piercing eyes up to hers from over the table, “I can hear that, you know.”

“Sorry,” she stuttered instantly, “you know I don’t mean it that way.”

“None taken,” he laughed. “I actually enjoy watching you get all hot and heavy over your crush,” he sang aloud so the whole room could hear.

Everything went quiet, movement freezing, awkward silence strung thick in the air. The girl buried her face in her arms to avoid looking at Malachai Parker, who’s full lips were twitching with amusement. 

“Uh, who wants to go next?” Stefan cleared his throat as she pulled herself up and bolted out of the room and around the wall.

“Damon!” Elena scolded him with a shake of her head.

“Sorry,” he said, not sounding even a little sorry.

The girl was out the front door in seconds, heading into the garden and sinking down onto a patch of green grass under the shade of a low hanging tree. She lay her head back onto the bark, legs stretched over the lawn, eyes only blinking open when she felt Kai’s presence beside her. 

“Hey,” he tried with a smile.

“Hi,” she said, eyes forward.

“If it makes you feel better, I lit Damon on fire after you left.”

“What?!” she gasped in shock, turning her head to look at Kai.

He gave a snort, “kidding. But I will, if you want me to, princess.”

“No, it’s-just-it’s okay,” she sighed, tucking her knees into her chest.

“Hey, hey,” Kai cooed, offering her a hand and pulling her to her feet.

“I’m sorry about, that…” she trailed off, unable to hold the heretic’s intense gaze.

“Don’t apologize,” he said, fingers crawling under her chin and bringing her head to his, “it’s adorable.”

“What?” she stammered.

He chuckled and tucked a piece of hair behind her ears, lips splitting into a grin, “I like you liking me.”

“Oh?” she asked, heart racing.

The sunlight skimmed through the tree branches and danced across his face, illuminating his perfectly defined features.

“You get all, you know,” he smiled, licking his lips, “flustered.”

“I do not!” she laughed.

“Mm?” he said, trailing the back of his hand down her cheek, silver rings grazing her flesh. She shivered under his touch, goosebumps jumping to her skin as she dipped her head to the side.

“That’s what I thought,” he smirked.

“Kai-” she began, but he’d already hoisted his arms under her thighs, scooping the girl up into his arms and locking her firmly in place against his chest. Her hands instinctively flew around his neck as he began to twirl her around, her vision blurring as the world spun under his feet, unable to restrain their chortles of laughter.

“You literally swept me off my feet, Malachai Parker,” she giggled as he came to stop, still holding her there, enjoying the feeling of her legs straddling him.

“Did you not want me to?” he challenged, letting her go for a brief second, scooping her back up as she yelped in surprise.

“No, I did, I mean I do, I mean I-” she shook her head as she tripped over her words.

Kai snickered, blue eyes drawn to her lips, “god, I want to eat you up.”

“So what’s stopping you?”

She’d said it without thinking, instantly freezing over as her words settled in.

Kai arched an eyebrow, cocking his head to the side, “wasn’t expecting that.”

“Why? Because I’m-”

“The good girl,” he finished. 

She nodded, brushing her fingers lightly through Kai’s hair, “yeah.”

“You’re like sunshine, sweetheart. You can’t enter any room without bringing that light about with you,” he babbled affectionately. “I’d feel bad, like I’m corrupting you or something,” he said, lips bent.

The setting sun set orange flares across their faces, a heavy tension settling between the two.

“Well, where there’s sunshine, there’s gotta be a little darkness, right?” she murmured.

Kai bent into her mouth, their noses touching, breath fanning across her parted lips. 

“Yeah?” he breathed huskily, blue eyes boring into her own, his lips starving and begging to be devoured.

“Yeah,” she said, closing the gap between them as her lips went crashing into Kai’s, hands grabbing at his hair as her back went slamming into the tree he pushed her against, a groan escaping her lips. One taste was all she needed to be addicted to Malachai Parker, his mouth like nicotine she craved, their lips in a constant battle together, bodies entwined, hands never knowing where to travel first. And so they kissed, light and darkness forever trapped in the fleeting embrace of one another.

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 7

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,070

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

For the first time since you could remember, you slept peacefully.

You dreamed of home. Of the lush grassy fields that tickled your fingertips as you ran your hands across the brush. Of the sunlight that flittered through the mosaic of leafy branches that spawned from burly oaks. Of the bustling city life, full of seraphim working hard to bring justice and peace to earth. You were reliving the day when you first arrived on the job. You were in charge of aiding in the interrogation of a rogue seraph; one who had allegedly committed the homicide of a human by convincing them to jump off of a skyscraper. You were beyond nervous. Pushing your large-framed glasses up your nose bridge, you hugged the files you were holding closer to your chest. Then you opened the door. You expected to see the wanted criminal sitting down with his hands cuffed to the chair he sat on.

But you didn’t.

He wasn’t there.

No one was.

The only image you were greeted with was the violent, red flashing of lights as sirens began to sound.

He had escaped. It was your first day on the job, and the latent serial killer had escaped.

Your chest clenched painfully, suffocating the air around you. The red lights were flashing…



You jerked upwards, sitting up and gasping for air. Red light pulsated across the room in a steady rhythm, the alarm blaring dully in sync.

Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong.

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1997 [4]

Previous parts

Characters: Dean, twin sister!reader, Sam, OC characters

Words: 1900

Music Suggestion: 80′s Films - Jon Bellion

Your name: submit What is this?

”We’re going running.” Dean declared and looked at you expectantly. It was Saturday before lunch and your twin brother looked alarmingly keen.

You rose one eyebrow and stared at him, really not feeling it, as you were sitting on the couch of the motel room (that also was your bed), watching some random show on the TV — that actually got you quite hooked on the plot.

”We are?”

”Yes, we are. Gotta stay in shape. Now, go change.”

You groaned and muttered not so nice words under your breath. Dean only smirked as he watched you get up from the couch, grab some clothes and go to change in the bathroom. Then he turned to Sam.

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Natural Bonds

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, smut
Summary&A/N: You set out to share a place close to your heart with Taehyung. Together, you make it even more special. Dedicated to any other country girls who sometimes feel a little left out in the fandom.
Word Count: 4.3K

Home can be different for everyone. For some, it’s a physical place. For others, it’s a person. You are one of the lucky ones who have both. That both fit so flawlessly together is a gift unlike any other.

From the first time you’d brought Taehyung back to your childhood home, he fit like he belonged here as much as you. He charmed your family flawlessly just as they did him. Mutual politeness rapidly gave way to the same teasing warmth you grew up with. It matched him perfectly. Now they always ask when you’ll be bringing him back.

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Level Pair; Opening 1/2

A/N: I caved and finally got a tumblr account to post this on. This is inspired by @craziiwolf​’s amazing Kagehina Winged AU. All of her work is stunning but this one got me writing. Fair warning… it is LONG and multiple chapters. Like 20 chapters and counting. It will probably be around 25 before it’s complete and I will try to keep a regular schedule posting them.

It’s been taking shape since before all of Craziiwolf’s details were posted so there are discrepancies here and there with her AU, and I don’t know if I’ve kept them in character as well as I’d hoped, but it just keeps writing itself. And since it sprouted out of her wonderful art and has more or less taken over my life for the time being, I figured I might as well post it.

So here you are… CHAPTER 1!

If we remembered every day that we could lose someone at any moment, we would love them more fiercely and freely, and without fear- not because there is nothing to lose, but because everything can always be lost. ~Emily Rapp, The Still Point of the Turning World

Kageyama can feel the bright sunlight against his eyelids and dimly notes that it is making his head pound that much worse. Getting to sleep in is a scarcity that comes maybe once or twice a year and something that if he was honest, actually put him on edge because of how unusual it was—but having a headache was completely ruining the moment.

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“Think About It”

Summary: Dean and you talk about the possibility of kids.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

550 Words

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

You chuckle to yourself as you watch the kids take turns going down the slide, each of them experimenting different ways to go down. You look up, observing the detail of how the sunlight shines through the leaves and branches of the tree that is shading the bench you’re sitting on. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing yourself to focus on the cool breeze going over your features and the children’s joyful laughter. This is your favorite place to spend your free time, and being a hunter free time can be limited. 

The bench creaks beside you and you open your eyes, biting your lip at seeing Dean sitting beside you. The two of you have been dating for nearly a year now, but each time you bring up the idea of kids, the two of you always end up in a disagreement. So, you’ve been keeping your spot a secret from him. 

Dean sighs as he leans forward, clasping his hands together. “Sweetheart, we already talked about this.” You look down at your hands, hoping that the two of you aren’t about to get into another disagreement. You hate it when you and Dean fight. “I know, that’s why I’m done talking about it.” He gives you a knowing look. “But you’re thinking about it.” 

Your eyebrows knit together as you meet his green eyes. “Of course I’m thinking about it and I know you are too. You keep saying that you don’t want a kid, but I know you well enough to know that you want this as much as I do.” 

Dean clenches his jaw and shakes his head, looking away. “I can’t be responsible for another person that I can’t keep safe. I can’t do it, Y/N.” Your heart breaks a little at hearing his self-doubt. You put a hand over his, gaining his attention. “Dean, you wouldn’t do it alone.”

Less hesitant than he was before, Dean takes your hand in his, giving it a light squeeze and you smile at him, glad to think that the two of you actually seem to be getting somewhere. The cry for help from one of the kids catches both your and Dean’s attention. You and Dean both sigh in relief at seeing that the kids aren’t actually in danger and that they just need someone to push them on the swings. 

You look around the playground, searching for the parents of the child in need. The little boy asking for help runs up to the bench you and Dean are sitting on, grabbing your hand, pulling you, and asking for your help. You agree, smiling widely as you let the young boy lead you to the swings. 

Your gaze is still on Dean as you push the boy on the swings. You grin at the idea that in the near future you could be standing by the swings, pushing your own child. Dean raises an eyebrow at you, as though he’s reading your thoughts. But to your surprise he returns your grin, winking at you while giving you a thumbs up. You smile to yourself, hoping his reaction means that he’ll think about it.


Rebelcaptain Prompt #15

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for @rebelcaptainprompts

Set after this and this, it would help to read those first :-)

Rated: G

Words: 424 (no cut)

He’d never given much thought to his own happiness. In his life, joy was an indulgence.

He’d never given much thought to the way the wind whistled through the leaves in the trees, until he was standing amongst them, Jyn walking towards him in a white dress haloed by sunlight filtering through the branches. That’s when he felt something shift inside of him, something heavy pushed aside for something light, and he wondered if this was what happiness felt like.

He’d never given much thought to the buzz of life around him, until she would slip her hand into his in a crowded marketplace, and the whole world would fall away and narrow to the touch of her hand.

He’d never given much thought to the warmth of the sun, until the day she told him with glistening eyes that he was going to be a father. She’d stood on the porch, a step above him, and he had gingerly, tenderly, wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in the curve where her neck met her chest. He’d wondered if the stutter in his heart was what happiness felt like.

He’d never given much thought to the peacefulness in silence, when she would fall asleep on the couch from exhaustion, and he would drape a blanket over the swell of her stomach. He’d plant a soft kiss on her forehead and only do quiet things around the house until she woke.

He’d never given much thought to the stillness of night, until it was broken by Jyn shaking him awake to say her water broke. He couldn’t be more thankful for the absence of cars on the road due to the hour, as he drove her as calmly as he could to the hospital.

He’d never given much thought to softness, and the weight of the world, until he held his newborn son in his arms. The bundle of blankets he cradled barely weighed anything, yet it was everything. Nothing in his life had ever weighed so little but meant so much. He’d touched the soft skin of his son’s cheek, and a gush of something swelled up inside of him and he didn’t know what to do with it. Jyn had put her hand on his shoulder then, and it was as if a lightbulb had turned on inside his head. He looked at the sleepy face of the baby in his arms, felt the love in his wife’s touch, and he finally recognized the feeling for what it was.


I’m homesick often, although I don’t really even know where it is I’m homesick for. I yearn for a medley of once-inhabited addresses, past paths traversed with the familiarity of routine.

From the deserts of West Texas, I lust for the grey New York skyline, to be among a throng of people rising from beneath Grand Central, a pulsing mass of coats, scarves and suitcases bobbing in unison while staring at glowing screens. I fantasize about the way sunlight and shadows flirtatiously dance through the branches of Connecticut oaks and maples; pines and hemlocks. About the smell of freshly cut grass. Of any grass at all. I miss the way everything glistens as if encased in glass after a Massachusetts ice storm and the crispness of the air as you fill your chest with it. I feel fondness, even, for the long-abandoned paper mills lining the river of my hometown — dilapidated smokestacks jutting into a temperamental New England sky from the brick landscape below.

More than being homesick for the places I’ve been, I yearn for the places I’ve yet to go. For the unbridled possibility of addresses I’ve yet to inhabit. I don’t know what the future holds (because that’s how the future works except for people the likes of Miss Cleo - RIP), but I’m doubtful these deserts will hold me forever.

For now, I’m trying to stay present and to soak it all in, to gather pieces to put in the pile for future reflection. Wherever I end up next, this will be what I’m homesick for: The beauty of the Franklin Mountains against the brilliant Texas sky. Of unapologetically loud flowers blooming amid angry thorns of threatening cacti as if to say, “Yeah, we grew in a pile of sand and rocks, barely drank any water AND we look fabulous. We ain’t playin’. Touch us and we’ll cut you.”

I’ll ache for the nights we’ve spent watching the sun descend into the horizon, the skyline that stretches from our back yard to New Mexico saturating with vivid saffron and gold, magenta and plum.

There’s so much uncertainty. In the country, in the world, in our individual lives, but please remember to soak in the good parts, to be present, to not miss the beauty. And also, check out these pics of pretty flowers I took.

Revenge (Drabble Challenge)

Originally posted by soulleshuman

17. “What are you talking about? I am very mature.” + Kyungsoo

The summer had just started, sweeping in past the blossoms of spring. One pleasant morning, you decided to take advantage and you wandered off to the park, toting along a blanket and a book.  

You found an old tree with sprawling branches that provided the perfect amount of shade and set up camp. You spread out your blanket and propped yourself up against the tree, your book spread open on your lap.  

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're still taking Prompts, but can we have more sibling Pink and Blue Dragon shifters, with vampire white and yellow? Um maybe with some blue and pink in dragon form cuddling their tiny vampire mates?

Wow you guys have a lot of love for this series, I’m getting a ton of request for it. :D 

TW: Violence and Blood, so proceed carefully if that bothers you and you read it. 

Sorry for any typos, it’s late and I hate proof-reading. 

Yellow had always adored camping, especially in the days of the later 18th century. Being able to live freely without worry of humans discovering their secret was exhilarating.

Which is why Yellow found herself sprinting at inhuman speeds through the remote forest, nestled high in the mountains- away from prying human eyes.

White laughed as she vaulted herself high into the redwoods, jumping from tree to tree with all the grace of a acrobat.

Yellow took a breath before launching towards her best friend.

They collided in a series of screeches and laughs, crashing into a tree midair and falling to the ground.

They fake wrestled for a moment or two, before sharing a look and returning to the run.

The sunlight trickled down through the cracks of the branches above them, warming their cold skin.

Yellow was reminded of how warm Blue felt when pressed against her, the fire that burned within her ensuring she never went cold.

White had once told her Pink’s warmth was much the same, reminding her of when they were still human and had to huddle by their tiny makeshift fires- pressed together to hold as much heat to them as they could.

White shouted and pointed ahead, towards a break in the treeline in front of them.

Within seconds, they broke out of the forest and ran into a good-sized clearing.

It was a beautiful place, with a crystal clear lake spot in the middle of the opening. Small groves of tall trees dotted the edges of the lake, and Yellow followed as White approached the water line.

They chose a opening between two groups of trees to make camp, and White set down the large bag on her back before surveying the area.

A slight smell lingered in the air, something that had Yellow slightly on edge.

But she pushed the thought to the back of her head, it was probably just nerves.

After all, today was the day Blue and Pink had agreed to finally let them see their dragon forms.

Ever since that lunch four months ago, the two couples had been practically sewn at the hip.

Yellow was positive Blue was the one for her, and from the way White talked of Pink- she was sure her best friend was in the same boat.

The vampire stretched, letting out a content sigh at the crack of her neck and back, gave one more look around the clearing, before helping her friend pitch the tents and clear out the area that would serve as their camp for the next few days.

Pink and Blue would fly out to meet them soon, Yellow thought. The two shifters just had to finish up work for the day and make sure someone would be available to watch their property while they were gone.

White hummed to herself as they finished setting up the tents, and Yellow playfully joined along once she recognized the beat.

The two of them eventually broke out in song, laughing like idiots once their singing came to an end, before the two of them collapsed onto the large blanket they had brought and laid back down.

For a few minutes they were quiet, basking in the sun like a couple of cats, and Yellow was fairly aware that they might have fallen asleep in a short while.

But then the uneasy feeling returned to the clearing, and Yellow swore as a shiver ran down her spine.

She sat up quickly looking around the area for the source of the unpleasant feeling.

White caught her attention when the pale-haired vampire suddenly jumped to her feet, eyes locked behind her as panic crossed her face.

With as much ease as throwing a ball, she lifted Yellow up and tossed her to the side as something flew past her, barely missing her head.

It crashed into White’s chest with an insane amount of force, and her best friend let out an agonizing scream as she was thrown back nearly thirty feet, only stopping when her body crashed into a tree.

Yellow ran to her with inhuman speed, gasping with shock when she realized White was stuck against the tree.

A large metallic spike passing through the right side of her chest, near her shoulder.

Yellow felt a pang of relief when she realized it had missed her heart.

White coughed and blood splattered across her chin. It was still fresh from when they picked it up from their supplier earlier in the day, and Yellow felt pure hatred when she heard the whistling sound of another spike being launched at them.

She spun around and smacked it away with the back of her hand, snarling like a wild animal when more flew in her direction, and she repeated her previous actions- blocking each and every one of them.

Finally the barrage stopped, and she focused stubbornly at the treeline, watching with narrowed eyes as a group of humans walked calmly out of the forest stopping a few dozen meters away from her position.

White’s voice was deathly quiet as she murmured, “Hunters.”

Yellow raised her head in acknowledgement. For centuries, this tiny group of humans had dedicated their lives to hunting down any form of supernatural creatures. The two vampires had plenty run ins with them in the past, but that had been over a hundred years ago.

She had no idea they were still out there.

Yellow counted twelve of them dressed in black combat suits and ski masks, all armed to the teeth with various instruments capable of putting a vampire through a slow painful death.

But she was damned if she’d let that happen.

The apparent leader stepped forward, “I thought I’d be able to get both of you with that one spike.” Her voice was loud and obnoxious, with a cruel undertone, “But I’d happily kill you both slowly as well. You vampires are an abomination that needs to be cleansed of this earth.” Her eyes narrowed hatefully through the only mask opening, “I’ll send you both back to hell.”

Yellow distantly heard the sound of wings, from her guess she’d say they were two minutes away.

She had to stall for time.

White let out a pained groan when her legs gave out underneath her. Yellow would pull the spike out if she thought she could do it fast, but since she was surrounded- she’d have to hold her ground until Blue and Pink arrived.

And make sure not one of the damned hunters got anywhere near White.

“The only ones burning in hell today will be you,” Yellow sneered and took a defensive stance.

The leader inclined their head, “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Several of the hunters, probably newbies, made the mistake of charging her.

And Yellow viciously took advantage of their stupidity. Within seconds, they were lying on the ground dead- two were missing a head, while the others their legs.

She didn’t have time for clean deaths, and their were still several hunters left.

Her opponents pulled large bazookas off their backs, and Yellow mentally cursed when she saw they were modified to hold the spikes they’d shot at them earlier.

The first three were easy to block, but it was only when White yelled out in alarm that Yellow realized one had sneaked around behind her.

The spike impaled her through her lower ribs, thankfully missing her heart.

But the damage was severe, and her legs gave out as pain racked through her body.

She fell to her knees in front of White, still determined to prevent them from hurting her.

The sound of large wings were ringing in her ears now, the hunters too preoccupied with surrounding them to notice. Yellow couldn’t see them in the sky, so she guessed they were flying low to the tree-tops, no doubt they could hear the commotion.

With a grunt she pulled the spike out of her, pain blurring her vision, and when she came to her senses the leader was standing directly in front of them.

She could practically hear the smirk in her voice, “Any last words?”

Two large flying dragons suddenly appeared in Yellow’s range of vision, moving fast but relatively silently. They were locked onto their position.

Yellow smirked up at their assailant, and White managed a pained laugh when she saw their shifters approaching, “I would look behind you.”

Simultaneously, two massive roars broke through the clearing, and the last thing Yellow could remember was the terrified screams of the hunters as two magnificent dragons descended upon them.

She collapsed against the ground, the pain overriding her mind- leaving everything to go black as her body forced her to rest.


The first thing she felt was the familiar sensation of White’s arms wrapped around her, much as she’d do back when they were trapped in that horrible orphanage.

The second thing she recognized, was the feeling of warmth washing over her, as if she was sitting in front of a roaring fireplace while reading her favorite book.

Then she remembered the clearing, the hunters, and being attacked.

With a sharp shriek Yellow shot up, pain flaring in lower ribs when she aggravated the newly healed wound.

White ran her hands through her hair, calming Yellow as only her best friend could.

And suddenly she realized that she was safe.

Two large reptilian forms were curled around them tightly, blankets and pillows scattered around them for comfort. When the dragons realized Yellow was up, they lifted their heads and looked at her.

Pink’s eyes greeted her own, complementing the dragons’ magenta color.

But what really captivated her was the icy white-blue eyes she turned to next, which were very striking when compared to the deep blue of her shifter’s scales.

A shudder traveled the length of their bodies, and both Yellow and White watched with wide-transfixed eyes as they shifted down into human forms.

They were both wearing simple tank tops and shorts, and together the sisters fussed over the two vampires.

“Are you alright?” Blue pulled Yellow to her, “Does anything hurt? We called your blood supplier over if you need any. They dropped off a few bags for you, said it would help you heal.”

“I’m alright,” Yellow gazed into Blue’s eyes, her heart fluttering sadly when she saw tears filling them. “There’s no need to cry.”

“They could have killed you two. We could hardly get White apart from that tree, the spike pinned her there and narrowly missed her heart. Then you were just laying there- not moving at all.” Blue’s voice was low with sorrow, “I thought I lost you.”

“It’d take more than that to kill me. My body just needed to heal,” Yellow explained. “I guess my mind unconsciously thought it was safe enough to knock out with you two there to protect us.”

“Always,” Pink said from next to them. She had pulled White into her lap, nuzzling her neck. “We’d never let anyone hurt you two. Those hunters, we wiped them off the face of this earth. No one threatens my mate, or my sister’s.”

White playfully cocked an eyebrow at her girlfriend, “Mate?”

“Well duh, that ass is mine.”

Blue smacked her sister upside the head, “Language Pink!”

“Sorry sis.”

Yellow looked around, “Is this your living room?”

“Yeah,” Blue sighed. “We had to move the furniture to make room for our shifted forms.We were too worked up to shift down with you two still unconscious.”

“That explains why it looks different,” Yellow leaned back into the pillows, Blue dutifully curling around her. “I still need to heal. I’m probably gonna pass out again.”

White yawned and rubbed at her healing shoulder, which was wrapped with bandages. Pink swatted at her hand, not allowing her to irritate the wound, “Me too. I woke up about 10 minutes before you. We’ve only been sleeping a few hours according to Blue.”

“Three hours, 34 minutes.” Said girl confirmed.

“Yeah,” Yellow joined in on the yawning. “Definitely gonna sleep some more.”

“Go right ahead,” Blue kissed her temple.

Pink gently helped White lay down, adjusting the pillows and blankets for her, before gently kissing her and protectively laying down next to her, “We’ll be right here.”

“You’re safe,” Blue murmured, and Yellow pressed her lips against hers in response. 

The air is sweet, thick with the fragrance of mimosa. The tree is bursting into bloom, so beautiful. I walked below the branches, in the coolness of the evening. The sun had slipped below the horizon, and the sky was painted pink. A tiny hummingbird was perched on the power lines. I walked through the yard, admiring each precious plant I have put into the soil, touching petals, and being thankful for the rains that have poured life into them. I listened to the steady buzz of insects waking up for the darkness. The moon sits low, and shines so bright.

 I’ve floated through this day. We ventured through the forest, into the shady coves to avoid the blazing sun. The stream was cold, and I bathed my skin in the mountain waters. The forest looked like a dream, sunlight filtering through evergreen branches and lush new ferns. As far as the eye could see… jungle. I walked as lightly as I could, imagining that maybe, just maybe, I was a fairy. Or maybe, my soul just felt light as air, lifted from the ever flowing energy of the forest. I touched the trees, mossy trunks and vivid leaves, I wanted to soak up a little of their spirit.  Everything is so alive, and so am I. 


Gryffindor: the crackling of fire, burnt parchment, loud and joyful laughter, adrenalin flooding through your veins, looking at the horizon and getting a feeling of eternity, a clear blue sky, rooms lit only by firelight, quiet whispers between friends, shared secrets, the rush of courage when you finally overcome your fears, black and golden tattoos, sleepless nights, neon lights in the dark, red lipstick and golden nail polish, leather jackets, pride and stubbornness, walking arm in arm with your best friends, breaking into the city pool at night, playing pranks and then running away laughing

Ravenclaw: the smell of books, delicate silver rings, leather armbands, cold mineral water, the sound of rain against windows, the silence of a library, heavy old curtains, quills and ink, the joy of accomplished work, myths and legends, sitting in the shade of a tree, polaroid photos of moments long gone, intricate bracelets, starry night skies, smokey eyes, early summer mornings, dew drops, braids, writing novels on old typewriters, white roses, silver tiaras, notebooks in all forms and colours, ink stains on hands, the sound of cat paws on wooden floors, theatre visits, swimming in the ocean at dawn

Hufflepuff: fairytales, sunlight through windows, dust dancing in sunlight, muffins and cakes, eating Nutella with a spoon, licking pastry from your fingers, soft giggling, yellow rubber boots and raincoats, colourful flowers, sunshine on your face, knitted sweaters, wool socks, roadtrips in the summer, watching your pets sleep peacefully, making your favourite dishes, going on a walk on a warm day; watching the sunlight stream through the branches and onto the ground, sitting calmly at the edge of the lake and watching the water move

Slytherin: fast cars, city lights at night, elegant clothing, thunderstorms, red lipstick stains on wine glasses, smirks; lip bites and winks, high heeled shoes clicking on the pavement, trench coats, stepping into shallow puddles, cold autumn nights, sunny winter mornings, frozen landscapes, firewhiskey, the burning sensation when you swallow alcohol, dancing in a crowd of people as if you are the only one there, the feeling of letting something go, dark green and silver nail polish, long velvet curtains, ghost stories at midnight, the light of the moon, mythology and long forgotten stories, leather bags

Forest Preserving (Halloween!5sos Series)

Dryad!Ashton Smut

Word Count: 1.6k (exactly lmao)

Rating: smUT SMUT SMUT

Warning: this is supernatural!5sos and probably really bad because I don’t know how to write smut

A/N: If y’all like this I’ll keep going with this series thing (i have about 20 ideas lined up ??? i like halloween)

Requests: open


The best time of year to take a walk through the forest down the road from your house was during the fall. The leaves had burned into an array of bright yellows, oranges, and reds that left a satisfying crunching noise with each step taken. The path that weaved through the trees was decorated by the park district, scarecrows and skeletons peeking out from dead branches or sitting on old tree stumps.

For some odd reason, there was a new fork in the path that you swore was not there the last time you had walked this way. You were intrigued; so you made your way down the path, not noticing as the trees that had hidden the path suddenly grew back.

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Summary: An AU in which your soulmate’s current thoughts about you are written onto your skin, Nico is overtired, and certain meetings are bound by fate.

For @lillyvain - I hope your day starts looking up.

Nico di Angelo has been awake for over thirty hours, and he is beginning to feel like he can hear colors.

His handwriting wasn’t all that great to begin with, honestly, but now the words are starting to bleed across the page, blur and blend and become one giant mess of ink and equations and chemical formulas. Looking at his notes is beginning to feel like hell itself.

(His internal monologue has deteriorated, too, becoming something along the lines of, fuck fuck shit fuck fuck finals fuck them and everything they stand for, fuck that stupid essay I still have to write fuck the three hour chem exam I have to sit for tomorrow. Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck everything.)

On his arm, his tattoo itches. So that’s another awesome perk. He can’t just be miserable by himself; his stupid soulmate has to be agitated, too.

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what the signs remind me of
  • aries: running through tall grass, a red fiery sunset sky, restless nights
  • taurus: plates and glass cups falling and shattering on the floor, picking flowers, the deafening silence after a fight
  • gemini: fingers running across words on a page, hugs from relatives, the crackling of a fireplace, stumbling over words
  • cancer: an antique shop that smells of incense, worn out eyes, picture frames lining the wall, wind chimes hanging from tree branches
  • leo: golden sunlight leaking through the trees, walking with friends along the sidewalk, face lit up by a cellphone screen, window curtains flowing in the wind
  • virgo: smoke ascending into a winter night, a homemade bulletin board with scattered pictures of friends, the desire to explain yourself
  • libra: cleaning up after a big party, driving down a long road at night with music to crush the silence, eyebrows furrowing in frustration
  • scorpio: walking around playgrounds at midnight, tears falling into the grass, heart-warming laughter, lightning strikes being watched from the windows
  • sagittarius: small porcelain angel figurines adorning a dresser, shifting clouds, the booming laughter after a joke, hair whipping in the wind
  • capricorn: a set dinner table, passive aggressive exchanges, long phone calls with your family, broken mirrors, the attempt to show no emotion when you're about to cry
  • aquarius: ocean themed bathtub curtain, running into the pouring rain, the unwillingness to talk about your struggles, watching the hands on a clock move, long conversations
  • pisces: taking walks in the woods, the last brush stroke of a painting, lilacs in a vase, long intervals of silence, turning on music when cleaning, late night horror movie marathons


Mars’ high heels nearly sank into the soil as she walked up to the hill. 

She needed calm. She needed to reach the peaceful spot she learnt to love since her first coming to Earth. She needed to sit under the sallow and watch the lake, her feet in the fresh water as the leaves rustled in the wind and the sunlight played through the tree’s branches.

Annoyed. This is how she felt.

She murmured to herself, “Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion … I don’t know why but I feel something terrible is going to happen because of their love.” She shook her head in frustration, “Why these pesky feelings?”

And now, even Venus, Jupiter and Mercury looked closer and closer to the Prince’s Guardians.

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