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  • Me: I should be studying
  • My brain: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HERE you are sunlight and I moon DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING I want adventure in the great wide somewhere FIYEEEEEERO come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT it's the circle of life I CAN'T FIND USNAVI!
🌙 Making Moon Water 🌙

🌙 how do i make moon water?

get some water, leave it out under the moonlight, for as little as an hour to as long as all night, as long as it feels charged. bottle it before it touches direct sunlight, keep it in a shadowy place. 

🌙 what can i use moon water for?

moon water is called for in a lot of spells, but it can also be used in potions, cleansing, bath spells, anything you might need the moon’s power for.

🌙 does it have to be done during the full moon?

it can be done during any phase, but keep in mind, each phase will rend different properties. full moon water will have different magical properties than moon water made during the new moon or a quarter moon, or a waxing or waning moon. here’s a quick guide on each phases’ meanings

🌙 what can you put it in and what can’t you? 

you can put herbs in it if you like, i would avoid putting crystals in it because that can damage them and make them dissolve and it could make the water toxic, etc. most edible herbs are fine though!

🌙 does it need direct moonlight at all times?

it does not need to be direct moonlight constantly, after it’s charged, if you don’t need to recharge it unless you can’t feel its energy anymore.

🌙 does being in the sun negate the moon water’s magic?

according to some witches it doesn’t, but according to others being in the sun will make it sun water, or sun&moon water. ultimately this is up to you.

🌙 there’s light pollution/something blocking the moon, will it still work?

thankfully light bounces off stuff, including the moon’s! it might not be as possibly potent as you could make it, but in which case you could leave it out a little bit longer. 

🌙 can you use snow/rain/storm/etc water to make moon water?

you can use whatever kind of magical water you want to make a combination of waters, snow-moon water, storm-moon water, etc. however, keep in mind it may give the moon water a bit of an extra magical quality. 

🌙 do i have to use a clear bottle/jar? 

if the light can shine through it, it’ll work.  you can make it with whatever kind of bottle you like as long as the light can touch the water in some ways.

I really wanna high-five whoever designed the Ultra Recon Squad for Ultra Sun and Moon cause there’s something about their design I really love. As you might have noticed they wear these funky coverings over their eyes. 

At first I figured they were just wearing it to look cool/creepy or to hide their identities. It was bugging me what it reminded me of. Then I realized they are basically wearing their equivalent of snow blindness glasses because the world they come from is so dark!

You can even see in the official art when they are in Ultra Megalopolis they aren’t wearing them!


 a few methods that you can use to cleanse or purify particular objects :))

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🌺salt : cover the item you wish to cleanse in salt. leave it there for however long you wish. be sure that the item you are using will not be harmed by the salt. the salt will absorb any unwanted/negative energies.

🌺incense : using the smoke of the specific incense you wish, pass it over your object/item you wish to cleanse. keep your intent in mind. chants are also affective! see herbs (for possible incense) here.

🌺sage : using a bundle/leaf of sage, pass the smoke over your object. again, keep your intent in mind as you cleanse your object.

🌺moonlight : leave the item you wish to be cleansed out in the moonlight. the moon will dispel any negative energies. doing this on a specific moon phase may enhance its affect. see moon phases here.

🌺sunlight : leave the object you wish to be cleansed in the sunlight. be cautious if this object can be harmed by the sunlight. for example, some crystals can be negatively affected by sunlight. in these cases, i’d recommend moonlight.

🌺personal energy : using your own energy, hold/hover over your item with your intent in mind. imagine your inner energy flowing through your hands  like water, and out onto the object, as if you are releasing positive energies into it. chants are also affective when using this method.

🌺running water : submerge object into running water. creak/river water are most affective, but by blessing tap water/rain water, you may also achieve this cleansing affect. let the water wash away the negative energies, and replenish the positive ones.

Aries moon: I am the misunderstood child; I need warmth, like a fire saving me from the cold, a hand to hold, because I can be gentle too

Taurus moon: I am the lost sheep; give me stability like the solid ground underneath my feet, let good things come to me and I won’t feel any greed

Gemini moon: I am the wingless fairy; give me worlds I can discover, so my mind can learn and not only get distracted, give me a voice because I need to speak about my feelings

Cancer moon: I am the long lost mother; let me care for you, because my love is endless, be my boat so I can rest and don’t need to swim in the stormy sea from while to while

Leo moon: I am the supernova; light me up and help me let you shine when I take all the sunlight, show me that the stars and the moon are beautiful as well

Virgo moon: I am the anxious maiden; speak gently and tell me I do things right, allow me to rest and give me trust and be reliable or I will die with bleeding hands and feet

Libra moon: I am the soulles lover; give me a warm hand, someone I can feel whole with, make me stand up on my own so we can find our way back home

Scorpio moon: I am the devils right hand; teach me to embrace love like a fool, kiss me goodnight and you will be allowed to get under my skin

Sagittarius moon: I am the caged bird; let me out, help me to fly and I will come back twice a year - I will not forget you, there is a never ending fire in me

Capricorn moon: I am the lone wolf; be the cave in the whitest winters I can rest in, show me that gentleness and warmth are my best friends

Aquarius moon: I am the wondering wanderer: be the structure I missed in my early years, I want to understand you - be my own eyes and ears

Pisces moon: I am Loreley; let my words wander through your heart and soul, don’t make my sacrifices worthless, be the waves that take me to unarmed dreams

🌞Solar & Lunar Eclipse Magick🌚

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  • Solar Eclipse: occurs during a New Moon, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned - the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, causing the Sun to be obscured by the Moon. At this point, the only visible sunlight stems from its corona, or the outer aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun.
    • Correspondences - transformation, rebirth, change, renewal, reflection, shadow work, spirit work
  • Lunar Eclipse: occurs during a Full Moon, when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow, or umbra - sunlight is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, and the only visible light is that which is reflected through the Earth’s shadow causing a reddish hue to appear on the Moon
    • Correspondences - illumination, revealing secrets, unveiling hidden knowledge, healing, protection, divination

Eclipse Magick by @phaesphore


Gem Elixir 

“As crystals have powerful vibrations, it is easy to transfer these vibrations to water. Gem remedies, also known as elixirs or essences, can be taken internally-unless the stone is toxic. They can also be applied to the skin or put into bathwater. Remedies such as Black Tourmaline can be put into a mister in water and sprayed in the room.” ~Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible 2003)

3 Ways to Craft Gem Elixirs:

Method One: 

Place cleansed crystal in a bowl or glass of distilled water. Charge all day in sunlight. For stones that are susceptible to fading, charge overnight in the light of the full moon. This method is best for stones that are non-friable, such as clear quartz, and should never be used with toxic stones like malachite. If there is any doubt in your mind about a stones toxicity, please DO NOT USE THIS METHOD. (example pictured left)

Method Two:

Place a small bowl inside of a larger bowl or dish. Put cleansed crystal inside the smaller bowl and add distilled water to the larger bowl or dish. Charge all day in sunlight (non-fading stones) or all night in full moonlight (fading stones). This is an excellent indirect method for smaller stones that are toxic and/or friable. (example pictured center)

Method Three:

Fill a bowl with distilled water. Surround your bowl with the cleansed crystals of your choice and charge all day in the sunlight (non-fading stones) or all night in the full moon (fading stones). This method is also indirect and safe for friable and toxic stones, but requires you have enough crystals to surround the bowl. (example pictured right) 

Storage and Usage

Once your elixir has charged all day (or night), you have a mother tincture which should be added to more water inside of a blue or amber glass bottle and stored in a cool, dark place. If storing beyond a week, add 1/3 base of vodka or grain alcohol to discourage bacteria growth. 

Gem elixirs are vibrationally potent. You can add them to aura/cleansing sprays,  put some in your bathwater,  throw some into a jar spell as a crystal correspondence, and even dress spell candles with them. 

Though Judy says it’s safe to ingest the non-toxic elixirs, I’m just gonna say this: Please do your research and please ingest ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is a lot of wonky information out there and I’d hate to see something terrible happen to someone on account of identifying something as safe when it’s actually not. That being said, gem elixirs are super fun and versatile in their usages, even without ingesting them. Enjoy! 

100 Days in Houston

A lot can happen in 100 days…

At our Johnson Space Center, located in Houston, it has been busy since July 10. Here are six things that have been going on in Houston with our astronauts, the International Space Station and our next great telescope! Take a look:

1. Our James Webb Space Telescope is Spending 100 Days in a Freezing Cold Chamber

Imagine seeing 13.5 billion light-years back in time, watching the birth of the first stars, galaxies evolve and solar systems form…our James Webb Space Telescope will do just that once it launches in 2019.

Webb will be the premier observatory of the next decade, studying every phase in the cosmic history of our universe, ranging from the first luminous glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of solar systems.

On July 10, the Webb telescope entered Johnson Space Center’s historic Chamber A for its final cryogenic test that lasts about 100 days behind a closed giant vault-like door. 

Why did we put Webb in this freezing cold chamber? To ensure it can withstand the harsh environment it will experience in space.

The telescope has been in a space-like environment in the chamber, tested at cryogenic temperatures. In space, the telescope must operate at extremely cold temperatures so that it can detect infrared light – heat radiation – from faint, distant objects. 

To keep the telescope cold while in space, Webb has a sunshield the size of a tennis court, which blocks sunlight (as well as reflected light from the Earth and Moon). This means that the sun-facing side of the observatory is incredibly hot while the telescope-side remains at sub-freezing temperatures.

2. Our 12 new astronaut candidates reported to Houston to start training

Our newest class of astronaut candidates, which were announced on June 7, reported for training on August 13. These candidates will train for two years on International Space Station systems, space vehicles and Russian language, among many other skills, before being flight-ready. 

3. Our Mission Control Center operated for 2,400 hours

While astronauts are in space, Mission Control operates around the clock making sure the crew is safe and the International Space Station is functioning properly. This means workers in Mission Control work in three shifts, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., 3 p.m. – midnight and 11 p.m. – 8 a.m. This includes holidays and weekends. Day or night, Mission Control is up and running.

4. Key Teams at Johnson Space Center Continued Critical Operations During Hurricane Harvey

Although Johnson Space Center closed during Hurricane Harvey, key team members and critical personnel stayed onsite to ensure crucial operations would continue. Mission Control remained in operation throughout this period, as well as all backup systems required to maintain the James Webb Space Telescope, which is at Johnson for testing, were checked prior to the arrival of the storm, and were ready for use if necessary.

5. Crews on the International Space Station conducted hundreds of science experiments.

Mission Control at Johnson Space Center supported astronauts on board the International Space Station as they worked their typical schedule in the microgravity environment. Crew members work about 10 hours a day conducting science research that benefits life on Earth as well as prepares us for travel deeper into space. 

The space station team in Houston supported a rigorous schedule of launches of cargo that included supplies and science materials for the crew living and working in the orbiting laboratory, launched there by our commercial partners. 

6. Two new crews blasted off to space and a record breaking astronaut returned from a stay on space station

Houston is home to the Astronaut Corps, some of whom end up going out-of-this-world. On July 28, NASA Astronaut Randy Bresnik launched to the International Space Station alongside Italian astronaut Paolo Naspoli and Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy. Joining them at the International Space Station were NASA Astronauts Joe Acaba and Mark Vande Hei who launched September 12 with Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin.

When NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson landed with crewmates Jack Fischer of NASA and Fyoder Yurchikhin of Roscosmos, she broke the record for the most cumulative time in space by a U.S. astronaut. She landed with over 650 days of cumulative flight time and more than 53 hours of spacewalk time. Upon her return, the Human Research Program in Houston studies her health and how the human body adapted to her time in space.

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