sunlight lit


Mermaid!Stiles x Mermaid/Sister!Reader


‘How much further?’ You asked Stiles who slowed, the water swishing harshly around his tail.

‘The last time I heard from them they were a few more miles out.’ Stiles’ voice rippled through the water and you nodded, following him as he surged forward.


You smiled when he indicated that you’d have to swim lower and small smoothed stones rose to float around the two of you, gently glowing, lighting the way as he let you go first. There was a moment when the water got cold and you found the swirling hole in a rock which you shot through and burst into the peaceful warm and brightly lit cove.

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You are my sunlight. I mean, every day becomes sunny when you’re around. Smiling your smiles and laughing. Holding me tight in your arms. Telling me to breathe slowly. Never letting me go when I’m blue, just staying quietly by my side. Yes, you are my sunlight. Lightning up my darkened days. Keeping me sane. Keeping me above the water. Keeping me safe. Keeping me by your side. Keeping me. Keeping me. Keeping me. And for that I’m grateful. Always.

headcanon once again – I should just keep writing these ??

tai has a very good balance, he knows how to keep himself leveled in a fight and that is why he’s been teaching his daughters what he can. Ruby’s fighting style became very different early on so he needed Qrow to help him there, they both did what they could of course.

it’s only Yang now that can knock Tai off his feet, send him flying.

geekyzelda  asked:

You once answered an ask about magyk and in the tags you mentioned that you had some more headcanons about it. How do you think Magyk affects it's user? Specifically, our fav wizards in the books, Sep, Marcia, Tod, ect.... :D

To Marcia, magyk is warmth. It’s sunlight, it’s a lit fireplace on a cold night, it’s a cup of hot chocolate shared with friends, it’s a blanket fresh from the dryer. It’s comforting. She doesn’t indulge in the darke at all, instead focusing on light, and it shines from her when she uses it. Her eyes glow green when using really strong magyk, being both comforting and incredibly menacing.

To Septimus, magyk is like water. It’s flowing, it’s vast, it’s powerful, it’s vital. Magyk makes most people dizzy, especially in large quantities, but not him. The stronger the magyk, the more alive he feels. He’s not sure how powerful he really is because he knows he’s never had to go to the farthest reaches of his ability, and it both scares him and comforts him. He, unlike Marcia, believes in a healthy mix of darke and light, and tries to learn everything he can. 

To Silas, magyk is a labyrinth. It’s dizzying and confusing, but also intriguing and tempting and fun. Other people are scared of what they can’t see, but not Silas. He’s never been scared of the dark. Sometimes it seems like more work than it’s worth, but then he reads, he tries, he experiments, and he’s pulled back in. People say he’s stupid, but magyk makes him feel smart, it makes him feel important, it makes him feel special. He has great instincts, and magyk always kicks in like a fight or flight response. Magyk comes to him like music; he just has to be ready to listen.

To Simon, magyk is electricity. It’s a lightbulb in a dark room, it’s the spark you feel when there’s static all around you, it’s a lightning storm. It’s in the essence of his very soul, and when he uses it, he can feel it rushing in his veins. Magyk has almost killed him and brought him back to life. He has scars all over his body from taking what he loves too far, but still, he can never abandon it. When he’s angry or defensive, electricity flies from his fingertips, his hair stands on end, and there’s lightning flashing in his green eyes. He is a changed man because of it, but for him, magyk will always be what it has been since he was a child: life.

It had been a long time since Jack had seen anyone wearing his clothes. In the Q, and in the Haus, there had definitely been laundry mix-ups, where Shitty’s Samwell shirt had been a bit too loose and Jack’s a bit too tight, but that had never felt like a big deal. This, though… this was a big deal.

After dinner, Bitty had gone to change out of the jeans and button-down he’d worn on the train. Jack was already in his sweats after practice, so he’d settled on the couch, fiddling with a photo for instagram and smiling softly at the humming drifting down the hall towards him from Bitty’s room.

When the humming got louder, accompanied by the soft padding of bare feet, Jack looked up just in time to see Bitty step out of the hallway and into the patch of sunlight that lit up his right side. For a second, Jack couldn’t breathe.

Bitty stood there like something out of one of the photo’s from Jack’s Instagram, with full saturation. His hair was golden– white where the sun hit it, darkening to a rich bronze on the other side of his head. His eyes were caramel and chocolate, his skin roses and peaches, his freckles like cinnamon on milk. His shirt… well, Jack’s shirt, really, but Jack would have sworn it never looked as right on him as it did on Bitty, the V perfectly framing the dip between his collarbones, at the base of his throat, the red blazing in the sunlight and fading to something darker, still strong, but richer in the shadows. At the hem of the shirt, the very bottom of Bitty’s light blue boxers were visible, striking against the red of the shirt and the gold of his legs.

Jack dropped his phone as he surged to his feet, moving to the two steps up from the living room area before pausing and holding out his hand to Bitty. After a moment, Bitty figured out what Jack meant and crossed the room to stand in front of him. With the two steps between them, Bitty was a few inches taller than Jack, which let Jack wrap his arms around Bitty’s waist, grasping the back of his shirt in both hands, and press the tip of his nose to that little divot at the base of Bitty’s neck, breathing in the scent of his own laundry detergent and Bitty’s skin.

After a moment, Jack whispers into Bitty’s skin, “I love this shirt on you.”


“Yeah.” Jack lifted his head, pressing a soft kiss against Bitty’s mouth. After a moment, Bitty deepened the kiss, his tongue licking across Jack’s lips until he opened them. Jack moved his hands so that his fingers fanned across Bitty’s back, following the lines of his ribs. For a few more moments they kissed, Bitty’s hands pressed to his cheeks. When Jack pulled away to breathe, he kept his head tilted slightly back, forehead pressed against Bitty’s

“And I think I’d also love this shirt off you.”

Bitty grinned, and god if Jack didn’t love seeing how the corners of Bitty’s eyes crinkled from this close.

“Let’s go find out.”

a room

i’m stuck here
in the same room
the same windows,
same door,
same fire alarm

i sleep in
the same bed
that we slept in
with our hands hooked around
each other’s shoulders,
our hip bones
fitting right,
cheekbones fitting right,
lips fitting,

the room where we stood
with bare feet
flat on the carpet,
the radio in between stations

the same room
that did strange things to
the sunlight,

that lit your
in a way
the next bastard won’t

what you need to know ;; Ta/iya/ng X/ia/o L/o/ng and Su/mm/er R/ose had gone off on a mission by the orders of Headmaster O/zp/in. No one truly knew that it was an outright death mission but the three of them. Tai as well as Summer had accepted that Qr/ow would be quite a suitable caretaker if they truly weren’t able to come back from this. The two of them had accepted their fate and still chose to go on into the heart of the fire. It was to incapacitate Salem’s forces if anything and pause her ways of getting any more power than what she currently had. at least for a long while to come.

With Summer being a silver eyed huntress who knew of her past and such, Tai would be her guardian and they’d come out of this in the winning side even if both accepted they were going to die in the end of it. She took care of what she could once they got into the fray of several grimm all around.

Tai cannot remember much after their rush into such but he can recall flashes of the fight here and there – a long winding travel and only then fainting in front of O/zpin himself with Q/ro/w by his side. This means that he could still see his daughters grow up right? he was back? it took him literally four weeks entirely to wake back up. his aura had depleted entirely to where his body had decided it needed to recover, sending him into a four week coma.

he’d woken up to O/zpin sitting by the bedside only to demand if Summer had made it back.

Look, a girl like her, she’s like the summer sun.
Her radiance is undeniable.
At some point, she might seem to be too much, and you’re allowed to think that.
But just like every winter night, when she’s gone, you’ll miss her warmth and light.
And all you’ll have left is the cold darkness of her absence.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Like The Summer Sun (214/366)