sunlight health

Quick fact. Ready?
Sunlight is what gives us the precursor for vitamin D. Even once it reaches our skin, it still must go to both the liver and the kidneys for additional conversions to take place before it is in its final active form.

My pitch for a Zelda spinoff with BotW assets


So it’s a game where you make a Zelda character. You pick from a list of the 6 main Zelda races, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

Hylian: Standard race. No resistances but no weaknesses either. Gets the most benefit from elixrs and cooked food. Can also wear the greatest variety of armors but special armors and weapons cannot be used by them. They travel from location to Location via animals they can ride. All around general race. Begins with 3 hearts.

Korok: Child of the Deku-Tree. Small and weak but has incredible stealth skills. Weak to fire. Unlike other races they don’t get additional armor but they do get additional leaves from certain great trees in some areas. Pine needles grant them protection from cold, Palm Leaves grant them protection from warm areas. Petrified wood grants them protection from environmental fire (and negates their actual fire weakness). Begins with 2 hearts instead of 3 BUT has a passive effect where if you stay in a place with sunlight you regain health. Additionally, you can see and talk to OTHER koroks (which’re normally too shy to talk to other characters) and they’ll help you out sometimes. They can travel from place to place via root systems connected by the great trees.

Zora: The Mer People. Weak to electricity but they do not lose stamina from swimming and can naturally go up waterfalls. Special Zora weapons and armor become available to them later. Such as water arrows, which if fired into water travel across it like a skipping stone to hit enemies, Zora Boomerangs which are automatically caught and always return, and finally Zora armor which lets them move through waterways with incredible speed. They travel from place to place via rivers. They start out with 3 hearts.

Goron: Mountain rock folk. Strong to fire but weak to cold. Gorons uniquely eat stones and precious minerals like they’re food and normal food doesn’t sustain them. Certain precious minerals give them different effects LIKE cooking but it’s never quite as effective. Amber just restores their hearts, Rubies give them enhanced attack, Sapphires enhanced Defense, Topaz a hasty effect and Flint gives them better stealth. Diamonds give them a full recovery and 5 temporary hearts. In addition they can roll around which is about as fast as riding a horse but it does drain stamina (slowly). Additionally they gain Goron Armor (which is probably the best defensive armor in the game) and Goron weapons (which’re probably the most brittle but the most heavy hitting weapons in the game). They begin with 4 hearts.

Rito: Bird People. Can Glide and can also use things LIKE rivali’s gale, albeit it consumes about ½ a stamina wheel. The most maneuverable of the races but also maybe one of the weaker ones. Resistant to Cold. They gain access to Rito armor (which gives the more maneuverability while airborn) and Rito bows (which’re some of the best ranged weapons in the game). They’re good if you wanna play very maneuverable snipers. They begin with 2 hearts.

Gerudo: Born in parched desert climates. Gerudo are resistant to hot weather and lightning. All Gerudo are women and being a Gerudo gives you acess not only to the main Gerudo city but also small cultasacs and Gerudo only locations within other main city areas. Gerudo armor reflects lightning and Gerudo weapons/shields are quick and effective. Gerudo additionally have sliiiightly looser timing on their dodge and flurry attacks. They begin with 3 hearts.

The game would start off in Castle Town in some indeterminate time period with your character visiting then getting caught up in some political events that lead them down a path that involves going to about 6-7 dungeons to solve the problem. Like BotW it’d be open world but each dungeon poses its own challenge to each character primarily depending on what your race is.

One dungeon, for example, is at the foot of Death Mountain. No problem for your Goron character to just walk in and tackle it immediately but a Korok? Heee’s gonna need to go looking around first to figure out what’s best for him. Hey there’s apparently a dungeon in the Lost Woods. Oh and there are Koroks around that happen to know the way through it! Well good thing they’re willing to talk to you since hey, you’re one of them.

Of course each race would also find ways to circumvent the challenge that would either be a minor little side story thing or a straight up mini dungeon. Perhaps a Zora would need to reach Death Mountain via a river but uh-oh! The River’s dried up. Better find a way to fix that. NPC’s would of course note your race or species but it’d usually just be a one time dialogue thing.

They might look at you and say “Oh! A Goron? Don’t see your kind around here much!” etc

These are just random ideas right now but I hope to maybe make more of a design docket for this some day.

Sibling Rivalry

Pairing: Neymar Jr x Reader

Reader Request (@xisabellaxo): Neymar imagine where our boys get jealous of our baby girl because Neymar pays attention and cuddles her more than them.

P.O.V: Second-Person

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,860

Warnings: Extreme fluff and cuteness that will induce cavities and rot your teeth.

A/N: Ahhh, this isn’t my best writing but oh, well. I haven’t posted in a while and y’all deserve a lil treat for your patience, support, and love. ❤️✨ I’m starting to accept and write requests, so feel free to send them in! Lots of hugs and kisses! 😘 xoxo — jas

The soft whimpers of your three-month-old daughter sounded from the baby monitor, rousing you from your deep slumber. You shift around in the bed, a dent in the mattress as you propped your elbow, carding your fingers through your tangled knots of hair and plucking the loose tresses plastered on your cheek and mouth from the crusted trail of drool beginning from the corner of your mouth and ending at your chin.   Blinking a few times to clear your blurred vision, you reach towards your bedside table, and turn the digital clock on a slight angle towards you, squinting to check the time.


A groan tumbles from your lips, as the whimpers from your daughter escalate into soft cries. You push yourself into a sitting position on the bed, slipping the duvet down to your ankles, as you swing your feet over the side of the bed. A calloused, warm hand encircles your wrist, tugging you back into the warmth and comfort of the bed, as you tumble into the sheets and duvet in a heap of fatigued limbs.

“Sleep, amor,” murmurs your boyfriend, stifling a yawn. “It’s my turn give her a bottle and place her back into bed.”

“Ney, you have training in a few hours.” You mumble, eyes drooping as you gaze at your boyfriend through the thick curtain of eyelashes framing your vivid eyes. “Besides, you’ve been lulling Leila back to sleep for the past few weeks on your own. I think this means that it’s my turn to relieve you of said duties and allow you to have a few decent hours of sleep.”

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I made a partition for one of their travel cages so I could take them on a walk at the same time!

They’re friendly with each other, but putting two birds in such a small space (even their cages) is dangerous, so I wanted to be able to keep them separate and safe.

I used a paper shopping bag, tape, a hole puncher, and string.

Mint’s been outside before so once we got outside she stopped messing with the paper and chilled.😌😎

Bluebell hasn’t gone outside more than once so she would get nervous and come lean against the side of the cage that was touching my side❤️. Then she would go to the other side and look around.

Then Mint’s tail went under the partition and she started flipping out, like “I KNOW YOURE THERE I MUST GET YOU!” So she crawled on the top and tried to squeeze herself through😂. I just put my finger there to block her and she stopped .

Overall, a successful birdie craft!

Also, remember to keep your birbs secure if you take them outside so they can’t fly away and get lost! Even a clipped bird can get away if they’re spooked or if a there’s a breeze. I love all of you and all of your birbs so be careful! 😘

Also, fresh air and sunlight are really good for our birds! Just opening a window while they’re in their cages is good for them.

Character #41: Mimikyu

“Pikachu ja nai no Mimikyu da yo.”

First Appearance: Pokemon Sun and Moon (Nov. 18th, 2016)
Bio: Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokemon. To stave off the immense loneliness it feels, it wears a costume modeled after Pikachu in an attempt to make friends and disguise its horrifying appearance. It usually hangs around dark areas, and exposure to sunlight will cause its health to deteriorate.

Throughout the long, 20-year history of Pokemon, Pikachu’s popularity hasn’t died down even once. It’s one of the few Pokemon that’s managed to break away from its own series and become a cultural icon, a phenomenon that Game Freak has tried to emulate with each generation to little avail. Then, in Sun & Moon, along comes a Pokemon called Mimikyu, which is probably one of the smartest and well-made Pokemon to come out of the series (and I like a lot of the newer Pokemon too). It’s a Pokemon based entirely on Pikachu’s popularity and how no other Pokemon can ever hope to match up to its fame, so it dresses up like Pikachu to try and gain friends through emulating its image. That in and of itself is an incredible concept and I applaud the people at Game Freak for coming up with such a brilliant and heartbreaking Pokemon.

The fact that it’s actually a hideous and horrifying monster underneath the disguise is its own special quality, and it allows for some clever takes on the character depending on the adaptation. As the Totem Pokemon in Sun & Moon, it leads you on through the entire Trial until you get to the boss room, where photos of Pikachu are plastered all over and the entire encounter is really eerie. Then there’s Jessie’s Mimikyu in the anime, who hates Pikachu’s guts and wears the disguise as a reminder of its overwhelming hatred for the electric rodent (and it makes really unsettling movements and noises to boot). Then there’s that music video where Mimikyu raps about wanting friends and warning people not to remove its disguise. It’s a great Pokemon with an amazing concept, lots of utility in game, and a lot of fun to interpret in a number of different ways.

Teaser for Character #40: Gets motion sickness easily

11 questions

@amsterdamstudies tagged me in this!! (Tysm this is the first time someone tagged me in this :D)
Rules: answer the 11 questions given, make 11 of your own questions and tag eleven people to do it

1. What always makes you smile?
When people are nice to me and when my friends and family are happy ( and when my sports team wins matches lol)
2. You’re on a deserted island, pick three things you would take with you?
A container, preferably something which keeps water from warming up , not a plastic bottle though, water in plastic bottles in sunlight is dangerous to health. A knife and matches.
3. Do you like to draw?
I love to draw!!!!
4. Paper books or e reader?
Paper books all day every day! E readers strain my eyes (yet I read on them lol) but just the feel of books and having a collection of books is so satisfying
5. Do you like to be photographed by friends and/or family?
Honestly it depends on the photo that gets taken. I’d like to be photographed if I have good photos get taken. I’m a very insecure person about my appearance so when I see bad photos of me (which happens 99% of the time cause well it does) it just lowers my self esteem even more :/
And usually I’m the photographer like my friends consider me the unofficial official photographer of the group (if that makes sense)
6. What’s your favourite kind of cookie?
Chocolate chip!!!
7. Do you like gummy bears?
8. Could you finish this sentence for me?
Never gonna
OK I’m just gonna write the first thing that came to my mind
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around and leave you (courtesy of YouTube making my mind instantly think of memes)
9. Not to get political but what’s your stance on celebrity drama?
It’s very overdramatic and very overrated , just stupid as a whole tbh.
10. Who’s your idol, who do you look up to?
I’m a Muslim, so my first idol who i look up to are Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), my parents, malala yousafzai, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Nelson Mandela :-)
11. Is pineapple on pizza ever okay?
OK so the thing is , I don’t like pineapple at all. I hate it when there’s pineapple in cake and I’d never eat it on pizza even if it tasted good. I’ve never eaten pineapple on pizza though so can’t judge. Well the people who like it, it’s their choice, can’t say anything. But Gordon Ramsey who is like the king of chefs himself did declare that this exotic fruit does not belong on pizza so I think case closed?

My questions:
1. Is there anything that calms you down when you are sad?
2. What’s your favourite past time hobby?
3. Any song that just hits you deep?
4. Do you watch YouTube? If so who are your favourite youtubers?
5. Do you have a bad sleeping schedule (like me lol) or do you get full sleep and go to sleep in time? (If you do props to you like how?? Do you do that?
6. Day under a pleasant sun or night under a shining moon?
7. Language you want to learn?
8. Dogs or cats?
9. What do you like about yourself?
10. Do you consider yourself a deep person?
11. What the best thing people could do to help the current situation of the world?

I’ll be tagging @thestudiousstudyblr @orangeychip @problematicprocrastinator @studycal @acciosmarts @pinetreestudies (not eleven people sorry I don’t know who else to tag)

In order to manage the mixture of excitement and dread I feel looking toward Telltale’s season 3 teaser this Sunday, I elected to do what any normal person would do: make another Clementine fanmix.

I’m the famous pony with one trick.

I Used to Have a Treehouse

Clementine The Decemberists (you slept in your overalls after the wrecking ball bereft you of house and home and left you with sweet fuckall) Alone with the Owl Jason Molina (alone with the owls howling “pain, pain, pain”) End of the Line Murder by Death (there’s a girl with a flower pot full of dirt and bullet shells; she puts it by her window, gives it sunlight, restores its health; after a month or two the shells start to grow into branches of barbed wire) Give Away Your Heart The Unthanks (headlong, straight up, fall down, get up) Fireproof The National (you’re fireproof, nothing breaks your heart; you’re fireproof, how’d you get so far?) I Don’t Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow) William Fitzsimmons (we’ll fall just like stars being hung by only string; everything, everything, here is gone) Fish Wye Oak (they who made you, they made me too; quiet like you, violent like you) Clementine’s Theme (Season 2) Anadel (instrumental)

Sunlight and beaches

so i was thinking, alphys is a lizard so she probably needs a lot of sunlight for physical health (a lot of reptiles develop metabolic bone disease in absence of sunlight or uv lamps) but she’s also really anxious about leaving her home so most of the time undyne offers to go with her or asks papyrus, sans, frisk etc to accompany her

undyne herself can’t really stand in direct sunlight too long (her scales start to get dry and eventually crack) so she wears hats, sunglasses and long sleeved cotton shirts and brings herself a bottle of water. she holds alphys by the hand the whole time, talking and joking to distract her
whenever they can they spend the morning at the beach (undyne asks onionsan which beaches are the least crowdy/loud), where undyne can swim all she wants while alphys sunbathes and reads manga

I like to think of the physical body as a plant and the energy body as the soil in which the plants grows. The soil affects the plant’s growth and health. While factors other than the soil (such as trauma, freezing temperatures, or poor sunlight) might impact the health of the plant, the overall homeostasis and growth of the plant relies on the soil.
—  Ann Marie Chiasson, MD Energy Healing - The Essentials of Self-Care