The Beacon of the Radiant eye is the Jewel of the Sunlands. The grand light house and the city surrounding are the best preserved Second Age ruins in all of Sornieth. A hub for archeology, philosophy, and all other manner of academic pursuits, The city still somehow pales in the face of the tower itself…

- Excerpt from a traveler’s journal: The Beacon of the Radiant Eye.

Date Unknown.

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The Mommet and White Blood Brew

I’ve really enjoyed reading Robin Artisson’s works, especially The Resurrection of the Meadow. The author describes this tome as a “record of thirteen occult formulas and charms of art….” One formula that stood out to me in this text was the ritual of the White Mommet. The mommet, more commonly referred to as the poppet, is a small doll made to represent the target of a spell or other magical working. In this book, Mr. Artisson provides a beautiful formula to create the mommet, then activate it’s power through the use of three magical brews:

The White Momment or the Work of White Blood and Red Stone

On a Saturday at dawn, gather clay or dirt from the earth while speaking this charm:

Earth from which flesh is drawn

Gathered by my hand in the gaze of dawn

As day quickens life in sky and leaf

So let this flesh alike be quick

At my will and art, soon all revealed

Let that quick be captured and sealed

This in the name of Earth & Sky

And the Elfin Dominion below

That night, and better if the moon is full, boil the white blood – the white of a goodly amount of eggs – along with a good measure of wine, and the sympathetic materials you have gathered from the one whom the mommet will become a double for: their hair, nails, a tooth, spittle, blood, urine, or an article of clothing that has been worn against their skin. Make this charm over the seething boil:

White blood, water of earth and sky

Life blood of the verdant artery

___(Name)___’s own flesh

Be stirred quick to heat and flame.

Growl and bubble with impetuous life

And take the soil as a man takes wife.

Then mingle the clay and dirt with the mixture, after it has cooled to warm. From this mix, form the shape of a man or a woman, depending on the shape of the one you work for or against. Take a small red stone, which shall be the heart of the mommet, and in a new pot, boil it in white blood, a measure of water, whisky, or wine, and sympathetic material not used in the first seething. As it boils, say:

Heart of ___(Name)___, red and strong

Let flame and heat engorge you well

And the white blood of life rouse you:

You will beat in the chest of ___(Name)___ soon;
Perhaps you will leap there long

Or cease in your striving and hasten doom.

When the white blood has cooled to warm, take the heart and embed it in the chest of the Mommet, in the proper place of a human heart. Cover it well. Now, again, in a fresh pot, set to boil white blood, a larger measure of water, and a handful of mugwort, dry or fresh. As the steam rises strong, take a broad forked piece of wood and suspend the momment over the steam, face down, with an open hole dug in its head where the mouth should be. Say:

___(Name)___, this is the breathe of life

The whisp of the soul, the Lunar wraith that you inhale

This is the moving breathe of the world

The wind of bones, mare of peace and strife

So inhale the ghost and arise from earth’s dim bed

Cross the hedge between the quick and the dead

Turn the mommet over and very quickly seal the mouth-hole over. Inscribe on the mommet’s body the full name of the other it doubles, as well as their mother’s name, if your know it. Do not use a metal instrument to inscribe this; use a thorn, a bird’s talon, or a sharpened stylus of wood.

Eggs are a symbol of the essence of life. As such, we can easily see why they would be used in the birthing brew to bring life to the mommet. Humans are mostly water, and since we are activating the power of a human poppet, the water base makes sense. Wine is mentioned in the first base, although Mr. Artisson tells us we can also use water (or whisky), however, I find wine to be more appropriate since, to me, it represents the blood of life.

The text goes on to provide further applications for consecration which would be lost here for those that are unfamiliar with the book’s previously described practices. For those looking for magic that is not influenced by Wiccan tradition, this book is an excellent place to start.

Works cited

Artisson, R. (2010). The Resurrection of the Meadow. Sunland, CA: Pendraig.

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Do you k is of any royalty au fics? :D

Heyho! sure we do, we hope you’ll like them! :) you can find more here :)

Royalty AUs 

The Sun Will Always Sing by Cherry101 - 8,9k, G


Because Yuri is the fourth-born, he is sent off to the oldest child of the King and Queen of Sunlands. He’s to marry her.

Falling in love with her brother is not part of the plan.


Or, in a world where magic is a gene and nicknames are needed, Prince Yuri(Tiger) of Snowlands is to marry Princess Ayna(Pepper) of Sunlands. Instead, he falls in love with Prince Otabek(Ghost).

if you’re a stranger to your soul by lostlenore - 5,9k, T


There’s a rumor in St. Petersburg that Prince Yuri Nikolayevich Pilsetsky survived the fires.

The prince and the skater by Yurios_Claws - 6,9k, T (WIP)


Yuri is free. He is a dancer, a street performer, always travelling on that beaten-down caravan, never stopping in a town for more than a day, his company mates the only people he circles himself of.

But one day, as a dark-haired prince comes into the picture, for the first time since he can remember, Yuri is forced to stop, and the caravan with him.

Yuri is free. But maybe, stopping their constant wandering might be exactly what he needs to find himself, and to set his soul free too.

Gravity by Fahye - 15,9k, M


His Grace the Archduke Yuri Plisetsky wins the Ballistic Grand Tournament in his debut year, at the age of fifteen.

Things go downhill from there.


Marko LeveL - “Everyday Life”

Kentucky Derby #8. Hence 15-1

Street Boss x Floating Island (A.P. Indy) KY
S Asmussent / F Geroux
2-1-1 (6) $462,601

The bright red colt has quickly gone from my favorite under-the-radar longshot to wise guy horse after the horses he dominated in the G3 Sunland Derby have come back to make serious noise in graded stakes. Hence hasn’t been a particularly consistent colt, throwing some occasional bombs. 

He broke his maiden in the slop, so if it’s muddy will be Hence should be happy.

Pedigree Note: His dam is a half-sister to Canadian champion broodmare Pico Teneriffe - the dam of Canadian champion Marchfield


Classic Empire Strikes Back over a valiant Conquest Mo Money

The G1 Arkansas Derby was a return to form for “Bad Boy” Classic Empire. The 2yo champion of last year has had nothing but problems – minor physical issues, pitching fits and refusing to train – since his disappointing Holy Bull earlier this year. With his body back to rights and his head back on straight, the real Classic Empire was back to his G1 winning ways. 

Conquest Mo Money’s big second further flattered the G3 Sunland Derby form and its winner, Hence. The New Mexican prep was already looking solid after 4th place finisher Irap came back to win the G2 Bluegrass. 


You flew towards the Sunland
said it was your job

The two belligerents
snarl at each other across the rising sea

A song about burning in the fires 
of a thousand suns starts

and I slam the button to skip it
There is nothing wooden in my car. 

I don’t want these beloved lyrics to be a prophecy
Not while you’re there