SNSD Reaction to: You Having Really Bad Anxiety

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Taeyeon: Reminds you often that you are loved and that it’s okay to feel anxious. She’ll encourage you to face what is making you anxious but if you’re not ready yet, then cool, no problem, you gotta take things one step at a time.

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Jessica: “Follow me,” she insists. Every time your anxiety gets the better of you, she takes you outside. She’ll walk with you, no matter how long it takes, until your mind is clear and your heart feels less heavy. “Don’t be annoyed at yourself,” she tells you. “Tomorrow’s always another day.”

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Sunny: Although silly at times, she’s also very mature and thoughtful. Whenever you’re anxious, she’ll always be there for you. “Babe, what’s wrong? Do you wanna talk about it?”

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Tiffany: Takes you into her arms like a loving mama bear. “I know that there’s no magical way to stop you feeling anxious but you can always talk to me. You know that, right?”

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Hyoyeon: “Look, don’t ever feel bad about your anxiety. If you need me, no matter where I am or what the time is, call me. I’ll always be there for you”

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Yuri: As someone that shows a lot of leadership qualities, I think she would guide you through the moment, not doing anything for you, thus leaving you to fend for yourself. It may seem cold but she’s doing it out of love. Once you’ve overcome the thing making you anxious, she’s there to praise and cheer you on.

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Sooyoung: Oftentimes, she’ll act goofy to get your mind off the anxiety. But will still lend a listening ear if you’d rather talk.

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Yoona: Encourages you to confront what’s making you anxious, like a presentation or even just booking a doctor’s appointment. Even if you struggle or end up giving up, she’s proud of you for trying. “Don’t be so hard on yourself! Trying is half the battle!”

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Seohyun: always there to listen. Even if you feel dumb or weird, she’ll listen to you vent and remind you that there’s nothing wrong with you, you are normal and she loves you.

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Character: Sunny & (slightly) Yoona (SNSD)
Word count: 1722
Summary: Sunny would always be there for you, even during your hardest moments | #angst #fluff

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The shouting is what made Sunny wake up.

She shot up, blinking owlishly and trying to figure out what was happening. A book lay next to her, with a cold cup of tea on the bedside table and the room shrouded in darkness. The last thing she remembers is reading, then obviously falling asleep at some point. While this explains where she was, it didn’t explain the cause of the shouting.

As she listened closely, she could make out your voice.

Curiously, she slides off the bed, sliding across the hardwood in her fluffy socks to crack the door open. Light from the hallway flooded in, blinding her momentarily.

Sunny seen you run by, followed by Yoona, trying to grab onto your arm. “No, please, just listen - ” she says, trying to keep her bathrobe shut as she ran. Another figure followed after her, fixing their clothes and tenderly rubbing at the hickeys on their neck.

Sunny swallowed back a gasp.

Would Yoona really do such a thing?

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SNSD Reaction to: Receiving Nudes While With The Other Girls

Taeyeon: “Ohohoho, Fany, guess what I just received”

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Jessica: “Aww, look Krystal, my Y/N just send me a snap - OMG NO NEVER MIND, DON’T LOOK IT’S NOTHING IT’S NOTHING”

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Sunny: Starts giggling and blushing and is all around acting like a school girl. But tries to contain herself, in case she gets found out.

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Tiffany: Feels rebellious and sends you a pic back, of an innocent selfie but her words are less than innocent: ‘Behave until I get home. Unless you want a punishment?’

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Hyoyeon: Takes it as a sign that she’s gonna get some when she’s home so is super cheery and merry, giving out high fives and hugs. “Life is so beautiful, don’t you agree?”

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Yuri: Planning ways to kill you, feeling beyond ashamed about growing aroused as Sunny smiles innocently at her, asking if she she was okay: “You look distracted. Are you feeling ill?”

“N - no … I’m fine, thanks.”

Yep, you’re in trouble.

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Sooyoung: She starts to laugh at your sudden bravery that’s so cute but also annoying. She was at work, where she was supposed to stay focused … But she also loved getting nudes so this is a dilemma.

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Yoona: yoona.jpg

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Seohyun: She’s feeling herself, turning ordinary dance practice into something sexy and all the girls are like “?? this isn’t a strip show, chill”

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