Pet peeve: When people include Cthulhu in the list of creatures Aquaman can control. Dagon? Hydra? Maybe. Cthulhu? No. Cthulhu isn’t a sea creature. Cthulhu doesn’t live in the ocean. He’s trapped down there! That’s the whole point! R’lyeh has sunken beneath the sea and Cthulhu sleeps there until the stars are right and the city comes back up. He doesn’t live in the ocean! If I trap someone in a box and then throw the box into the ocean, the person in there doesn’t suddenly become a sea creature!

colossal red granite statue (H.5,4m) of the Nile-God Hapy wearing papyrus reeds on His head and bringing an offering table.
From the Temple of the God Amon-Gereb at Thonis-Herakleion, city next to Alexandria and sunken in the Mediterranean Sea during the VIII century CE.
ca. 380-250 BCE. Now in the Maritime Museum of Alexandria.

Underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio (left) oversees the arrival of the colossal statue of Hapy.
Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Vacation: St. Thomas

Today is the day I’ve been the most excited for.

We are doing an off shore excursion that we purchased through the cruise line and it is a guided snorkel off of Buck Island.

We are sailing over to the island and are going to have a couple hours to swim with fish and turtles over an old sunken ship.

I have to admit that I’m horribly afraid of fish and of the water but I thought that this was going to be the perfect time to get over my fear and experience something that I am afraid of.

My whole family is going on this excursion and that makes me really happy. My mom is obese and doesn’t normally put herself out there with these sorts of high intensity ratings. Meaning this much physical exercise and time outside. I’m really happy that she also took a leap of faith with this excursion.

Besides this I really have nothing on my plate today so let’s hope it’s as fun as it sounds!


Greasy hair,
Sweaty thighs,
We lay beneath the covers.
A small beige comforter and the sheet an unmatched color.
Yet, I’m more deeply under, sunken in his sea,
That clutched inside my clammy palms are things no one may see.
Collected from my lover,
Like mussels on the beach,
Like all the leaves that swiftly fall from gusts of subtle breeze,
Like looks of love across the room so sacred,
So untouched.
It would be too very simple to describe our love as lust.

These trees that we admire gently shade the path we walk,
Which lead us through the woods to an enchanting place to talk.
As we whisper in each other’s ears our future and our plans,
Patterns of the leaves and bark flow like my hair through sand.
This look I catch from far away feel inches from my face.
Your breath condensates so deeply that I can almost taste,
The flavors of your want for me.
My taste buds become numb,
From getting a mere droplet of your ocean on my tongue.


🌊Siren Gown
Our customer commissioned us to create a gown that echoes the look of shallow waters fading to darker depths. The corset is made of a light, shimmery fabric like the glittering surface of the ocean. Mermaid scales glisten under the organza water. The skirt has a glittering overlay of tulle with an ombre mesh fading to a dark teal. Layers of fins sway from the waistband like the fins of a betta fish. Her jewelry is that of sunken treasures, where sea life has taken hold.

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Illusion of icy teardrops long awaited lover terrors of woe

The hole in my chest is blacker still
Unto the stars my mind streams daily
Kind to no one yet loving almost everyone
Nihilist toward love toward relationships

Cruel hoax of fictitious teardrops feeling down to the grave of mine own
Visit the moon fall will life fear unto me
Here in my head the walls eat eachother

Heavy heart longing for comfort in love
To drink the rain as poison to be slain
O lay the night it follows the willful disbelief
Suspending the future to fall oh but last

In this dimension I find it uncertain
Wanting to find answer unknown to me
Watching mine life sunken in shallow seas
Blasting dreams so love wont be so fucking mean

Al had been quiet after coming home from being changed into a young man. He had comforted Wally and shared a laugh at the shenanigans his younger self had put him through before otherwise clamming up entirely.

Clearly something was on the alchemist’s mind. He spent his free time either glued to his laptop, looking through unfamiliar websites and images. Or- he was fussing in the bathroom. He cut his hair rather short and trimmed his nails - obsessively brushed his teeth and cleaned his body.

There wasn’t any laid-back, funny, chatty Albert lazing around the cave in his boxers and a tank top. He’d sunken into a sea of self-reflection, not speaking with Wally much at all - or much less than he should.

It’s no secret that the Inklings are some of the best dressed squids in this (or any other) universe. In fact, those of you diligent enough to have found the Sunken Sea Scrolls may already know that the Inkopolis Collection fashion show happens twice a year!

We’re pleased to bring you Inkling Fashion Week* – a Squid Research Lab Special Report. After months of painstaking research, we’ll be sharing more information about the freshest fashion and trendiest brands in Inkopolis in order to help our squid fam keep it lit!** Check back tomorrow for our first fashion spread!

*Inkling Fashion Week will run longer than a week. The Squid Research Lab maintains all rights to use the word “fresh” too frequently.

**We’re told that a number of today’s youths use this expression although we have still not been able to ascertain the definition.