Theme 09 : Sunkei

 codes // best viewed in Chrome

Features : Fading vertical navigation, reblog & permalink vertical buttons, 1 link for you links page (enable), permalinks through the photo, opacity effect on pagination, 7 fading circle icons, hide/show comment, infinite scrolling enable, consolas & arial fonts, fading & fixed tumblr controls, stylished scrollbar. 

It’s the theme I created for my kpop blog : sunkei, it’s a 500px wide one because I post many gifs and 400px themes have issues with gifs. I wanted to do a “bias list” but I’m not a fan of page creating (said the theme creator lol) so I made a portrait gallery and I wanted to state the creepy surnames I give them that’s the idea for the little comment below the portraits haha.

I’ve reached a creatain amount of followers both on sunkei and my main blog : lavestale; that’s why I decided to share it, I hope you will like it, and as always, feedback really appreciated :) 

anonymous asked:

is there a way to make the circles bigger for the sunkei theme?

Yes, there is, look for this part and change width/height, adjust the border radius :)

-moz-border-radius: 30px 30px 30px 30px;
border-radius:30px 30px 30px 30px;  


Woohyun & Sungyeol : newlyweds’s scenery in the bathroom

Sungyeol : Honey, what are you doing ?

Woohyun : What do you mean what am I doing ? I’m washing my face.

Sungyeol : I’m going to take a shower !

Woohyun : Ah~ Honey, I can see your silhouette !

Sungyeol : Guess where I’m washing~

Woohyun : I’m getting excited !!!

Sungyeol : What ?! What ?!