You are a sunjammer. The sunjammers work as adventurers, renegades and operatives, fighting for the common good. Their main goal has and will always be environmental, social, and economic justice on every level. They were founded in the early 21st century, as a means of rebelling against the powers that would consume the world in their hunger. 

After magic came back, the world got a lot crazier, but their mission stayed the same. Some would believe that humanity has achieved sustainability and peace, that sunjammers are relics of a bygone era. However there are plenty of bastions of the old world and the corruption they represented in this time. Sunjammers know that sustainability is a journey, never a destination, and to rest easy would be to let the corrupt thrive.

Sunjammers are not a strong centralized power, rather their strengths lies in small pockets of resistance found around the globe, each adapted to handle the task at hand. The closest thing they have to a main HQ would be their hideout in the Al Hajar Mountains, where the first sunjammers met.

There are two types of Sunjammers commonly found. Homestayers and Difters. The former have a found a place and they stick to it, doing their best to protect and uphold the land around them. Drifters go wherever they are needed or wherever they need to go. 

May solar winds guide your wings.


To survive and prosper, to achieve a common goal, to strive beyond what one person is capable of, you must band together. Factions are formed for many reasons, and they dot the land of Herodus. Many even go pass national borders. While there are many one can join, only a select few have large impact across the land. Those who’ve reached the upper ranks of their guild gain access to immeasurable resources and power, are seen as an icon of everything their faction represents.

The Sunjammers are a group of renegades and rebels who fight against tyranny and push for social and environmental progress. From guerrilla gardening to revealing the truth on corrupt officials. They are the enemy of tyrants and killers who benefit from the hierarchy of society. The common folk often adore them, and the upper members either have hatred, disdain or an uneasy alliance with them. They may appear to be a young and small organization, barely worth the trouble, but many powerful people have crumbled under them. These Sunjammers are the torch bearers to a brighter future.

The Academy of Combat and Warfare

What separates the elite knight from the common soldier. What separates the master pugilist from the drunken brawler? What separates the victor from the loser? Practice and study. The academy takes many would be warriors, and makes them masters of martial combat. Each nation is home to at least one academy, of varying sizes. Some of the most famous generals and leaders graduated from this academy. It was founded centuries ago, predating some nations. As war has evolved, so has the academy’s syllabus. Recently firearms have become part of the course. The academy has many ties to some of the most powerful people in Herodus, meaning that it’s influence is wide and felt.


The word arcane comes from an older word, arcana. In Archos, it means that which is unknown, fitting as it’s root word is ARC, which remains mystery to this day. In this world there are many things that should, and must not be known. That is why the Arcanists exist. They work in secrecy, almost entirely unknown to the general populace. The guild has numerous hideouts hidden across the continent, and they count people from all walks of life in their ranks. The highest ranking members are experienced, powerful and will do anything for the good of all. The Arcanists’ goals are to stop secrets and plots that could break this world and shatter it asunder. 

Magus Covenant

Magic is an art. It is bound by our hearts and our spirits. The Magus Covenant brings in magic users from all corners of the continent, providing patrons and muses for the artist. Patrons will post for a job, be it advice on a magical item or entertaining a kid’s party. The Covenant will then contact local guild halls of the job. The magic user will do the job, and give 15% of the profits to the Covenant. Many powerful mages honed their skill through the Covenant, and even take on apprentices through it. The Covenant has connections to many nations because of royal advisers and priests being tied back to the Covenant. The Magus Covenant’s motto is ‘Arcane for the sake of the Arcane, Art for the sake of Art’.

Conductor: Bee Drone

Every Conductor has a skill with machinery, leading synthetic creations like a one leads a symphony. The drones come in all shapes or sizes. This post is about the little guy.

While the Bee Drone is generally used for aiding in pollination whenever bee populations are down, Sunjammers have found more esoteric uses for them. 

Such as infiltration, entering areas that are too small or too guarded for larger and more noticeable drones. They can fly, which is always useful for maneuverability and recon. Due to their relatively simple programming, a skilled Conductor can lead an entire swarm of small drones, useful when you need to surround someone or need to do a thousand tasks at once. Due to the small size of their frames, they can only carry so much, so weaponry is limited to small stun lazers with limited ammo.

They make up for their weak bodies and lack of arsenal by being the perfect task masters. BEElieve in them Jammer, and they will never let you down.


Sunjammers come in many shapes and sizes, and each have a trade in which they bring unique skills to the table. From guile rogues to headstrong scientists to calm warriors, there is a variety of paths to choose from. Now go and engage in some jolly cooperation!

Conductor - An engineer who has replicated nature’s beauty through machines, particularly drones. Machines follow their song of logic and code.

Verdant - Alchemists and herbalists, mastering the science of chemicals and biology to heal, sicken or enhance. The expert of nature’s building blocks.

Ranger - From the defenders of wild lands to masters of nature magic, rangers are not to be underestimated. Their home is wherever they need it to be.

Weaver - Those who wield soft light into magical wonder, creating healing rays or cleansing storms. They carry a burning spirit.

Lorist - Storytellers, bringing with them tales of their homelands and making new stories along the way. They spin stories like yarn. 

Gunslinger - Like the vaquero of old, these lonesome warriors use firearms to take out enemies. They go wherever the wind takes them.

Sentinel - Warriors of Hard Light, armored to withstand even the most brutal of attacks. They always stand their ground.