Conductor: Bee Drone

Every Conductor has a skill with machinery, leading synthetic creations like a one leads a symphony. The drones come in all shapes or sizes. This post is about the little guy.

While the Bee Drone is generally used for aiding in pollination whenever bee populations are down, Sunjammers have found more esoteric uses for them. 

Such as infiltration, entering areas that are too small or too guarded for larger and more noticeable drones. They can fly, which is always useful for maneuverability and recon. Due to their relatively simple programming, a skilled Conductor can lead an entire swarm of small drones, useful when you need to surround someone or need to do a thousand tasks at once. Due to the small size of their frames, they can only carry so much, so weaponry is limited to small stun lazers with limited ammo.

They make up for their weak bodies and lack of arsenal by being the perfect task masters. BEElieve in them Jammer, and they will never let you down.