“My family opposed my decision a lot. They said that one celebrity in a family is enough. I think it’s because they’ve seen what my noona (Sunhwa) had to go through. To follow my desires anyway, I just came up to Seoul from Busan but it wasn’t easy. I missed home cooked meals since I was away from home. I also experienced what my noona had to go through when I was preparing to debut. Noona found it amusing when she saw my debut stage. Later on, she even complimented me, saying that I’m growing bit by bit. I’m always thankful for her advice.” - Seungwoo, Victon

DJ Kim Chang Ryul: Is Sunhwa really your sister?

SeungwooShe is.  Once, she came to the broadcasting company to support me. She said it was fascinating to see her younger brother, whom she thought was so young, now doing what she used to do.

DJ: Your sister’s become an actress. Is she no longer going to be active as a singer?

SeungwooThat’s right.


happy 6th anniversary babies ♡ thank you for bringing us joy and happiness. Thank you for showing us your love. Thank you for letting us be part of your lives. All Secrettime wish you happiness and success this year . #6yearswithsecret {insp}

“All of us, Secret members are girls with a past, before debut, the areas of our experience and skill were honed in different places to form Secret, from visual and vocal, we try to show a performance where everything, one by one, does not slip.“ - Jieun.